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Clapham Profilbild 2 Kopie 350pxRelocation services and management should be more than just the perfect organization of changing location.
The Clapham team understands what this means and goes the extra mile to ensure that work satisfaction and the feeling of security accompanies your employees on their way.

We build bridges, tailor-made for your company's and your employees’ individual needs and requirements – helping your employees turn an unfamiliar place into a new home.

Easy moving

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After you’ve found your new home, you’ll want to make your moving day a success too. In addition to many helping hands and packing boxes you will need a furniture truck and, of course, free parking space in front of your old and new place of residence.

To make sure that the moving trucks have room to park, you can get permission to put up “No Parking” signs from the roads department at Munich Town Hall. You’ll be charged an administrative fee, depending on the location of your apartment and the duration of the desired parking prohibition. The signs must go up at least 72 hours before the move.


Relocation agencies: the experts for settling in

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Companies in particular, hire relocation agencies to make moving a lot easier for new employees and their families. Most relocation agencies offer a complete relocation package. An agency can save foreign newcomers to Berlin a lot of stress. The agency helps you find the perfect house, room or apartment and even takes care of the time-consuming bureaucratic registration process.

Relocation experts do not only organize the move itself (including the red tape – and in Germany there’s plenty of that!), they can even help with cultural integration, e.g. finding a language school or organizing cultural events.




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