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Altstadt, Lehel

Bar Centrale
Small, but absolutely “in” bar with Italian charm. Ideal for a quick espresso or a long cocktail evening.
›› Altstadt, Ledererstr. 23, Tel. 22 37 62, www.bar-centrale.com

Crowded cocktail bar where stylish young people meet shoulder to shoulder. Party sound. Tasty cocktails and exotic dishes.
›› Lehel, Sternstr. 21, Tel. 22 44 91, www.barflyworld.com

Bar Harlander
Dimly-lit, bathed in pink, “in” bar. Stylish guests, in stylish ambience, super cocktails.
›› Altstadt, Bräuhausstr. 8, Tel. 23 24 16 52, www.bar-harlander.de

Bar München
Classy bar. Celebrity guests. International cuisine and cocktails, menus that differ each day; open daily until 3 am.
›› Altstadt, Maximilianstr. 36, Tel. 22 90 90, www.barmuenchen.de

Bohne & Malz
Three locations in Munich, with breakfast and many other delicacies for small and large appetites.
›› Altstadt, Weinstr. 3, Tel. 29 52 02
›› Altstadt, Sonnenstr. 11, Tel. 55 71 79
›› Neuhausen, Rotkreuzplatz 8, Tel. 12 55 56 72
›› www.bohneundmalz.de

Buena Vista Tankstelle
Lively and very popular Cuban bar with tasty cocktails. Creole and Mediterranean cuisine. Thursdays through Sundays with a DJ to get the party swinging.
›› Altstadt, Am Einlass 2a, Tel. 26 02 28 11, www.buena-vista-munich.de

Café am Hochhaus
Well-visited trendy neighborhood disco-bar, with music changing daily, the large window front provides an ideal trend indicator, gay and straight crowd.
›› Altstadt, Blumenstr. 29, Tel. 89 05 81 52, www.cafeamhochhaus.de

Café Cord
With its chic atmosphere and international menu, the Cafe Cord in the Sonnencarree high-rise building attracts trendy people from early until late, whether for an ample breakfast, lunch or a relaxing cocktail in the summer terrace’s lounge area. The cafe is significantly bigger after undergoing renovation.
›› Altstadt, Sonnencarree, Sonnenstr. 19, Tel. 54 54 07 80, www.cafe-cord.tv

Café Glockenspiel
Nothing could be more central. Recover from shopping stress high above Marienplatz on the 5th floor or on the popular, but slightly cramped, rooftop ­terrace. Superb breakfast.
›› Altstadt, Marienplatz 28, 5th floor, entrance Rosenstr. in der Passage, Tel. 26 42 56, www.cafe-glockenspiel.de

Cortiina Bar
Well-designed bar lounge at the Cortiina Hotel. Choice cocktails, exquisite wines, delicious meals. Well visited by all, not only hotel guests. Teatime every Sat from 2 pm-5.30 pm October through April.
›› Altstadt, Ledererstr. 8, Tel. 24 22 49-0, www.cortiina.com

This bar-restaurant has moved from the Literaturhaus to the Schäfflerhof, but still retains its old luster with French cuisine and a French breakfast on a large terrace.
›› Altstadt, Maffeistr. 3a (Schäfflerhof), Tel. 710 40 73 73, www.dukatz.de

This dignified two-floor bar-restaurant offers high-class international menus or homemade cakes. Its classy window front and large, lovely terrace with a view of Marstallplatz are impressive. Popular place for opera visitors.
›› Altstadt, Marstallplatz 3, Tel. 22 80 16 80, www.eisbach.biz

Hard Rock Café
›› Altstadt, Am Platzl 1, Tel. 2 42 94 90

Havana Club
This is one of the city’s oldest cocktail bars. 150 different cocktails and 60 different kinds of rum in an authentic Cuban atmosphere. There’s a relaxed atmosphere every evening as the bartenders show their cocktail mixing skills, watched by an appreciative crowd who down the results in copious amounts.
›› Altstadt, Herrnstr. 30, Tel. 29 18 84, www.havanaclub-muenchen.de

Kilian´s Irish Pub
Popular Irish pub by the Frauenkirche with daily live music from rock to blues and, of course, Irish folk music. You can enjoy fish and chips, burgers or snacks along with Guinness or Kilkenny beer in a more quiet atmosphere in the back room. Important sports events such as football and rugby matches are broadcast live.
›› Altstadt, Frauenplatz 11, Tel. 24 21 98 99, www.kiliansirishpub.com

Nage & Sauge
Simply designed, narrowly spaced cult bar on two levels. Excellent, mostly Italian, cuisine with great focaccia on offer. All drinks from beer to long drinks and selected wines.
›› Lehel, Mariannenstr. 2, Tel. 29 88 03, www.nage-sauge.de

The stylish Li­teraturhaus is located between the old facades of bank buildings and it houses a café and brasserie with a large terrace. You cannot escape literature here – even the furniture and crockery is decorated with words from the German writer Oskar Maria Graf.
›› Altstadt, Salvatorplatz 1, Tel. 29 19 60 29, www.oskarmaria.com

American bar with classy dark wooden furniture and large ceiling fans offering the “best 104 cocktails around the world,” 90 variants of rum and Cuban drinks. Bar food menu changes on a daily basis, jazz music plays in the background.
›› Lehel, Thierschplatz 5, Tel. 21 57 83 00, www.roosevelt.de

›› Altstadt, Im Tal 16, Tel. 24 29 54 94

For more than 100 years this little café at the Viktualienmarkt has been the first place of refuge for sleepless night owls who still can’t get enough. The first cup of coffee is served at 5 am.
›› Altstadt, Prälat-Zistl-Str. 8, Tel. 26 82 37

Schumanns Bar
Munich’s most famous bar to see-and-be-seen in, run by restaurateur and cookbook author Charles Schumann. American-style dark wood bar, first-class cocktails and dishes, well-known for its high number of celebrity guests. Beautiful beer garden in Hofgarten Park.
›› Altstadt, Odeonsplatz 6-7, Tel. 22 90 60, www.schumanns.de

Located above the Stadtmuseum’s cinema. Stop-over for shoppers during the day. Meeting place for film and art fans in the evening. One of the most beautiful beer garden courtyards.
›› Altstadt, St.-Jakobs-Platz 1, Tel. 26 69 49, www.stadtcafe-muenchen.de

This baroque-style café is kitschy and old-fashioned. The plush seating areas on the first floor are especially romantic. Large outside area directly in front of ­the entrance and in the Hofgarten.
›› Altstadt, Odeonsplatz 18, Tel. 29 83 22, www.­tambosi.de

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Café Hüller
In this plain, small but bright café near the Isar, you can sit in a comfortable living room ambience in 60s style, listen to classical jazz and choose from a large selection of pancakes with extremely delicious fillings. For those with a smaller appetite, there are home-made soups.

›› Au, Eduard-Schmid-Str. 8, Tel. 18 93 87 13, www.cafe-hueller.de

›› Au, Lilienstr. 2, Eingang Zeppelinstr., Tel. 4 89 02 90

Franziskaner in der Au
In the cozy rooms not only the after-work beer tastes good, but also lots of delicious breakfast creations and the varied hot food. In summer, this is also served in the small beer garden under chestnut trees.
›› Au, Schornstr. 2, Tel. 44 14 01 44, www.franziskanerinder-au.de

Kleine Schmausefalle
The name is curious but suits the place. With its rustic authentic décor, the Schmausefalle entraps you. It also has a wide range of fresh food. There’s an idyllic beer garden. Business lunches, alternating weekly menu.
›› Au, Maria­hilfplatz 4, Tel. 44 21 88 21, www.kleineschmausefalle.de

Schwarzer Hahn
Night owls who love to go out and are searching for something beyond the in-scene chill-out lounges, will fit right in at this rock bar with its red painted walls. A large panoply of bottled beers, such as Augustiner, Tegernseer, Jever or Astra, is passed over the bar and drunk predominantly to guitar music. On the weekends, it’s full and has a chilled party atmosphere, while it’s quieter during the week.
›› Au, Ohlmüllerstr. 8, www.schwarzer-hahn.com

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Very trendy café-restaurant by the Gasteig, great breakfasts, outdoor patio, big glass front.

›› Haidhausen, Innere Wiener Str. 2, Tel. 4 80 29 97, www.atlasmunich.de

Café Haidhausen
Very popular local bar serving good food from early until late, with rustic but comfortable furnishings.
›› Haidhausen, Franziskanerstr. 4, Tel. 6 88 60 43

Café im Hinterhof
Small, cozy café designed in art nouveau style – ideal for contemplative discussions or relaxed newspaper reading, preferably on the quiet sun patio. It’s a pity it’s only open until 8 pm.
›› Haidhausen, Sedanstr. 29, Tel. 4 48 99 64, www.cafeimhinterhof.de

Café Voila
Relaxed pub and cocktail bar with a historical atmosphere with stucco ceiling, chandeliers and a beautiful glass dome. Favorite breakfast spot with appetizing meals in the evening.
›› Haidhausen, Wörthstr. 5, Tel. 4 89 16 54, www.cafe-voila.de

Café Wiener Platz
Already almost a classic. A visit will be more enjoyable in this pleasant café if you find yourself a seat at the big glass window façade. Breakfasts and delicious pasta are served all day.
›› Haidhausen, Innere Wiener Str. 48, Tel. 4 48 94 94, www.cafewienerplatz.de

Small, comfortable café for artists located in the heart of Haidhausen. Very good coffee, fine cakes and pies, and excellent focaccias. In the summer you can get comfortable outside with a glass of wine and enjoy the atmosphere of this quarter.
›› Haidhausen, Breisacherstr. 6, Tel. 0 173/3 68 33 95, www.cafiko.de

›› Haidhausen, Breisacher Str. 19, Tel. 48 51 37

Lovely, small café in 60s setting, with a relaxed atmosphere and nice people, offering hot chocolate in varying flavors.
›› Haidhausen, Sedanstr. 18, Eingang Metzstraße, Tel. 18 92 28 23, www.fortuna-cafebar.de

Haidhauser Augustiner
Popular restaurant and pub in Haidhausen, dark wood and rather high noise level, a good place to party, not exactly suitable for romantic dinners, good beer and tasty food.
›› Haidhausen, Wörthstr. 34, Tel. 480 25 94, www.augustiner-braeu.de

Johannis Café
Cult pub or café for grannies? Hard to say. Wallpaper with mountain scenery, simply furnished, music from an old jukebox. Hold a beer in one hand and a sausage in the other. The Johannis Café is a must for those who like unusual bars. Closed Tuesdays.
›› Haidhausen, Johannisplatz 15, Tel. 4 80 12 40

›› Haidhausen, Breisacher Str. 18, Tel. 44 800 44

Lisboa Bar
›› Haidhausen, Breisacher Str. 22, Tel. 4 48 22 74

Lollo Rosso
Authentic Italian Cafe-Bar serving more than just salad. The home-made pasta is (still) an insider’s tip in Haidhausen, just like the delicious tiramisu.
›› Haidhausen, Wörthstr. 11, Tel. 23 51 91 34, www.lollo-rosso.com

Maria Passagne
You have to ring the bell first to gain entry to this small, cozy bar run by a New York-trained bar manager. The décor is 50s and 60s. Lovers can enjoy an intimate, light meal and sample exclusive tequilas or a glass of Mezcal with worm.
›› Haidhausen, Steinstr. 42, Tel. 48 61 67, www.maria-passagne.de

A contemplative and idyllic wine merchant in the heart of Haidhausen with a small terrace from which you can watch a tram passing by every 10 minutes. Time has stood still here for the last 100 years.
›› Haidhausen, Steinstr. 57, Tel. 48 49 50

Molly Malone´s
A quiet Irish pub with a very long bar. Classic Irish beers and award-winning international cuisine – the hand-cut fries are particularly tasty. Over 130 different Irish and Scottish whiskies. Pub quiz on Mondays, live broadcast of all GAA matches, plasma screen TVs.
›› Haidhausen, Kellerstr. 21, Tel. 6 88 75 10, www.molly-malones.org

Typical American bar run by Italians; cocktails are mixed by a world No. 2 cocktail mixer with results that meet any test, as do the dishes on the Italy-inspired menu.
›› Haidhausen, Sedanstr. 9, Tel. 48 95 01 54, www.negronibar.de

This comfortable bar-restaurant is in the heart of Haidhausen, but somewhat hidden. The idyllic beer garden is quite small and therefore frequently overfilled. Primarily Italian cuisine at moderate prices.
›› Haidhausen, Preysingstr. 69, Tel. 6 88 67 22

Pretty bar and restaurant. In summer the idyllic beer garden, offering space for 300 guests, is particularly popular. The ­food ranges from Bavarian to Italian and Asian, served with beer, vine or ­classic cocktails; breakfast buffet Saturdays, ­as well as happy hour starting at 9 pm, brunch on Sundays.
›› Haidhausen, Auerfeldstr. 18, Tel. 44 800 22, www.­tassilogarten.de

After an in-depth renovation, Wasserwerk is now a punk and rock’n’ roll cocktail bar, and it’s suitably decorated with tubes and pumps. Not only water to drink, but also beer, tall drinks, energy drinks and especially great cocktails, which are served daily, especially during happy hour from 6-8 pm and after 12.00 am.
›› Haidhausen, Wolfgangstr. 19, Tel. 48 90 00 20, www.wasserwerk.org

Plain ambiance, simple menu – but the low-key Vivo is always worth a visit, if just for the Baguette Größenwahn (delusions of grandeur baguette) and the Unertl wheat beer, a sought-after rare commodity in Munich; live soccer events are shown here on a big screen.
›› Haidhausen, Lothringer Str. 11, Tel. 4 48 50 35, www.vivo-muenchen.de

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Aroma Kaffeebar
Very charming café, great choice of coffees and teas; open daily until 8 pm.

›› Isarvorstadt, Pestalozzistr. 24, Tel. 26 94 92 49, www.aromakaffeebar.com

Baader Café
Alternatively designed trendy café in yellow and mauve. A meeting place for artists, poets and philosophers since the 80s.
›› Isarvorstadt, Baaderstr. 47, Tel. 2 01 06 38, www.peppermind.de/baader

Bar Corso
A stylish mix of gourmet food and trendy culture. The place to go near Sendlinger Tor, where you can lounge around with friends over a quick espresso or start off a long evening. You can fortify yourself with draft Tegernseer beer and the varied meals with a traditional element.
›› Isarvorstadt, Müllerstr. 51, Tel. 24 21 61 15, www.barcorso.de

Food club on two levels. Restaurant on the ground floor, bar club downstairs. Lovely terrace in summer. A cozy atmosphere with fiery light, red brown colors and water fountains. Mediterranean, Asian and Pacific cuisine satisfies guests. House and ­club sounds ­create a party mood.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Tumblingerstr. 36, Tel. 76 77 50 21, www.­barysphaer.de

Sooner or later everyone ends up here. If you get hungry late at night, this cult snack bar with beer garden ambiance attracts guests until the sun rises.
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhoferstr. 17, Tel. 23 25 98 58

Café Maria
Living among Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Every day, people from the Glockenbach quarter and beyond go on a pilgrimage to the Café Maria or to the neighboring ice-cream parlor, which has the appropriate name of Jessas. You can relax and hang out while eating breakfast on Maria’s sun patio. Jessas has special types of ice cream for any taste by “ice cream guru” Giorgio Balabeni.
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenzestr. 97, Tel. 20 24 57 50 & Jessas/Josef, Klenzestr. 99, Tel. 0 171/­2 52 17 400

Café Pini
Small café with a retro look, ideal for a comfortable break, with delicious focaccia, homemade cakes and the highly recommended hot chocolate. The Pension Gärtnerplatz guesthouse, whose cozy rooms may tempt you to a spontaneous overnight stay, is located right next door.
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenzestr. 45, Tel. 55 27 41 03, www.cafepini.de

Simply furnished bar restaurant with long beer tables. Predominantly Italian menu, large portions at moderate prices.
›› Isarvorstadt, Jahnstr. 35, Tel. 20 20 76 20, www.cooperativa.de

Always crowded tavern with art nouveau furnishings in the microcosm of Hans-Sachs-Straße. Bavarian and international cuisine for every taste.
›› Isarvorstadt, Hans-Sachs-Str. 17, Tel. 26 37 98, www.faun.mycosmos.biz

Forum Café
This is a “public apartment” for many Munich residents. Especially in summer, a colorful trendy crowd meets on the huge sun patio for breakfast, lunch or simply to see and be seen. Popular breakfast place for late risers.
›› Isarvorstadt, Corneliusstr. 2, Tel. 26 88 18, www.forumcafe.de

Traditional pub featuring antlers on the wall and stucco ceiling. Bavarian specialities on the menu. Many events such as early morning drinks or poets table. Next door to the Fraunhofer Theater.
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhoferstr. 9, Tel. 26 64 60, www.fraunhoferwirtshaus.de

Fraunhofer Schoppenstube
This traditional wine bar has been a late harbor between 1 and 5 am for trendy party people for decades. Singing popular songs such as “Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins,” they enjoy Schweinsbraten and beer. Cult!
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhoferstr. 41, Tel. 201 49 02, www.fraunhofer-schoppenstube.bei-gerti.de

Colorful like a flower garden with walls bathed in green, many colorful ceiling lamps and a colorful selection of cakes, food and drinks.
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhoferstr. 20, Tel. 20 23 26 86, www.frenzy-family.de

Für Freunde
Flowered wallpaper and sofas, crackers and beer – comfortable bar with a cult character and fully for in-scene people.
›› Isarvorstadt, Reichenbachstr. 33, Tel. 20 20 64 95, www.fuer-freunde.net

How else should it be? Here everything revolves around authentic soul, funk and hip-hop.
›› Isarvorstadt, Buttermelcherstr. 2a, Tel. 0 151/24 07 05 12, www.funkhaus-bar.de

Glocke & Bach
Wittily designed café/restaurant, ideal for an extensive breakfast on the weekend; in the evening, you can find the younger gay community partying here. Tip: Daily happy hour with cocktails that pack a punch!
›› Isarvorstadt, Hans-Sachs-Str. 2,  Tel. 32 16  82 08

Hey Luigi
Crossover cuisine comes to life in this popular pub-restaurant. Italian delicacies alternate with classic Bavarian dishes. The trendy, largely youngish clientele, need to be hungry to eat here since the portions are enormous.
›› Isarvorstadt, Holzstr. 29, Tel. 46 13 47 41, www.heyluigi.de

Holy Home
Unofficial meeting place for Munich’s underground scene. The clientele poses to the sounds of cool music. It’s wicked, and always packed.
›› Isarvorstadt, Reichenbachstr. 21, Tel. 2 01 45 46

Hoover & Floyd
The interior seems like a mixture of living-room and club. Sometimes you can watch movies, detective stories or live soccer while enjoying soup or pasta.
›› Isarvorstadt, Ickstattstr. 2, Tel. 26 94 90 15

Hungriges Herz
No one goes hungry here! The reason is the many lovingly prepared delicacies in this nostalgic store/café in the heart of the Glockenbach quarter. How about, for example, starting your morning off with fresh French brioches? Or would you prefer to try one of the Italian lunch specials? Oh, just get both! Also available: homemade cakes, Italian and French gourmet food, wine and champagne, as well as magazines and stationery.
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhofer Str. 42, Tel. 12 07 38 63, www.hungrigesherz.com

Klenze 17
Lively student pub with Augustiner beer. The inexpensive fries with mayo and ketchup and whisky choice are legendary. German soccer games are shown on the big screen on Saturday as well as the Tatort television crime show on Sunday evenings.
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenzestr. 17, Tel. 22 85 795, www.klenze17.de

Newly refurbished in 2011: café, restaurant and cocktail bar providing Internet access, summer terrace. Italian, Asian and Bavarian food, large breakfast selection. Relaxed and communicative atmosphere around the clock. Brunch buffet on Sundays from 10 am until 3 pm.
›› Isarvorstadt, Thalkirchner Str. 4, Tel. 21 58 88 81, www.kraftakt.com

Mixture of modern bar, burger restaurant and club. Relaxed during the day. In the evenings, it’s not only hot in the kitchen when the DJs start working the turntables. Very popular beer garden in summer.
›› Isarvorstadt, Müllerstr./Ecke Fraunhoferstr. 2, Tel. 18 91 00 39, www.mcmueller.org

München 72
As the name suggests, this bar pays homage to the Munich Summer Olympics of 1972. You can sit on all kinds of cult sporting equipment and delight in a gymnasts breakfast or the M72 giant burger. On Sundays, the German TV crime show Tatort is screened.
›› Isarvorstadt, Kohlstr. 11, Tel. 97 34 37 85, www.muenchen72.de

Netzer & Overath
Cult pub in the Gärtnerplatz quarter. In the cozy, somewhat scruffy interior, soccer legend Günter Netzer and country music icon Johnny Cash stare from the walls. At weekends the place is full to bursting from 11 pm. The mainly student crowd parties until the early hours to indie and rock sounds and with lots of beer.
›› Isarvorstadt, Baaderstr. 33, Tel. 13 92 79 70, www.netzer-overath.de

Eight friends fulfilled here their dream of running a bar. Regulars sip their beers after finishing work sitting in old cinema seats. The music ranges from underground to electro and punk.
›› Isarvorstadt, Baldestr. 13, Tel. 0 160/­94 48 76 01, www.rennsalon.de

Coffee, pastries and specials of the day served in a quiet, relaxed setting for more than 15 years; ingredients from organic farms. Beautiful terrace and great breakfasts.
›› Isarvorstadt, Rothmundstr. 5, Tel. 53 50 15, www.rothmundcafe.de

Schnelle Liebe
The name of this mixture of pub and snack bar (quick love) is as misleading as the Liquid Cocaine on the menu. But it does serve good quick bites such as pasta and burgers until 1 am during the week and 3 am at weekends.
›› Isarvorstadt, Thalkirchner Str. 12, Tel. 21 57 87 52, www.schnelleliebe.de

Simple and functional design, wooden benches, long tables and three sofas opposite the bar. Table football, dart and pinball as well as playing cards and a collection of various games in a separate room. Varying music program and alternative menu.
›› Isarvorstadt, Thalkirchner Str. 29, Tel. 7 25 01 52, www.suedstadt-muenchen.de

Tiny, very cozy daytime café with comfort guaranteed. Good breakfasts, inexpensive lunchtime offers and homemade cakes.
›› Isarvorstadt, Dreimühlenstr. 17, Tel. 76 77 57 51, www.tagtraum-muenchen.de

This former traditional Bavarian costume shop is now a paradise for cocoa drinks – over 30 flavours offered. Plush furnishings and cuckoo clocks make up the décor. DJs also help fill the house on Fridays.
›› Isarvorstadt, Reichenbachstr. 47, Tel. 20 15 160, www.trachtenvogl.de

Tushita Teehaus
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenze Str. 53, Tel. 18 97 55 94

Valentin Stüberl
Bizarre, tiny insider place with large forest photo wallpaper. Spaceship Orion (a German black&white sci fi show) music in the toilet. Living-room atmosphere, beer.
›› Isarvorstadt, Dreimühlenstr. 28, Tel. 76 75 70 58, www.valentinstueberl.com

Plain but trendy café with an excellent selection of cakes in the Dreimühlen district. Beloved meeting place for new parents.
›› Isarvorstadt, Ehrengutstr. 9, Tel. 45 22 95 88, www.cafezimt.de

A bar institution for more than 25 years, winning over both regulars and new Munich residents. Start the day off right, with a breakfast or the Sunday brunch. In the evenings, guests enjoy a cocktail at the stylish bar.
›› Isarvorstadt, Wittelsbacherstr. 15, Tel. 2 01 00 59, www.zooziez.de

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Anna Bar
Very modern design. Hotel bar-restaurant with changing lighting effects. International cuisine and sushi bar, selected wines and interesting cocktails.

›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Schützenstr. 1, Tel. 59 99 40, www.annabar.de

Café am Beethovenplatz
Oldest of Munich’s concert cafés, opened in 1899 in the Hotel Mariandl. In a nostalgic Vienna coffee house atmosphere, live performers showcase their talent in classical, jazz and blues music every evening. Popular place for breakfast.
›› Ludwigsvortadt, Goethestr. 51, Tel. 55 29 100, www.hotelmariandl.com

Café Mozart
The walls are decorated in golden fabrics, a little like a Viennese coffee house. Café Mozart’s culinary highlight is the extra-large Viennese cutlet. Art exhibitions and changing DJs provide cultural and musical entertainment.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Pettenkoferstr. 2, Tel. 59 41 90, www.cafe-mozart.info

The interior has a temporary look that attracts many aesthetes. An appealing cultural program offering regular art exhibitions, book and poetry readings.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Goethestr. 34, Tel. 54 40 40 94

Everything’s easy again! Munich has its living room back with the cult landlord Ismail “Isi’’ Yilmaz. Once more lollipops will be given out to the ladies and there’s partying like there’s no tomorrow.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Sonnenstr. 8, Tel. 2 30 00 83

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Alter Simpl
Traditional pub with good Bavarian food, established 1903. Open long after midnight. Authentic atmosphere.
›› Maxvorstadt, Türkenstr. 57, Tel. 2 72 30 83, www.altersimpl.com

The Atzinger is a long-established pub that now has a new luster after renovation. Wood panelled walls and deer antlers are reminders of the old Atzinger’s charm. Traditional Bavarian food still dominates the menu, although it costs more than in former times.
›› Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 9, Tel. 28 28 80, www.atzingermuenchen.de

Bar Tapas
Packed-out Spanish party bar. Large variety of tapas, best with sangria.
›› Maxvorstadt, Amalienstr. 97, Tel. 39 09 19, www.bar-tapas.com

BARer 47
Not just a popular place with students to begin a night out. The partly kitschy, partly stylish interior is dominated by enormous chandeliers. While drinking a beer, glass of wine or long drink, you can watch the pretty female serving staff whizz around the benches. The flirt factor increases after 9 pm when the place gets increasingly full to overflowing.
›› Maxvorstadt, Barer Str. 47, Tel. 21 89 74 78, www.barer47.de

Barer 61
Feeling good is on order in the Barer 61: students, artists and VIPs all meet here to be pampered by friendly servers in a casual atmosphere. Cozy groups of seats and large mirrors help create the ultimate living-room feeling.
›› Maxvorstadt, Barer Str. 61, Tel. 32 60 24 96, www.barer61.de

Cadu - Café an der Uni
Popular students’ meeting place opposite the university main entrance. Enjoy a good cappuccino in the inner courtyard in summer.
›› Maxvorstadt, Ludwigstr. 24, Tel. 28 98 66 00, www.cadu.de

Café Altschwabing
Beautiful café with stucco ceiling (dating from 1887). Paul Klee and Thomas Mann enjoyed their coffee here. Worth seeing.
›› Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 56, Tel. 2 73 10 22, www.altschwabing.com

Café Jasmin
Granny’s favorite café and trendy place with plush armchairs at the same time, already served as a film set a couple of times, e.g. in the Tatort long-running German crime show. Large selection of coffees and cakes.
›› Maxvorstadt, Steinheilstr. 20, Tel. 45 22 74 06, www.cafe-jasmin.com

Café Kosmos
A place to consider among the Munich bar cosmos. Surrounded by the import-export stores and döner snack bars that are typical in a train station area, you can drink an Astra beer here or sip on a gin and tonic cheaply. The small place fills quickly in the evenings but if it gets cramped, there’s an inviting, cozy living room to hang out in upstairs.
›› Maxvorstadt, Dachauer Str. 7, Tel. 55 29 58 67, www.cafe-kosmos.de

Café Puck
An extra-late, delicious breakfast is served until 6 pm, and even until 8 pm on Sundays and holidays. It’s quiet and cozy in the day while in the evening there are lively discussions not just among students from the nearby university. You can also use the WiFi to surf while you enjoy a coffee and cake or a burger and a cocktail.
›› Maxvorstadt, Türkenstr. 33, Tel. 2 80 22 80, www.cafepuck.de

Eat the Rich
Kitschy bar in leopard look with crossover food. The largely chic crowd starts partying at 10 pm, enjoying the excellent extra-large cocktails.
›› Maxvorstadt, Heßstr. 90, Tel. 18 59 82, www.eattherich.de

The smaller sister to the Barer 61, so to speak. It’s on the opposite side of the road and has the same owner. The cozy furnishings are similar and besides coffee and cakes, you can enjoy healthy freshly pressed juices and snacks such as piadinas and wraps.
›› Maxvorstadt, Barerstr. 80, Tel. 32 60 24 96, www.barer61.de

Café, bar, lounge, in 60s, 70s look, breakfast and international cuisine.
›› Maxvorstadt, Barer Str. 67, Tel. 28 78 82 30

Traditional Bavarian relaxed atmosphere with lounge for tapping your own keg, plus sporting events on the big screen, see also beer gardens.
›› Maxvorstadt, Adalbertstr. 33, Tel. 2 71 51 58, www.maxemanuelbrauerei.de

News Bar
Nice bar offering a good selection of national and international magazines as well as good coffee. In the evenings, there’s delicious pasta, salads, soups and cocktails.
›› Maxvorstadt, Amalienstr. 55, Tel. 28 17 87, www.newsbarmunich.de

Park Café
The Park Café, with its chandelier and impressive bar, is one of the visual highlights of the Munich scene. In the gold-shimmering room, you can first indulge in an aperitif and then some Bavaria-inspired food, a cool Beck’s or one of the many cocktails. You can also do all this in the very pretty beer garden in summer.
›› Maxvorstadt, Sophienstr. 7, Tel. 51 61 79 80, www.parkcafe089.de

A better name for this pub would be “Rare’’ because places for lovers of lead guitar music are a rarity in Munich. You can drink a beer relaxing at the bar or on one of the window benches while listening to Metallica and other heavy bands. In any case, guests with hair shorter than 1.5 m are also welcome here.
›› Maxvorstadt, Schleißheimerstr. 28, www.raw-munich.de

›› Maxvorstadt, Türkenstr. 50, Tel. 28 15 94, www.sausalitos.de

Schall und Rauch
Café and student bar with large, push-open window front. Cult character. Daily menu. Reasonable prices.
›› Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 22, Tel. 28 80 95 77

Schelling Salon
This cult pub with pool, cards and chess games was founded in 1872 and has become legendary. Reasonable meals and drinks. Historical atmosphere; closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
›› Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 54, Tel. 2 72 07 88, www.schellingsalon.de

Not only students of the nearby university enjoy this nice café, with its inviting bar. Other people like to sit down here for breakfast or a “prosecco aperol” and enjoy the special flair of Maxvorstadt from the terrace.
›› Maxvorstadt, Türkenstr. 51, Tel. 27 27 52 14, www.cafesoda.de

The Martini Club
It’s true to say that this place is not like the dimly lit New York cellar bar called the Martini Club from which it has its name, despite the light globe on the ceiling and black walls. But world-master bartender Hercules Tsibi creates cocktails that are among the city’s best and for hungry bellies there is a small, but good, bar menu served until the early hours. Good alternative to the many student bars in Maxvorstadt. Tip: Come late evening!
›› Maxvorstadt, Theresienstr. 93, Tel. 52 01 29 24, www.the-martini-club.de

Cozy bar-restaurant. Famous for its extensive breakfast menu until 4 am and warm meals even late at night.
›› Max­vorstadt, Theresienstr. 72, Tel. 28 23 49, www.tresznjewski.com

Bar, café and restaurant inside the Volkstheater. Not only for after theater. Ideal for interesting discussions over coffee and cake. Deck chairs for the sun in summer.
›› Maxvorstadt, Brienner Str. 50, Tel. 57 87 78 59, www.volksgarten-muenchen.de

Vorstadt Café
Spacious café with good service. Creative breakfasts from Miami Beach to Mafioso or Oriental Breakfast as well as tasty midday and evening meals.
›› Maxvorstadt, Türkenstr. 83, Tel. 2 72 06 99, www.vorstadtcafe.de

The nice thing about the Zeitgeist is that you can sit outside here throughout the year, thanks to radiant heaters and warm blankets. However, if it’s still too cold for you, you’ll find enough room and coziness in the interior to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or to start the day with a delicious breakfast.
›› Maxvorstadt, Türkenstr. 74, Tel. 28 65 98 73, www.cafe-zeitgeist.com

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Café Neuhausen
Hip art nouveau-style breakfast café with an appealing design and lighting concept, wooden floors and stucco ceiling. Beautiful tiny beer garden. International cuisine, with daily menus and lunch menus.
›› Neuhausen, Blutenburgstr. 106, Tel. 18 97 55 70, www.cafeneuhausen.de

Café Rotkreuzplatz
This two-floor café and pastry shop is one of seven subsidiaries of Café Münchner Freiheit. From the terrace you have a nice view of Rotkreuzplatz while you taste one or two tidbits from the daily menu.
›› Neuhausen, Rotkreuzplatz 2, Tel. 16 66 61, www.muenchner-freiheit.de

Lounge-like café bar lit in the calming colors of red or green to provide a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Breakfast, coffee and cakes as well as diverse main courses at moderate prices. Every second Wednesday a snuggle dinner is offered for two people (three-course menus for € 17.90 per person). Free WiFi.
›› Neuhausen, Nymphenburger Str. 110, Tel. 4 20 95 29 27, www.froschkoenig-bar.de

Simply furnished tavern, serving Bavarian, Italian and Asian cuisine.
›› Neuhausen, Volkartstr. 32, Tel. 16 13 73

München´72 Park
›› Milbertshofen-Am Hart, Kolehmainenweg (Tennisanlage), Tel. 37 96 14 00, www.muenchen72.de

Rick´s Café
The light walls, dark wooden furniture and book-shelves create a cozy atmosphere. There are  dishes and drinks suitable for any time of the day.
›› Neuhausen, Wendl-Dietrich-Str. 5, Tel. 16 04 43, www.ricks-cafe.citipix.de

Café, pastry shop and wine bar, founded in 1978, now a Munich institution, the in-house bakery only serves top quality – until 4 pm at the weekend. The breakfast comes with a view on the roof-top terrace. Restaurant offering more than 30 Italian wines by the glass in the evening.
›› Neuhausen, Orffstr. 22-24, Tel. 16 11 60, www.ruffini.de

Nicely lit tavern with individual breakfasts and cocktails for all signs of the zodiac. Pasta, wok dishes, bar food.
›› Neuhausen, Elvirastr. 19, Tel. 1 23 23 61, www.wassermann-muenchen.de

Local bar, with stucco ceilings and antique mirrors. International cuisine. Small cozy beer garden.
›› Neuhausen, Ysenburgstr. 3, Tel. 16 27 91, www.eggerlokale.de

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Bachmaier Hofbräu
The first Bavarian lounge bar on Leopoldstraße, the see and be seen street. Tavern atmosphere with a lounge and DJ, live soccer screenings, which attracts stars from FC Bayern players and other stars and starlets.
›› Schwabing, Leopoldstr. 50, Tel. 38 38 68-0, www.bachmaier-hofbraeu.de

In the heart of Schwabing, this place calls itself Munich’s most inexpensive bar. Reservations can only be made by SMS and online.
›› Schwabing, Franzstr. 3, Tel. 0172/8 31 19 39, www.barschwein.de

Ben´s Cocktailbar
Cocktail dreams come true, Happy Hour every Tuesday and Friday the whole night long. Delicious professional cocktails in a Caribbean atmosphere will leave you wanting more.
›› Schwabing, Clemensstr. 7, Tel. 28 97 09 19, www.bens-bar.de

Café Ignaz
Cult café with sales counter. Vegetarian cuisine anytime of the day. One of Munich’s first non-smoking cafés long before the state-wide smoking ban went into effect. Popular home-made cakes.
›› Schwabing, Georgenstr. 67, Tel. 2 71 60 93, www.ignaz-cafe.de

Café Lebenslust
Modern café and bar, serving European and Asian cuisine, finger food, free Internet access in the foyer, separate party lounge for rent. Daily from 3 pm, closed Sunday.
›› Schwabing-West, Erich-Kästner Str. 14, Tel. 18 92 77 26, www.lebenslust-muenchen.de

Café Münchner Freiheit (CMF)
Traditional café and pastry shop, a bronze statue of the famous actor Helmut Fischer (1926-1997) sits comfortably among the outdoor tables.
›› Schwabing, Münchner Freiheit 20, Tel. 33 00 79 90, www.muenchner-freiheit.de

Café Reitschule
One of Munich’s top locations: café, bar, lounge and restaurant in a simple, classical ambience, with a view of either the horses in the riding hall of the university riding school or – from the terrace (two levels) – of the riding area and the English Gardens. Popular place to meet for breakfast.
›› Schwabing, Königinstr. 34, Tel. 3 88 87 60, www.cafe-reitschule.de

Caffé Florian
Italian breakfast (until 4 pm), lunch and evening meals as well as Italian sandwiches, espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. Venetian atmosphere.
›› Schwabing, Hohenzollernstr. 11, Tel. 33 66 39, www.caffe-florian.de

CAN (Café am Nordbad)
Strikingly modern glass building with small terrace. Extensive breakfast selection as well as burgers, baguettes and soup for those hungry after visiting the Nordbad swimming pool.
›› Schwabing-West, Schleißheimer Str. 142a, Tel. 12 70 04 33, www.cafeamnordbad.de

Egger Schwabing
No one should miss the chance for the delicious cocktails in Schwabing’s “trendy Egger,” especially not during the daily Happy Hour starting at 6 pm. The classy interior and the many delicious foods delight guests again and again.
›› Schwabing, Friedrichstr. 27, Tel. 39 85 26, www.egger-schwabing.de

Green Room Bar
Hidden gem beneath the Schwabing Tijuana café. Cozy lounge inside, outside terrace with basket chairs and fountains, around 150 cocktails.
›› Schwabing, Leopoldstr. 13, Tel. 33 06 63 52, www.greenroom-bar.de

The successor to Schwabinger 7 is quite different from Schwabing’s cult pub. It now has a mental home atmosphere and regulars dance to electro and house music, Besides beer, long drinks and cocktails are served over the bar.
›› Schwabing, Feilitzschstr. 15, www.gummizelle.com

Irish Folk Pub
The Martin husband and wife team have run Munich’s – and Germany’s oldest and most authentic Irish pub since 1977. The homelike atmosphere attracts not just fans of the Emerald Isle to chill out with a freshly pulled pint of Guinness.
›› Schwabing, Giselastr. 11, Tel. 34 24 46, www.irish-folk-pub.de

Bar and restaurant decorated impressively with different racks on the walls that vary according to the season. Serves Austrian, Italian and Alsatian food alongside the Bavarian, has a varied clientele and a beer garden with chestnut trees.
›› Schwabing, Kaiserstr. 34, Tel. 34 02 02 03, www.kaisergarten.com

Somewhat off the beaten track. Very romantically lit downstairs bar. Superb cocktails and small bar menu. Inexpensive and usually interesting cocktail of the month.
›› Schwabing, Agnesstr. 54, Tel. 18 95 65 51, www.reizbar.com

Rustic Bavarian tavern with wooden walls, wooden furniture and stucco ceiling. Beer and good food, large servings.
›› Schwabing, Bauerstr. 16, Tel. 2 71 48 28, www.scheidegger-schwabing.de

Schwabinger Wassermann
Tavern with wooden walls, mirrors and chandeliers, individual breakfast offers and cocktails for all signs of the zodiac. International dishes for every appetite.
›› Schwabing, Herzogstr. 82, Tel. 32 38 80 20, www.schwabinger-wassermann.de

Tijuana Café
›› Schwabing, Leopoldstr. 13, Tel. 33 04 07 24

Vanilla Lounge
Modern café in the daytime, club in the evening, exotic assortment of coffees from Brasil Santos Cerrado to Jamaica Blue Mountain. Chic lounge corner.
›› Schwabing, Leopoldstr. 65, Tel. 38 66 68 36, www.vanilla-lounge.de

Zum Jennerwein
It’s the mix that makes it! 70s wallpaper, antlers and whimsical accessories. Punk, rockabilly, ska or house music accompanied by a cool beer.
›› Schwabing, Belgradstr. 27, Tel. 3 08 72 21, www.zumjennerwein.de

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Schwanthalerhöhe (Westend)

Evening for evening, the unusually chic design of the Caesar entices a colorful mix of trendy people to Westend. The guests indulge in fine Italian cooking and super cocktails. On weekends, a DJ provides for the perfect party feeling.
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Schwanthalerstr. 148, Tel. 50 07 32 05, www.barcaesar.de

Café Marais
Store/café with a particular charm: just like in a junk shop, all sorts of things are available here to ogle and to buy – you can find not only jewelry, accessories and cute things for children here, but also selected healthy cosmetics. But a visit to the Marais is especially worthwhile because of the delicious homemade cakes and snacks, all of which are prepared here with – fitting to the ambience – a lot of love.
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Parkstr. 2, Tel. 50 09 45 52, www.cafe-marais.de

Ca Va
The favorite bar for many who live in Westend. Inexpensive and good meals, with cheap drinks and friendly service.
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Kazmairstr. 44, Tel. 5 02 85 84

Bar with a cult character. After it moved to Westend everything stayed the same. You can enjoy beer and snacks at low prices. If you want, you can even bring your own food.
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Gollierstr. 14a, http://kilombo.xgrad.net

Stragula Realwirtschaft
Opened late in 1983, in the old days “Real” was a name for pubs with a license to serve beer, today here it means down-to-earth. Hence the relaxed, casual no-nonsense cantina ambiance.
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Bergmannstr. 66, Tel. 50 77 43, www.stragula.info

Westend Café
Skittle alleys, pool tables, good meals and high proof cocktails: The Westend Café offers almost everything to allow you to have an enjoyable evening together with friends. Because of the large selection of breakfasts, also to be recommended for the morning after.
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Ganghoferstr. 50, Tel. 50 83 41, www.cafe-westend.com

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Beach 38°
You can chill out here at any time of the year but the best time, of course, is in summer when the large outdoor area is opened up and you can enjoy a vacation in the middle of the city sitting on a beach lounge chair sipping a cold beer. Naturally food is also served and you can also use the extensive sports offerings
›› Berg am Laim, Friedenstr. 22c, Tel. 63 89 95 10, www.beach38.de

The future of this popular beach project was uncertain for a long time, but the city council has finally approved it for the next four years. The venue in summer 2011 is Professor-Huber-Platz in front of Munich University. In 2012, it will move to Vater-Rhein-Brunnen. In the afternoons, there is a family program and in the evenings various DJs create a party atmosphere. Movies, readings and live bands round off the offerings.
›› Tel. 51 81 87 40 www.kulturstrand.org

Nektar Beach
For years this has been a popular place to go for the city’s beachgoers. You’ll quickly get into the vacation mood on 600 sq m of the finest sand with cold drinks and chill-out sounds. Head chef Maik Haltenhof’s experienced team provide the culinary treats. Open from mid-May to mid-September.
›› Lehel, Praterinsel 3-5, Tel. 45 91 13 11, www.nektar.de

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