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Sports addresses in Stuttgart

Sport_Skytandm1_600x400Sky Tandem Kids-Marathon_-Bechert_600x400Mini-Marathon für Kinder Inline_AOK-Kids-Inline_Baumann_600x400Inlineskating



Höhenfreibad Killesberg
This popular summer swimming pool invites you not only to take a dip, but also to play beach volleyball or table tennis.
›› Nord, Beim Höhenfreibad 37, Tel. 216 30 15,

Sportanlage MoTiV
The outdoor facilities of the MTV Stuttgart cover 20,000 sq m, including fields for sunning and games, an outdoor pool, 2 lawns for ball sports, a tartan basketball/volleyball court and a beach volleyball court.
›› Botnang, Furtwängler Str. 145, Tel. 2 58 55 58-0,

The Vitadrom belongs to the Sportvereinigung Feuerbach 1883 e.V. sports club and offers a wide range of sports activities. On the two beach volleyball fields, adults are happy that they can play in the sand again.
Feuerbach, Triebweg 85, Tel. 8 90 89-0,

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Bike and hike tours

Blauer Weg
The Blauer Weg was the Schwäbischer Alb­verein hiking club’s first path to the Black Forest. Today, it’s a popular panorama trail with interesting views of Stuttgart.
›› West, access point: Hasenbergsteige

The Neckar cycle path leads from the source of the Neckar in Schwenningen to the Swabian highlands in Mannheim, past vineyard landscapes, castles and stately homes. The prettiest sections are the mountainous stretch from Rottweil to Tübingen, the section from Bad Wimpfen to Heidelberg and the vineyard stretch from Stuttgart to Heilbronn.

Although this is actually a high-elevation hiking path enclosing the green Stuttgart basin, the 56.7 km stretch is very popular among cyclists. In the west, it goes mainly through forests and then through vineyards and orchards in the east. It is also a winner with its pretty views of the city.
›› Entry point: Bad Cannstatt, Au-Brücke - Schmidener Straße

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Bowling Arena
The bowling alley for every need: children 4 years and older, school classes, students, companies and clubs bowl here. The Magic Friday Night even has a DJ. Moonlight bowling on Saturdays.
›› Feuerbach, Am Sportpark 9, Tel. 85 07 37,

City Bowling
10 bowling and 4 skittle alleys for everyone. Fridays and Saturdays, the balls zip even faster down the alley when the Bowling Disco, with its light show, lets the good times roll.
›› Mitte, Schlossstr. 28, Tel. 29 63 79,

Dream Bowl
The pins drop like flies in the three centers just outside Stuttgart. Metzingen has 14 alleys, Fellbach 18 and Böblingen even has 22; a DJ makes sure that everyone has fun on weekends.
›› 70736 Fellbach, Bühlstr. 140, Tel. 58 80 69
›› 71032 Böblingen, Leibnizstr. 18, Tel. 0 70 31/41 95 95
›› 72555 Metzingen, Auchterstr. 7 & 9, Tel. 0 71 23/20 05 75

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Active Garden
More than 1,200 sq m of climbing fun at all levels of difficulty. The walls, which are up to 15 meters high, have promising names such as El Cap or Sonnenplatten.
›› 71404 Korb, Maybachstr. 12, Tel. 0 71 51/3 70 32,

Cannstatter Pfeiler
An old sandstone bridge pillar reopened in 2003 by the DAV. Levels of difficulty of 6-7 and a height of 18 meters show who can go the distance.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Hofener Straße (Nähe Kraftwerk Münster),

The climbing hall of Stuttgart Protestant Youth is a sight to behold, even from the outside. Completely glass-enclosed and only 90 sq m, it contains three floors with about 360 sq m of climbing area on 14 walls; the maximum height is 11 meters. Also present are boulder walls, overhangs and a large area directly under the glass floor.
›› Mitte, Fritz-Elsas-Str. 44, Tel. 18 77 10,

Felsengärten Hessigheim
The steep limestone cliffs next to the Neckar river among vine-covered hills and fields offer an unparalleled climbing area. There are about 130 routes.
›› 74394 Hessigheim, Am Felsengarten,,

DAV Kletterzentrum
This is an insider’s tip for climbing. It’s one of the world’s biggest climbing areas with more than 3,700 sq m of climbing areas, plus a spectacular outdoor climbing space covering 817 sq m. There’s also a large number of routes, with varied wall formations offering a medium level of difficulty, a maximum height of 16 meters, many overhangs as well as the possibility to try a 300 sq m bouldering area.
›› Degerloch, Friedrich-Strobel-Weg 5, Tel. 3 19 58 66,

Hochseilgarten Fellbach
From a distance, the climbing garden looks a bit strange and somewhat rickety. But it lives up to its advertising. The obstacle course at a height of 10 meters with the “monkey swing” or the “frog jump” will give you a real high.
›› 70736 Fellbach-Schmiden, Nurmiweg 8, Tel. 9 51 93 90,

Klettergarten Stetten
Earthy climbing fun: fissure, corner and ledge climbing in a former sandstone quarry. Wall heights up to 10 meters with about 50 routes.
›› 71394 Kernen-Stetten, Parkplatz Sängerheim , Tel. 0 70 24/8 30 06,

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MTV STuttgart 1843 e.V.
Club with about 8,700 members; the range of sports and leisure-time activities is similarly large.
›› West, Am Krähenwald 190a, Tel. 63 18 87,

Stuttgarter Kickers
Sports club with 1,600 members. Well-known due to its soccer team, which once played in the Bundesliga national league but is now in the southern regional league. Jürgen Klinsmann played for the club for three years at the start of his career. The club celebrates its 111th anniversary in September 2010.
›› Degerloch, Königsträßle 56, Tel. 7 67 10-0,

SV Feuerbach 1883 e.V.
Club with a wide variety of sports; the Vitadrom sports facility is especially well-known, with its wide range of fitness options, climbing wall and beach volleyball courts.
›› Feuerbach, Am Sportpark 1, Tel. 890 89-10,

SV Vaihingen 1889 e.V.
2,400 members; sports ranging from badminton to dance.
›› Vaihingen, Dürrlewangstr. 70e, Tel. 74 24 79,

TV Bad Cannstatt 1846 e.V.
Extensive range of sports, tennis hall, badminton center and its own sports studio.
›› Münster, am Schnarrenberg 10, Tel. 52 08 94 60,

VFB Stuttgart
The “Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 e.V.” has more than 45,000 members, covering sports such as track and field and hockey. Of course, everyone knows the national league soccer team and its Mercedes-Benz Arena, which can be seen from far away.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Mercedesstr. 109, Tel. 0 18 05/8 32 54 63,

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ADFC – Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club
The diverse potpourri of ADFC tours is just right for everyone who would rather cycle in a group than alone. There is a large selection, from leisurely evening tours to excursions that last several days. To obtain information, you can join the weekly group of regulars.
›› West, Breitscheidstr. 82, Tel. 6 36 86 37
›› Get-together: 2nd Wed in the month 7.30 pm Forum Café, Gymnasiumstr. 21,

Call a bike
Deutsche Bahn rental cycles are parked all over the city. If you want to rent a bike, call the telephone number on the lock and you’ll be given a code that opens the lock. One minute costs 8 cents, 24 hours cost € 15 maximum (BahnCard holders € 9). For a € 36 annual fee (BahnCard holders € 27), the first 30 minutes of each rental is free.
›› 24h-Service-Telefon: 0 700/05 22 55 22,

Radgruppe – NaturFreunde
A cycling group for nature lovers that offers regular tours on Thursdays and Sundays, as well as tours that take several days for people who are more experienced.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Obere Waiblinger Str. 120, Tel. 61 73 94,

Rent a Bike
The Rent a Bike company has the right cycle to help you explore the city in comfort on two or three wheels – without the hassle of find a parking spot. The company has city bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and rickshaws. Rent a Bike also organizes group tours and arranges guided tours in Stuttgart, for example for a companionable company outing.
›› Mitte, Lautenschlagerstr. 22, Tel. 22 22 73 0,

Württembergischer Radsportverband e.V.
The first place to go for pros and those who want to become pros – regardless whether you have a unicycle, bicycle, trick cycle or mountain bike. But the leisure section also has a large range of cycle tours and excursions for anyone.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Mercedesstr. 83, Tel. 95 46 97-0,

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El Pasito
First do the work, then have some fun: El Pasito offers courses in salsa, merengue, bachata, flamenco and sevillanas. Then you can relish perfecting what you have learned at salsa parties and flamenco and sevillanas evenings.
›› Tanz- & Kulturzentrum: Ost, Stöckachstr. 16, Tel. 26 46 57,

New York City Dance School
Sabine Lynch and her teachers set the pace when beginners and pros shake their hips at the more than 100 courses per week. On offer: ballet, modern, tap dancing, jazz dancing and hip-hop.
›› Feuerbach, Leitzstr. 4, Tel. 85 63 16,

Ray´s World of Dance
Ray’s passion is step dancing: With his own “Brooklyn Tap Gang” show group, he tours through the area. He also gives tap and jazz dancing courses at various locations in Stuttgart. You’re welcome!
›› Vaihingen, Hauptstr. 19, Tel. 7 45 11 22,

Do you want to dance like Michael Jackson? Then hurry up and register for jazz dancing. There are also courses for other dance styles, such as ballet, Latin power dance and hip-hop.
›› Vaihingen, Hauptstr. 19, Tel. 7 45 11 22,

Salsa Company
Learning salsa while making the zest for life a part of your nature: this is the motto of Salsa Company. In addition to Latin dance, hip-hop has joined the program.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Mercedesstr. 9, Tel. 0 174/2 33 27 42,

SwingKultur Stuttgart
Since Roger Cicero sang for Germany, swing is in again! SwingKultur teaches you the original swing dances Lindy-Hop and Balboa; in addition, big swing parties take place regularly.
›› Obertürkheim, Ostendstr. 106a,

Tango Stuttgart
If you want to change the direction of your life, just learn to dance tango with Ute Frühwirth – she learned her craft from Argentinean tango masters.
›› Süd, Immerhoferstr. 26, Tel. 6 40 20 39,

Tanzschule Sascha Wolf
Large choice of dance courses, from disco fox to salsa to Irish dancing. There are also special courses, such as the wedding dance course, as well as important tips for subjects such as “leading and being led” and “dancing to the beat.”
›› Bad Cannstatt, Wiesbadener Str. 9, Tel. 12 15 76 96,

Tanzschule Schicki
The laid-back dance school teaches, among other things, disco fox, rock’n’roll, salsa, merengue, hip-hop and break dancing. Periodic dance parties for young and old leg-shakers.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Schmidener Str. 38, Tel. 56 09 94,

víaDanza Salsa-Tanzschule
Your mission: salsa. Step one: Learn the art of Cuban salsa dancing. Step two: Book a dance vacation for Havana or Madrid.
›› 73733 Esslingen, Am Glockengarten 23, Tel. 4 20 52 60,

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Equestrian sport

Der Sonnenhof
Riding lessons for children and parents; the Sonnenhof also offers much more, such as adventurous leisure-time activities and the “farmyard Olympics”.
›› Mühlhausen, Sonnenhof 1, Tel. 5 07 46 20,

Reitanlage Stuttgart am Schwarzbach
Idyllic riding facilities at the southern edge of the city, with riding hall, outdoor area, lunging circle, jumping area as well as grass and all-weather paddocks and a walking area.
›› Möhringen, Handwerkstr. 39, Tel. 0 160/8 20 46 08,

Reiterhof Toll
City slickers find relaxation here. Like Billy Crystal in the movie of the same name, they can turn their backs on the city during riding excursions in nature or, if required, first take some riding courses.
›› 71263 Münklingen, Tel. 0 70 33/3 60 88,

Steffis Ponyreitschule
Letting children enjoy riding is the goal of Steffi and her ponies.
›› Nord, Stresemannstr. 76, Tel. 74 01 81 84,

Waldhof Stuttgart-Botnang Reitstall
Pretty riding grounds near a forest, with great possibilities for riding excursions, provided you have your own horse or are permitted to ride a horse there.
›› Botnang, Furtwänglerstr. 190, Tel. 0 173/3 01 70 76,

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Aeroclub Stuttgart e.V.
Flying for young and old has a special meaning in the Aeroclub Stuttgart. Acrobats of the air can not only practice motor planes and gliders, but also participate in the club’s model airplane group, including additional shared activities.
›› Vaihingen, Heßbrühlstr. 40, tel. 7 80 43 61,

Paragliding and hang gliding school headquartered in Hamburg and Tübingen. According to the slogan “no stress, no fuss,” everything is available here, from basic training on the pretty Österberg in Tübingen to safety training on the even more beautiful Lac d’Annecy in France.
›› 72074 Tübingen, Alberstr. 3, Tel. 0 70 71/95 99 44,

Luftikus has been training perfect paragliding and hang gliding pilots for more than 30 years. To ensure that none of these flyers ever fall from the sky, the emphasis is placed on professionalism, safety and modern equipment.
›› Hofen, Hartwaldstr. 65b, Tel. 53 79 28,

Schönbuch Flyers e.V.
The Schönbuch Flyers provide lots of flying fun in small groups. If you are inexperienced, you can test your airworthiness during a tandem flight lasting up to 1.5 hours.
›› 71093 Weil im Schönbuch, Bahnhofstr. 49, Tel. 0 71 57/61 991,

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Forest sports paths

Keep yourself fit on the 9 forest sports paths that were planned while taking into account insights from sports medicine and training science. They consist of warm-up rounds, stretching stations, running tracts and muscle strengthening stations.

Waldsportpfad Fasanengarten
Length 0.8 km.
›› Weilimdorf, Rappach, Nahe Sportanlage SG Weilimdorf

Waldsportpfad Föhrich
Length approx. 2.6 km.
›› Feuerbach, Triebweg

Waldsportpfad Hoffeld
Length approx. 2.4 km.
›› Degerloch, Nauener Straße, near Sportgebiet "Hohe Eiche"

Waldsportpfad Katzenbachsee
Length approx. 2.9 km.
›› Vaihingen, at the end of Heisenbergstraße

Waldsportpfad Kräherwald
Length approx. 2.5 km.
›› Am Kräherwald, near the Sportanlage MTV Stuttgart sports ground

Waldsport Ost
Length approx. 1.8 km.
›› Waldebene Ost

Waldsportpfad Schlotwiese
Length approx. 2.5 km.
›› Zuffenhausen, Bußallee

Waldsportpfad Steinprügel
Length approx. 1.6 km.
›› Hedelfingen, Sportanlage SKG Hedelfingen, Steinprügel

Waldsportpfad Waldau
Length approx. 2.2 km.
›› Degerloch, Königsträßle, Ecke Friedrich-Strobel-Weg

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Kart Challenge
Pay attention if you’re a pit babe! A 3,500 sq m hot race track with the latest time measurement software, combined with a large LED display board and original Formula 1 light switching.
›› 72127 Kusterdingen-Jettenburg, Reutlingerstr. 44, Tel. 0 70 71/93 72-42,

Kart & Fun
Children 8 and older can earn their driver’s license here and then set new lap records on the demanding, curvy and skid-proof course (length = 315 m). It’s a great place for company events, Christmas parties or children’s birthdays.
›› 72654 Neckartenzlingen, Ulrich-Gminder-Str. 10/2, Tel. 0 71 27/22 777,

Large indoor kart track with S-curve, three hairpin bends and a long slide passage. Training, racing and bambini karts are used. You have to start early if you want to become the new Sebastian Vettel.
›› Wangen, Langwiesenweg 30, Tel. 48 48 40,

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Golf-Club Hammetweil
18 exciting challenges in an idyllic and exclusive location, very close to Stuttgart – combined with a relaxed club atmosphere and stylish sportsmanship. The 18-hole golf course, opened in 2005, is invigorating for both beginners and single handicappers. With a total length of 6,023 meters, a demanding course with attractive holes is available for golf fans, 7 days per week and without fixed starting times. The golf course is supplemented by a driving range with fairway stations and roofed-over driving tees, a large putting green and a chipping and pitching area. After a game, the restaurant in the club house tempts you to eat and talk handicaps. It has a beer garden and a wonderful view.
›› 72654 Neckartenzlingen, Hammetweil 10, Tel. 0 71 27/97 43-0,

Golf-Club Schloss Monrepos
Public 6-hole golf course and 18-hole club course with two-floor driving range, on the edge of Monrepos lake, integrated in a beautiful local recreation area that also has a moated castle and pedal boat rentals. Despite the lakes and nature, autobahn 81 divides the course into two halves. This is OK, as long as the ball doesn’t fall under the wheels of the cars!
›› 71634 Ludwigsburg, Monrepos 26, Tel. 0 71 41/22 00 30,

Golfanlage Schloss Nippenburg
World-famous 18-hole golf course with two-floor driving range, designed by Germany’s most well-known golfer Bernhard Langer. From 1995 to 1997, the German Open took place here. Today, more than 60 championships take place on this hollowed turf every year. If you don’t want to leave your pet dog in the car, you can hire a kennel.
›› 71701 Schwieberdingen, Nippenburg 21, Tel. 0 71 50/39 53-0,

Golfclub Schönbuch
18-hole club course and public 9-hole golf course which was awarded the Gold Certificate in 2009 for its commitment to the DGV Golf & Nature environmental program. Beginners also feel at home here. Several golf trainers are available for taster and practice courses.
›› 71088 Holzgerlingen, Schaichhof, Tel. 0 71 57/6 79 66,

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Ice skating

Eiswelt Stuttgart
Stuttgart’s only ice skating rink has historic roots. It has been used for leisure ice skating since the end of the 19th century.
›› Degerloch, Keßlerweg 8, Tel. 2 16 32 74,

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Indoor soccer

activity Freizeitsportclub
Activity is the leisure-time sports club of the TSV Schmiden for young and old. Youngsters and adults can challenge each other here for a duel at the ping-pong table, on the badminton court or for indoor soccer, for example.
›› 70736 Fellbach, Bühlstr. 140, Tel. 5 10 49 98-0,

Ballkult Ellental
Ballkult clearly has everything to do with sports involving balls, whether they are small (tennis, squash, play golf) or large (indoor soccer on two courts). Beach soccer, beach volleyball and beach tennis fans also get their kicks in the neighboring beach sports garden.
›› 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Fischerpfad 20, Tel. 0 71 42/4 11 64,

Soccer Olymp Fellbach
Stuttgart FC fans still remember when Günther Schäfer was a great defender in the 1980s. Today, he sometimes acts as a patron saint on the edge of one of the 5 artificial turf fields at Soccer Olymp. Also regular league and tournaments.
›› 70736 Fellbach, Blumenstr. 21, Tel. 34 26 99-0,

Soccer-Park Nufringen
The soccer hall with a retractable roof provides quick help if things get too hot on one of the three playing fields.
›› 71154 Nufringen, Robert-Bosch-Str. 3, Tel. 0 70 32/8 25 16,

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Thursday Night Skating
Every Thursday from the beginning of April until the end of October, people buckle up their skates and roll to the meeting place at the beer garden in the Mittlerer Schlossgarten at 8 pm. Even though the route currently no longer runs along officially closed streets anymore, the TNS crew promises lots of fun in demanding and diverse courses through the city and along the Neckar. Other skating expeditions and events are also on offer.
›› April-October, meeting place: Thur 8 pm beer garden in Mittleren Schlossgarten,

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Degerloch Volkslauf
10 km fun run, every year in July.
›› Hoffeld, Am Wolfsberg 10, Tel. 7 22 73 09,

Feuerbacher Volkslauf
Popular 10 km & 16 km fun run, every year in early May.
›› Feuerbach, Am Sportpark 15, Tel. 85 67 011,

Laufen in Stuttgart
Where to go running? Running routes and meetings can be found at The running calendar is also updated on the run with the dates of regional fun and city runs.

Stuttgarter Zeitung-Lauf

Parkour Stuttgart
The sport of parcour has gained attention worldwide since the starting sequence in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. The goal is to master a route from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Workshops and additional information can be found at Parkour Stuttgart.

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Jump & Fun
„ ... nicht einmal fliegen ist schöner“ is the slogan of the Jump & Fun Factory. And this is precisely what you can do at more than 10 jumping points in the Stuttgart area. 35-60 seconds’ free fall from 4,000 meters.
›› 71263 Weil der Stadt, Schulstr. 12, Tel. 72 34/18 50,

Sky Tandem
If you weigh 90 kg or less and are taller than 1.40 meters, you can try a tandem jump. After detailed instructions for the jumping procedure, you dive from 4,000 meters at a speed of 200 km/h. The parachute usually opens at 1,500 meters, and you can relax during the remaining 8 minutes while enjoying the rare view of the Earth from a bird’s eye view.
›› 70839 Gerlingen Keimenäckerstr. 56, Tel. 0 71 56/43 65 85,

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Sports outfitters

Alpin Sport Bergland
›› Mitte, Rotebühlplatz 20a, Tel. 223 97 50

Decathlon Plochingen
›› Entfernung 26 km, 73207 Plochingen, Filsallee 19

Intersport Breitmeyer
›› Mitte, Calwer Str. 22, Tel. 29 05 02

Larca Sportartikel
›› 73614 Schorndorf, Waiblinger Str. 60, Tel. 07181/
938 06-0,

Sportarena Stuttgart
›› Mitte, König Str 23-25, Tel. 228 50-23

SportScheck Stuttgart
›› Mitte, Kronen Str. 3/Ecke Köngi Str., Tel. 305 84-0

Woick Travel Store
›› Mitte, Schmale Str. 9/Neue Brücke 3
›› 70794 Filderstadt-Bernhausen, Plieninger Str. 21, Tel. 70 96 700
›› Outlet-Center: 72555 Metzingen, Stuttgarter Str. 45/1

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Squash, badminton & tennis

Point Sports Wellness Club
At the Point Sports Club, you can swat balls on 7 modern, well ventilated ASB courts and on 4 badminton courts. And since it’s no fun playing alone, there is also a finder service for fellow players.
›› 70839 Gerlingen, Dieselstr. 2, Tel. 0 71 56/2 20 20,

Sport Insel
Six ASB courts, 2 badminton courts and an ash tennis court are waiting for players. If this is not enough for you, you can also use the 3,000 sq m fitness area.
›› Vaihingen, Heßbrühlstr. 34, Tel. 7 80 33 66,

TV Cannstatt 1846 e.V.
A total of 9 badminton courts as well as two indoor and one outdoor tennis courts can also be booked by nonmembers at this club.
›› Münster, Am Schnarrenberg 10, Tel. 52 08 94 60,

Five badminton and 6 squash courts permit fans of these sports to let off steam every day. Then they can relax in the neighboring steam room.
›› Feuerbach, Triebweg 85, Tel. 8 90 89-0,

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