Clubbing and live music in Munich

Clubs in Munich

After several moves, the popular 089-Bar has a new home. Since 2006, trendy clubbers have been making a pilgrimage to Maximiliansplatz, which is not an unknown address since the Pacha is directly next door (Thurs a common After-Work Party). Party nights Tues to Sat, mixed sounds; Singstar every Wed.
›› Maxvorstadt, Maximiliansplatz 5, Tel. 55 07 77 68,

59 to 1
A small but good club which offers great entertainment for fans of indie and underground music. Besides the changing DJs, there are regular concerts. The admission charge and drinks prices are happily quite affordable for Munich’s night-life scene.
›› Altstadt, Sonnenstr. 27, Tel. 24 20 57 19,

Alte Galerie
Disco and cocktail bar in an attractive vaulted cellar with a mix of rock, pop & soul from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
›› Schwabing, Kaulbachstr. 75, Tel. 34 98 87,

Beautifully furnished, colorful club at the Muffathalle. Bright bar, with gallery, unusual music, ranging from disco and hip hop to world music.
›› Haidhausen, Zellstr. 4, Tel. 45 87 50 10,

Atomic Café
Cult trendy live music club, 60s style with sofas, plastic chairs and dance floor under a glittering disco ball. The club has entertained revellers for over 10 years with party music from the 60s and 70s. It will stay true to its concept in the future, hosting many cool live concerts covering everything from punk and Britpop to funk and jazz – plus lots of parties. The crowd is mostly under 30.
›› Altstadt, Neuturmstr. 5, Tel. 2 28 30 54,

Dance bar and live club in a basement. Concerts alternately on Fridays or Saturdays, everything from rock to pop and punk to electronic. The legendary Popclub takes place here on every 3rd Saturday of the month.
›› Schwabing, Leopoldstr. 27, Tel. 38 88 98 52, www.babalu-­,

The relative youngster in the Munich club scene is located in the historic setting of the former gastro-heaven Aubergine. 80s ambience, lounge seats, and chandeliers meld with house beats and electro sounds into a wonderful whole. Currently one of the most popular “in” locations in the city.
›› Altstadt, Maximiliansplatz 5, Tel. 0160/ 90 90 02 24,

For all Munich people who don’t want anything to do with the chic set. Lots of live music and the infamous Regular-Rock-Parties lasting from Thursday to Saturday. Open-air movie screenings in the summer. FC Bayern, TSV 1860 and the national team soccer games shown on big screen in the beer garden.
›› Neuhausen, Reitknechtstr. 6, Tel. 1 26 61 00,

Food club on two levels. Restaurant on the ground floor, bar club in the cellar. Warm lighting and the chic sitting areas provide a sexy mood, as do the first-class house and party sounds. After-work deluxe from 7 pm Tuesdays.
›› Isarvorstadt/Schlachthofviertel, Tumblingerstr. 36, Tel. 76 77 50 21,

Bob Beaman
This new club isn’t yet in the hall of fame like the athlete Bob Beaman it is named after but with its top lineup of international disco and house DJ greats, its stylish location and one of the city’s best sound systems, it’s only a matter of time.
›› Maxvorstadt, Gabelsbergerstr. 44, Tel. 0 177/­254 74 76,

Cafe Kong
The King is dead – long live the Kong! Cafe King’s successor is now based in the premises of the former Oma-Cafés Beer. The crowd is just as hip as before and electro sounds are played. The long rosewood bar is also a reminder of old times.
›› Maxvorstadt, Prielmayerstr. 6

Comfy dance venue with lots of leather to sit on, colorful lighting, a large window and a chic bar made from stone. Music changes every day, ranging from independent to reggae to jazz.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Sonnenstr. 18, Tel. 54 54 07 80,

Almost 40 years old and not the least bit tired. The city’s oldest disco has moved many times and still preserves the charm of the 70s. Rock from AC/DC to Zappa unites a crowd aged 20 to 60 that isn’t worried about etiquette.
›› Schwabing, Ainmillerstr. 10, Tel. 39 16 40,

Crown´s Club
The guest is king here: painted columns and a palatial-style Black Music club with a marble look and areas to sit and lay down in throughout the many comfortable lounges. Many international r&b stars have visited the club. Closed in summer.
›› Altstadt, Maximilianstr., Tel. 0 160/90 33 99 91,

A fresh wind is finally blowing through the vaults of the Zerwirk. The weekend starts on Wednesday with a selections of 1930s chanting music. On Fridays, there’s electro, and on Saturdays hip-hop, funk and soul. Occasionally small but good concerts are held.
›› Altstadt, Ledererstr. 3,

Unlike in the P1 opposite, people in this club don’t care about posing. The club, which is named after 400-m hurdling legend Edwin Moses, has a chic glass front; the large sun patio is always full.
›› Lehel, Prinzregentenstr. 2, Tel. 0 177/2 54 74 76,

From rock to metal to punk, from the 60s to Britpop to electric. In one of the oldest independent and underground cellar clubs in Munich, DJs present highlights from the alternative music scene.
›› Isarvorstadt, Ringseisstr. 11a, Tel. 99 01 67 88,

Well-established live music venue. Music fans can enjoy everything from jazz to hip hop here. Special nights such as the Volxtanz punk night or the Shake a Leg funk and soul party are held on a rotating basis.
›› Altstadt, Blumenstr. 7, Tel. 26 88 38,

Harry Klein
This club is well known as a venue for electronic music throughout southern Germany. In summer 2010 it said goodbye to its home in the Optimolwerke and moved to a new bigger location in the city center. Even more fans can now enjoy the fabulous futuristic light projections and unrivalled sounds.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Sonnenstr. 8, Tel. 40 28 74 00,

Hanoi Club
Since the beginning of July 2011 Munich´s clubbing family has grown. The stylish HANOI by gastronomers Michael Dietzel, Valentina Schunk and Hung Trinh has got two lounges and one club area with dancefloor. From Thursday to Saturday 10 pm-5 am DJs play funk, disco/soul and house.
Altstadt-Lehel, Theklastr. 1 ,
  Hide-Out 2
Music club with bar and live concerts, and a purely unplugged program; jam session every Thursday with alternating house bands.
›› Neuhausen, Volkartstr. 22, Tel. 16 96 68,
Nothing new in the West? Yes, because there’s now a third giant disco on Landsburger Straße after 4004 and M-Park passed away, and at 3,000 sq m, it’s the biggest in Munich. The city’s party people dance the night away to mainstream, r&b and black beats in three clubs on four floors and in a huge lounge area.
›› Laim, Landsberger Str. 169, Erich-Kästner-Str. 14,

Ksar Barclub
Well mixed tall drinks, tasteful ambience and excellent music! Open daily (except Sundays), playing house, electro, funk and soul. Radio Ksar on Tuesdays, with a live stream from the club.
›› Isarvorstadt, Müllerstr. 31, Tel. 55 29 84 79,

Max & Moritz
Since 2007, this stylish club has been part of the Munich nightlife scene mix with brassy parties such as Bunny Alarm on Fridays and Uninhibited Saturdays. Low prices for drinks attract a young, flirt-happy crowd to the “Spaß- & Trinkgesellschaft” (fun and drinks community) at Maximiliansplatz.
›› Maxvorstadt, Maximiliansplatz 5,

This stylish club painted in shades of brown and white used to be a kitchen store. Now a long bar is the centerpiece of the room, club nights on Fridays and Saturdays.
›› Maxvorstadt, Seidlstr. 15, Tel. 0 178/2 66 70 50,

Milch & Bar
Currently the absolutely “in” venue in a puristic location, always packed to the morning hours, with a large central bar and alluring red lighting. There’s dancing everywhere five days a week to sounds from the 70s, 80s, 90s as well as Soul and House – and it’s a great place to pick someone up! The “blue monday,” where people like to extend the weekend with a few drinks, is legendary. 
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Sonnenstr. 12,

Muffatwerk is a firmly established part of Munich’s nightlife and cultural scene. It comprises the time-honored Muffathalle, the Ampere, the Café Muffathalle and, last but not least, the small cozy beer garden. Whether it’s regular club nights, live music, theater and stage shows, Muffatwerk has something for everyone.
›› Haidhausen, Zellstr. 4, Tel. 45 87 50 10,

Nerodom has a slightly harder musical edge. Starting with Gothic, Dark Wave, Synthie and Electro to EBM to Heavy Metal, it’s hot rocking, but only for registered club members.
›› Sendling, Ganghoferstr. 74,

NV Club
Many trendy locations in Munich, such as the Tigers and the Residenz Club, once had a home here. The NV provides its young, chic patrons with the right ambience for chilling out and for seeing and being seen.
›› Altstadt, Residenzstr. 3, Tel. 21 66 68 90,

Gays and lesbians love the former New York, which underwent a thorough face-lift in 2005. Now the club radiates a sexy lounge atmosphere with hot house and club sounds over two areas on the weekends.
›› Altstadt, Sonnenstr. 25, Tel. 59 10 56,

Well-known venue for the famous with everyone strictly vetted at the door. Those who get in meet FC Bayern soccer stars, for example. In the club, the lounge and the lovely terrace, the motto is“see and be seen.” In the Stüberl (cozy little room), you pay astronomical drinks prices for the unique atmosphere.
›› Lehel, Prinzregentenstr. 1, Tel. 2 11 11 40,

After a move to the former Nachtcafé premises, this spin-off of the legendary Ibiza Club, with 21 branches worldwide, is again making a name for itself in Munich. With a VIP area and comfortable terrace, stylish people and high earners enjoy partying and dancing here. Juke & joy business clubbing on Thursdays starting at 6.30 pm.
›› Maxvorstadt, Maximiliansplatz 5, Tel. 30 90 50 85-0,

Small trendy club that feels like something between a living room and a brothel. House and electro music.
›› Maxvorstadt, Arnulfstr. 16-18, Tel. 50 07 31 31,

Paradiso Tanzbar
Red velvet, large mirrors, lustrous crystal – this sensuously plush club is the place to be for the beautiful people over 25. You can trip the light fantastic here to club hits and to music from the 1980s. The regular burlesque shows are a highlight.
›› Isarvorstadt, Rumfordstr. 2, Tel. 26 34 69,

Underground flair with black furniture and a music program beyond that of mainstream discos gives this place a touch of wickedness. There’s an informal atmosphere, the crowd is well mixed and the almost daily parties will thrill you again and again.
›› Isarvorstadt, Müllerstr. 56,

Here’s you can really hear something! As the name suggests, guitar heroes are in their element here. Low admission (€ 5) and cheap drinks make this an affordable place even for people who don’t have money to burn. Every friday and saturday.
›› Laim, Landsbergerstr. 161, Tel. 52 38 88 05,

Rote Sonne
Named after the 1969 movie with female bouncers and exceptional selection of drinks, serving Tegernseer beer and a house drink named Mizners. Great electro sounds and regular concerts, right beneath Pacha.
›› Maxvorstadt, Maximiliansplatz 5, Tel. 55 26 33 30,

Schwabinger Podium
For 25 years regulars have been rocking as hard as they can in this small bar on every night of the week. A cult favorite with old rockers. Bavarian cult band Spider Murphy Gang started out here.
›› Schwabing, Wagnerstr. 1, Tel. 39 94 82,

Stylish club classic amid the rooftops of Munich with glass elevator and first-class view. Especially popular Sundays on Domingo Latino Night when salsa fans meet.
›› Schwabing, Leopold Str. 82, Tel. 33 31 31,

Poetry slams and live soccer on a big screen, also punk, pop and rock concerts.
›› Isarvorstadt, Rupperts. 28, Tel. 7 21 27 49,

In the premises of the legendary Sugar Shack of the 80s, Sugar wants to be connected with this success on Fridays and Saturdays. The restaurant, lounge and club with a luxury interior with largely mainstream music attracts mainly a young crowd.
›› Alstadt, Herzogspitalstr. 6, Tel. 0 170/1 14 28 55,

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›› Untersendling, Hansa Str. 39-41, Tel. 72 48
Hansa 39
Classic concert hall where now and then club nights take place, also a cafe and bar area.

Club with a chic design playing techno, electro, r&b and Goa, with two dance floors and two bars; also multimedia performances, theater and concerts.

Live concerts and club events, from independent and electronic to breakbeats and drum’n’bass; relaxed atmosphere.

Sunny Red
Offers a wide variety of concerts, ranging from pure guitar concerts to beat club evenings, open for all kinds of artistic performances including open jam sessions.

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›› Berg am Laim, Grafinger Str. 6,
Cocktail bar, Mexican style, where you can dance to music from new German wave to hard rock.

Latin-American bar where you can enjoy Caribbean cocktails to South American rhythm. Outdoor patio in summer, hot after-work party every Wednesday.
›› Tel. 18 95 79 999,

Living 4
Attractive cocktail bar, club and lounge with totally red walls. Different events, concerts and live performances. Black, hip hop, house and dance music.
›› Tel. 49 00 12 60,

New York Tabledance
Well-built men and women turn tables into dance areas. Cocktails and long drinks with striptease, table dancing. Open daily.
›› Tel. 0 178/6 13 04 44,

Illustrious clubs such as the Ultraschall and the Natraj Temple have breathed electronic life into this venue. Since 2009, the Nox has been picking up this thread with Techno, Trance and electronic dance music on Friday and Saturday, “Tranceatlantic” on the first Friday of every month.
›› Tel. 66 69 84 44,

After intensive renovation, a new club emerged from a former factory hall. With 9 lounges and 9 bars spread out over two areas, this is now Kultfabrik’s largest club. Party time from Thurs to Sat. Area 1 has house, rock and party mix. Area 2 has 70s and 80s hits.
›› Tel. 44 45 74 02,

Modern designed bar and club, lit in red and orange, open Tuesday thru Saturday, sounds of the 80s, r&b, black and charts.
›› Tel. 0170/34 77 868,

Hits, hits, and more hits! The German and international hits to sing along with and the cheap drink prices will quickly put you in party mood, if you’re so inclined. For those that still can’t get enough, there’s the legendary Karaoke party every Thursday for those who like to practise at home singing in the shower.
›› Tel. 0 176/20 2 0 09 99,

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›› Berg am Laim, Friedenstr. 10, Tel. 4 50 69 20,
Great venue with hot parties and cool drinks. Open Thurs – Sat. Also has international restaurant and bar, and a nice beer garden.
›› Tel. 45 09 08 45,

Club Duo
The best Black music & hip hop in a wonderfully lit location, with a large bar that invites you to chill with cool drinks.
›› Tel. 40 28 72 90,

Drei Türme
Popular party nights, cute interior. Wednesday German-only music, at weekends changing party events.
›› Tel. 0 171/5 53 26 56,

Garage Deluxe
Young party people flock in droves when the weekend starts to turn night into day together. Fridays Gothic or New Metal sounds, Saturdays Rock greats such as Rammstein and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Where the Milchbar and K41 used to await party-hearty night owls, you can now hang around on an “adventure playground” consisting of two independent clubs with a diverse party program. From house to disco sounds, according to the motto: party til you drop!

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Jazz & blues

Kaffe Giesing
Cozy jazz café featuring live music in the evenings and good food. Summer terrace until 11 pm.
›› Giesing, Bergstr. 5, Tel. 6 92 05 79,

Night Club Bar
Very nice cozy downstairs bar inside the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, daily live music, mainly jazz, but also Latin, blues and soul.
›› Altstadt, Promenadenplatz 2-6, Tel. 2 12 09 94,

Unterfahrt Jazzclub
Cozy jazz club well known beyond Munich. Live music since 1980 and now one of the most important sites for jazz players in Germany and Europe. Internationally renowned musicians and local newcomers play here. Live music daily, jam sessions on Sundays.
›› Haidhausen, Einsteinstr. 42, Tel. 4 48 27 94,

Vogler Jazzbar
Small friendly club, off the typical beaten Munich mainstream track, daily jazz, Latin or soul live concerts. Admission is usually free during the week.
›› Isarvorstadt, Rumfordstr. 17, Tel. 29 46 62,

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