Where to get the best breakfast, where the best cocktails are mixed or where to party at weekends – it’s all a matter of taste.
Whatever your preference, you’ll find no shortage of good cafes, bars and nightclubs in Stuttgart.
If you’re looking for a good cafe, there’s Herbert’z in the south, which is slowly gaining cult status.
There’s also the small but nice Espresso-laden, which serves an authentic Italian espresso, or the Fleck & Schneck, which offers a personal touch and shows that you can win over Stuttgarters with a good idea.

For people who prefer things to be more alternative, there are places such as the stormy Kap Tormentoso or the Oblomov.
There are also comfortable bars such as the Academie der Schönsten Künste or Die Bar in western Stuttgart.

Last but not least there are bars that are smoky and seedy but nevertheless endearing, such as the cult Café Weiß, which is a lot of things but not a café despite what its name suggests.
Stuttgart is really practical because you don’t have to travel far to get from one place to the next.
Unlike many other big cities, whose centers seem to be swept empty in the evening, Stuttgart’s heart is a place where a trendy crowd hangs out at night and where there are many interesting places to suit every taste.

If you sit on the Kunstmuseum (art museum) steps after a shopping trip with a take-out coffee, you’ll experience how the scenery changes on warm summer evenings.
Instead of day visitors with shopping bags, a lively crowd climbs up the steps to the small Schlossplatz with its Mediterranean flair and the hip Bar Waranga.

The square and the steps slowly fill up with more and more people sipping a Prosecco, cocktail or beer.
They enjoy the view of the larger Schlossplatz and the hillsides of Stuttgart.

After warming up here, things really heat up for many in the crowd who head for the Stuttgart’s party mile, Theodeor-Heuss-Straße.

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