Adresses of privat schools in Munich


Edith-Stein-Gymnasium der Erzdiözese München und Freising  
Catholic girls school specializing in languages, social sciences and economics, as well as scientific and technology focus. Also day school with afternoon supervision for lower grades.
›› Haidhausen, Preysingstr. 105, Tel. 089 480921311,

Jüdische Grundschule Sinai & Jüdisches Gymnasium  

The Israel religious community’s Sinai school is a state-accredited all-day primary school with about 150 Jewish and non-Jewish students and with max. class sizes of 18 children. Intensive German lessons for foreign schoolchildren. Jewish academic high school in the same location since 2016/17.
›› Altstadt, St.-Jakobs-Platz 18, Tel. 089 202400-418 & -440,

Kleines privates Lehrinstitut Derksen  
State accredited academic high school, one of Bavaria’s smallest schools, on average 19 pupils per class. Has contacts with many international schools. Successfully integrates disabled schoolchildren with a wide variety of disabilities.
›› Hadern, Pfingstrosenstr. 73, Tel. 7807070,

neuhof Schulen 
This modern, innovative private school campus in Munich south offers the appropriate career path for every student. It has two middle schools, two academic high schools and two technical secondary schools. Its small class sizes, experienced and engaged teachers, and an anxiety-free school atmosphere, all contribute to its success. It offers all-day classes, afternoon care, individual remedial help, technical training and weekly afternoon projects.
›› Sendling, Plinganserstr. 150 & Waakirchner Str. 11, Tel. 089 724483300,

Nymphenburger Schulen 
Secondary school with six-year schooling and academic school with eight-year schooling; bilingual and all-day lessons, lunch, exchange program with foreign partner schools. In addition to the German leaving certificate, students can gain the International Baccalaureate.
›› Neuhausen, Sadelerstr. 10, Tel. 089 159120,

Obermenzinger Gymnasium   
State accredited all-day academic high school run by the Munich-based charity Ernst v. Borries. Bilingual lessons from fifth grade, vocational training parallel to the school leaving examination (Abiplus).
›› Obermenzing, Freseniusstr. 47, Tel. 089 8912440,

Privatgymnasium Dr. Florian Überreiter   
State approved academic high school run by the Munich-based charity Ernst v. Borries, with sports classes since Sept. 2018. Entry possible during the school year without average grades. Unlimited guest student status is also possible.
›› Haidhausen, Pariser Str. 30, Tel. 089 4524456-0,

All-day primary school with a choice of two or five afternoons of schooling for flexibility. Other plus points are the small classes and the delicious lunches. Also has English lessons using the Helen Doron methodology from 1st grade.
›› Solln, Wolfratshauser Str. 214, Tel. 089 7498310,

Schulverbund München  
Munich school association with 9 small, all-day schools on two locations in the city and average classes of 25. It has a primary school, middle school and junior high, along with an academic high school and a business and a technical secondary school.
›› Isarvorstadt, Kohlstr. 5
›› Obersendling, Baierbrunner Str. 42
›› Tel. 089 293333 & 089 297029,


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