The most beautiful hiking trails near Munich


If you live in Munich, you have mountains and valleys, lush green meadows, torrential ravines, crystal- clear streams and blue swimming lakes virtually at your doorstep. And a slower pace and a return to nature are back in style precisely at a time of globalization and rapid advances. The nearly inexhaustible offerings and varied opportunities in Munich and its surroundings promise unadulterated relaxation and quality of life. Whether you set out by car, train, bicycle or rapid transit or whether you choose a cozy cabin, rocky peak, mystical pilgrimage site or relaxed beer garden as your destination, there is sure to be something for everyone! The hiking trails described here are suited to demanding day-long excursions for the athletes among us as well as family outings and easy hikes. You enjoy the fresh air and the invigorating exercise. And you revel in the feeling of accomplishment when you reach your destination and have a well-deserved, hearty snack along with a refreshing herb lemonade or a sweet, light beer. The entire experience lets you forget your daily cares and thoroughly enjoy life. And so lace up your hiking boots, pack your backpack and head up onto a mountain!


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