Childcare in Munich

schule3For good reason, Munich is focusing on the care of the very young: Since August 1, 2013 , children ages 1 to 3 have the legal right to care in a day-care center. This is a special challenge to Munich with its more than 1 million residents. The demand in Munich is significantly higher than the estimated 46 percent figure (2016) for the care of children under 3 in Germany as a whole. And then there is the Bavarian capital’s baby boom, which has not subsided.

Although the city is creating new spaces at full speed, the effort is still missing many of Munich’s mini-residents. Parents who cannot find a space for a child can turn to the KITA-Elternberatung (parents childcare advice) at Landsberger Straße 30 (Tel. 233-967 71). Here you get an overview of all the types of day care available citywide, including day nurseries, play groups and day-care parents. Parent initiatives and private facilities also offer alternatives to public facilities, although you have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets with them. In turn, you benefit from special services such as bilingual care, small groups and flexible hours of operation for parents in the professions. 

The city, in combination with the independent providers, has reached a rate of local care of 92 percent for children between the ages of 3 and 6, and the figure continues to climb. You can find comprehensive information on Munich child care and a database containing the facilities of all the providers at

International schools in Munich

schule2Beside the state education, there are, of course, a series of international schools in Munich.

The two largest private international schools are the Bavarian International School (BIS) in Haimhausen with 1040 students from 52 countries and the Munich International School (MIS) in Starnberg with about 1,200 students from 55 countries.

Both schools are housed in castles so lessons take place in fairy-tale surroundings. Both accept junior, middle and senior students.

Boarding schools in and around Munich

GZW_2_2Maedchen-GR140_95071There are many different reasons to take a boarding school for your child into consideration. Either you´re highly occupied by your job and don´t have enough time to care and look after your child or your child is an only child and you like it to grow up with children of the same age.

Furthermore, because of the time-consuming mentoring, boarding schools offer an unique opportunity for individual development, especially if one likes to combine sportive and musical leisure time activity with everyday life at school. Anyway, the boarding school is an alternative to the conventional kind of school and offers
new challenges for your son or daughter and moreover imparts social skills.