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In Munich, the main provider of electricity, natural gas, water and communal heating is the Stadtwerke München (SWM). As far as water and communal heating are concerned, there are no alternative providers. On the other hand, you can obtain naturalgas and electricity from various other companies such as Yellow or the E.ON subsidiary E Wie Einfach Strom & Gas Gmbh. You can find a city rate tailored especially for Munich at eprimo, for example. Since 2008, the Munich-based Montana Group has been competing with the SWM in the area of natural gas.

However, the least expensive alternative right now is definitely the SWM, which has the best price/performance ratio for electricity and natural gas. There are additional ways to save using Internet rates. There’s a reason why 98 percent of Munich citizens decide on M-Strom.

If you want to help the environment, the SWM offers inexpensive “eco-electricity.” The extra cost of 1.82 cents per kilowatt-hour goes toward developing energy regeneration in Munich. Environmentally friendly natural gas from the SWM is used by 50 percent of all households in Munich. In addition, you can fill up your vehicle’s fuel tank with “M-Erdgas” natural gas at ten filling stations within Munich; additional stations are planned.

Important addresses

SWM Stadtwerke München
Munich’s electricity, water and gas provider.
›› SWM-Shop, U- und S-Bahn-Station Marienplatz, mezzanine, Mon-Fri 10 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-4 pm, info: 0 800/7 96 79 60,

Offers a special rate for Munich residents.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Flughafenstr. 20, Tel. 0 800/60 60 110,

E.ON Bayern
›› Regionalleitung Oberbayern, Arnulfstr. 203, Tel. 5 20 80, info: Tel. 0 18 02/19 20 21,

E wie Einfach Strom & Gas
First company to offer both electricity and natural gas throughout Germany.
›› 50677 Köln, Salierring 47-53, Tel. 0 800/44 11 800 71,

Germany’s biggest provider of environment-friendly electricity.
›› 20359 Hamburg, Zirkusweg 6, Tel. 0 18 02/ 660 660,

Inexpensive gas supplier for southern Bavaria.
›› 82031 Grünwald, Dr.-Max-Str. 26, Tel. 0 180/5 55 59 50,

Yello Strom
›› 51105 Köln, Am Grauen Stein 27, Tel. 0 800/9 99 98 90,


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