New Munich dining trends

Lollo_Rosso_800x600_8716Lollo Rosso

You’ll find the right restaurant for all occasions and all tastes in Munich – whether you’re looking for a romantic candle-lit dinner, a business meal or a social get-together with other Munich newcomers. In fact, there are over 5,000 restaurants with cuisines from many nations vying for your attention. Even if you tried a different one every day, it would still take almost 14 years to get through them all!


The most beautiful beer gardens in Munich



The best cuisine from Bavaria



European restaurants in Munich



Asian restaurants in Munich

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International cuisine & organic restaurants

International_Markss_Restaurant_munich-restaurant-marks-couple-1_600x400Mark´s Restaurant

African & oriental restaurants in Munich



Vegetarian & seafood restaurants in Munich

M_Szene_A_Prinz-MyskhinPrinz Myskhin


American & Tex-Mex restaurants in Munich