Dolce vita in Munich’s coffeehouses


When it comes to coffeehouses Munich can barely compare to Vienna, but for all that, one can´t imagine "Italy´s northernmost city" without coffee. One of Munich people´s attitudes towards life is to stream outside armed with sun glasses as soon as the least evidence for nice weather appears and to enjoy espresso, cappucchino or white coffee in one of the numerous cafes. Temperature is secondary, in winter people cuddle into the often already prepared blankets.

Good morning Munich – the best addresses for breakfast

Muenchen-FruehstueckFrühstück KKE_Speicherstadt-MuseumCafé Reitschule  

Overview of cafés, bars & beachclubs in Munich

  M_Szene_B_Cafe_jasmin_6416Cafe Jasmin M_Szene_B_LisboaBar2_IMG_5704Lisboa Bar