Language schools in Stuttgart

LexikonStuttgart is the home of people from 170 nations who can converse in 100 different languages.
Migrants form about 40 percent of the population of the Swabian metropolis, the highest proportion among all large cities in Germany.

A short lesson in Swabian

Dialek_schwaebisch© Andy Short - Fotolia.comEvery "Reigschmeckte" (newcomer) should find out for himself whether generosity is really a foreign word for the proverbially stingy Swabians. The Swabian dialect certainly tends toward economy.

Language school check list

300ChecklisteKleinDS6997874© Otnaydur | Dreamstime.comWith a huge selection of language schools in Stuttgart it's not always easy to choose the right one. We give you an essential check list of criteria to make that decision easier.


Overview of language schools