International cuisine & organic restaurants

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International cuisine

181-Werkstatt der Sinne
“Top-level dining” is the slogan of this restaurant. Towering 181 meters above the ground, diners are pampered with pure culinary skills and genuine creative delicacies. In 49 minutes, the restaurant revolves once around its center, providing a wonderful 360-degree view of Munich and its environs.
›› Milbertshofen, Spiridon-Louis-Ring 7, Tel. 30 66 85 85,

Blauer Bock
Classy restaurant on the Viktualienmarkt which is puristic and elegant, a Latin flair impresses here thanks to the cream-colored furnishings with bamboo blinds on the windows. Here, regional as well as Mediterranean cuisine are combined. In addition, nearly 200 wines can be selected from the top producers in Europe, like France, Austria as well as from the Mediterranean countries of Italy and Spain. Top quality which also has its price.
›› Altstadt, Sebastiansplatz 9, Tel. 45 22 23 33,

Bogenhauser Hof
A top notch restaurant with a wonderful, pure country house setting, where in the summertime you can sit in the cozy garden with its large chestnut trees. Varied dishes offered with seasonal specialties and an extensive selection of wines as well as cognacs, whiskies and noble liquors.
›› Bogenhausen, Ismaningerstr. 85, Tel. 98 55 86,

In the impressive portico of the Marstall, a protected historical monument where the king’s horses were once housed, is a new restaurant with exquisite, home-made pasta and grilled dishes, top quality wines, cocktails and a seductive choice of desserts. Popular meeting place before or after a night at the opera.
›› Altstadt, Maximilianstr. 15, Tel. 4 52 28 80,

High-class restaurant run by a wine trading company. There is only one six-course menu per day, which nevertheless has plenty of punch. A culinary pleasure in an elegant, minimalist ambiance, be sure to call ahead for reservations.
›› Neuhausen, Schulstr. 9, Tel. 16 42 38,

Dallmayr Restaurant
Head chef Diethard Urbansky and his team pamper diners in a classy atmosphere to stimulate your senses with exquisite meals from the Mediterranean to the regional. Perfect food and perfect service.
›› Altstadt, Dienerstr. 14-15, Tel. 2 13 51 00,

Highly-praised delicatessen-bar-restaurant, very modern with light effects on the walls. The dishes are nicely decorated too and pleasing to the eye.
›› Lehel, Christopherstr. 3, Tel. 25 54 19 66,

Fresh seasonal cuisine and a large selection of European wines, champagnes and digestif drinks. The modern, puristic, international meals can be enjoyed surrounded by the works of contemporary artists.
›› Altstadt, Kardinal-Faulhaber-Str. 10, Tel. 24 23 13-10, -11,

›› Au-Haidhausen, Rosenheimer Str. 108, Tel. 01 51/27 02 96 77,

A gastronomic star in the Gasteig cultural center. Guests are given a chip card at the entrance and may change seats as often as they want. The menu includes delicious pasta, crispy pizza and wok dishes, all prepared in full view of customers.
›› Haidhausen, Rosenheimer Str. 5, Tel. 4 80 98 27 20,

Do you feel like having an entirely new taste experience? Then go to the Gesellschaftsraum restaurant in Maxvorstadt; head chef Bernd Arold experiments with his ingredients here, surprising his guests with creations you don’t see everyday that will bewitch your taste buds. The menu lists such unusual dishes such as pork fillet poached in ginger or sparkly things such as mango licorice sorbet with melons and vodka.
›› Maxvorstadt, Augustenstr. 7, Tel. 55 07 77 93,

A delicatessen restaurant well-known even outside the city and Bavaria. The menu combines traditional with the unusual, and impresses with its freshness and high-quality ingredients and a fine selection of select wines.
›› Bogenhausen, Prinzregentenstr. 73, Tel. 4 16 82 47,

The customer is king. That’s why the concept of this restaurant was changed over 15 years ago. The former bistro and café became a gourmet restaurant. Guests continue to enjoy the high quality of the creative, French and Mediterranean cuisine served here.
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhoferstr. 13, Tel. 2 60 85 18,

The former Mövenpick cafe and Berlin high-class restaurant Lutter & Wegener is now home to a well-thought-out gastronomic concept, which offers modern crossover cuisine on two floors. On the ground floor there is a restaurant and bar while upstairs is the Künstlerhaus Grill with a roof terrace.
›› Altstadt, Lenbachplatz 8, Tel. 4 52 05 95 20,

Landersdorfer & Innerhofer
Luxury restaurant in upmarket price range, but worth it for the high quality food and big portions.
›› Altstadt, Hackenstr. 6-8, Tel. 26 01 86 37,

Last Supper
Almost churchly atmosphere with holy pictures, lots of wood and candles. The “supper” is sometimes accompanied by hard rock music. Serves divine food for € 29.
›› Maxvorstadt, Fürstenstr. 9, Tel. 28 80 88 09,

La Villa im Bamberger Haus
Restaurant in a small stately home in Luitpoldpark, serving South American and international cuisine. Its historic vaulted interior and large summer garden have a Mediterranean flair.
›› Schwabing, Brunnerstr. 2, Tel. 3 08 89 66,

Le Florida
From roast duck to a classic steak with pan-fried potatoes, which even grandmother couldn’t do better, to mango penne with turkey – delicious dishes created from the best ingredients, and all this at affordable prices and in a very chic ambience.
›› Schwabing, Georgenstr. 48, Tel. 444 29 555,

Classy restaurant covering 2,200 sq m in heritage-protected premises with marble and mosaic floors and an original stucco ceiling. There’s also a sushi bar in the entrance hall, Munich’s longest bar, and comfortable armchairs and sofas in the gallery.
›› Max­vorstadt, Ottostr. 6, Tel. 5 49 13 00,

Stylish restaurant in an equally stylish building steeped in history from around the turn of the 19th century. Here the young and the old, as well as managers and students meet to enjoy soups, Caesar’s or mozzarella salads, wok dishes, roasted potatoes or sandwiches. Decent portions at moderate prices.
›› Lud­wigvorstadt, Pettenkoferstr. 48, Tel. 55 23 97 71,

This charming small bar-restaurant offers the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two. It has only tables that seat two and the atmosphere is plush but not kitschy in the unmistakable style of Bohemian Paris. The fine food offered as evening dinners matches the setting and are a mix of Asian and international cuisines. You can sip a cocktail at the bar, or ring the bell with the request “Call for Champagne.’’
›› Altstadt, Ledererstr. 13 (im Hotel Lux), Tel. 45 20 73 00,

Master´s Home
A one-off in Munich. Mediterranean food is served in rooms decorated as a bathroom, bedroom and library of an authentic British colonial villa. No menu but several courses.
›› Altstadt, Frauenstr. 11, Tel. 22 99 09,

Although this bar-restaurant is a favorite among gays with its comfortable plush red chairs, it’s also very popular with non gays. Good Thai and European specialities, and around 100 cocktails.
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenzestr. 43, Tel. 2 01 67 76,

International cuisine in the upper price range. The restaurant is in Munich’s oldest wine house and delights diners with its classy atmosphere with exquisite dishes, from pumpkin cream soup with ginger to loup de mer in an olive crust and veal escalope to delicious home-made sorbet.
›› Altstadt, Herzogspitalstr. 8, Tel. 2 60 39 54,

Pacific Times
Bar-restaurant in colonial style where you feel you’re on vacation between the wicker furniture and plants. Fish, meat and lots of coconut in the food.
›› Isarvorstadt, Baaderstr. 28, Tel. 20 23 94 70,

Restaurant am Chinesischen Turm
Perfect blend of tradition and international flair, bright, spacious rooms, pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere, large terrace, creative cooking.
›› Schwabing, Englischer Garten 3, Tel. 38 38 73 27,

Restaurant Huber
Exquisite light food, prepared with produce directly from the market and served in an elemental/elegant atmosphere – Restaurant Huber wins all passionate epicures over with its selection of fine foods and wines.
›› Bogenhausen, Newtonstr. 13, Tel. 98 51 52,

Restaurant No. 5
“Enjoyment with all five senses” is the primary precept of this restaurant. This won’t be such a hard rule to follow when – after you enter the bright, stucco-decorated dining area – you can unhurriedly read through the menu and with anticipation put together the meal you want. Whether you decide on classics such as sole in frothy butter or beef fillet with creamed potato and truffles and Madeira onions, head chef Robert Scheifele´s cooking abilities will delight even the most pampered diners.
›› Lehel, Thierschstr. 5, Tel. 24 21 61 50,

Wine restaurant with a great tradition associated with a wine specialty shop. Also for gourmets with somewhat smaller wallets or smaller appetites. Creative dishes are altered daily.
›› Altstadt, Frauenstr. 10-12, Tel. 23 23 79 23,

Restaurant, bar and lounge with trendy furnishings, cool music and crossover food that’s worth trying. Head chef Andreas Schweiger, who was awarded a Michelin star, conjures up real works of art at your table and gives advice to each diner personally. Insider tip!
›› Au, Lilienstr. 6, Tel. 44 42 90 82,

Munich’s epitome of gourmet dining: At the Tantris Lounge, you can enjoy fine cocktails and top-class finger food. In the restaurant itself, well-heeled gourmet diners can choose from menus of up to eight courses. This is still Munich’s top luxury restaurant.
›› Schwabing, Johann-Fichte-Str. 7, Tel. 3 61 95 90,

This still young star of Haidhausen’s gastronomic scene pampers diners in a simple but not uncomfortable restaurant. Head chef Daniel Schimkowitz’s team creates a surprising, professional and diverse menu on which you’ll see dishes such as variations of chantarelle and morel mushrooms and Bavarian char fish.
›› Haidhausen, Lothringer Str. 7, Tel. 44 45 40 90,

Classy restaurant with a clear and comfortable ambiance. Light dishes of the season which can be enjoyed when selected individually or in daily changing, 3-, 4- or 5-course menus. In spite of the high quality, the prices are moderate.
›› Neuhausen, Hedwigstr. 5, Tel. 18 99 91 78,

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Basic Restaurant Bright, friendly organic restaurant that can be recommended for a quick lunchtime snack just as much as for a multi-course evening meal. During the day warm dishes, soups, salads and a buffet of appetizers are on offer. In the evening diners can choose from an extensive menu that includes pasta, steaks, grilled fish and salads. Eating healthy can be fun!
›› Schwabing, Herzogstr. 129, Tel. 30 76 56 76,

Da Vinci The Da Vinci organic restaurant in the Arcone technology center offers regional dishes with Mediterranean flavors to delight the palate. Selected ingredients and careful preparation are the basis for the diverse menu. You can eat in style in the charming winter garden or on the outdoor terrace in summer. The spacious function rooms offer space for private or business functions for 20 to 150 people in an attractive setting.
›› 85 635 Höhenkirchen-Siegerts­brunn, Altlaufstr. 36, Tel. 0 81 02/­98 76-500,

dean & david
Personal_Fast food can be healthy. At dean & david only all-natural, vitamin-rich ingredients are used and they are prepared free of preservatives or flavor enhancers. That means the various creative salads, curries, soups and sandwiches taste equally good whether they are enjoyed for a quick lunch or after a hard day’s work in peace and quiet. Nice atmosphere and always friendly staff.
›› Altstadt, Karlsplatz Stachus, 1. UG, Laden A270, Tel. 51 11 49 79; Sebastiansplatz 6, Tel. 95 41 61 60; Tal 42, Tel. 24 22 47 31; Theatiner Str. 11-15 (Fünf Höfe), Tel. 12 01 09 73
›› Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 13, Tel. 33 09 83 17
›› Pasing, Pasing Arcaden
›› Nymphenburg, Nymphenburger Str. 4-12, Tel. 57 94 99 72

Fresh and organic ingredients are in the foreground here. Everything possible is prepared by hand (from cakes to noodles) and comes from controlled farms. Fish and meats are found on the menu along with delicious little side orders and a large selection of vegetarian dishes.
›› Isarvorstadt, Hans-Sachs-Str. 12, Tel. 21 66 82 50,

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