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New to the Ruhr Region? We’ll help you to move and settle in.


Now available: NEW IN THE CITY for the Ruhr Region!

Cover_ruhrgebiet_2012_sWaiting time is over! After a long and busy development phase, NEW IN THE CITY has arrived in the Ruhr metropolitan area. It’s the ideal magazine for people of all nationalities who have just moved to the Ruhr Region and for those who plan to soon.

But we also invite locals to get to know the region all over again with our magazine.

NEW IN THE CITY will provide essential information to all Ruhr Region newcomers over 180 pages. The magazine will help you find a new apartment, organize your move and register with the authorities (Einwohnermeldeamt) and choose the correct subway ticket.

We provide about openings, highlights and the most important changes in the region.

It will also contain in-depth descriptions of the various Ruhr Region cites, restaurants, bars, clubs, sports and recreational facilities, as well as cultural venues and major events. The magazine is clearly laid out, entertaining and completely bilingual (German and English).

Everyone can use NEW IN THE CITY to quickly get completely up to date, find relevant addresses and gather information about the best locations.

NEW IN THE CITY is thus much more than “just” a city guide. NEW IN THE CITY is a combination of several city guides. More precisely, it is a leisure-time-sport-scene-restaurant-shopping-culture-event-district-education-job-and-moving guide!

Not many questions remain, but if you have any, you can take a look at our Web site. Here you can find current information as well as daily movie and event programs.

By the way, this annual multi talent also exists for the cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne-Bonn and Düsseldorf.

On that note: Willkommen im Ruhrgebiet und genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt. Wir helfen Ihnen, sich zu Hause zu fühlen...



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New in the Ruhr Region?

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