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Museums in Stuttgart

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Galerie Schacher
›› West, Breitscheid Str. 48, Tel. 65 67 70 68,

Kunstbezirk Galerie im Gustav-Siegle-Haus
›› Mitte, Leonhardsplatz 28, Tel. 23 75 10,

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Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg
A visit to the Haus der Geschichte (House of History) is worthwhile if you’re interested in historical events. Over 2,500 sq m, visitors can travel back in time to experience the history of Baden-Württemberg in interesting and exciting permanent and special exhibits. You’ll find not only speaking suitcases and interactively designed maps, but also a library with 25,000 volumes and many films.
›› Mitte, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 16, Tel. 212-39 89,

Hegel-Haus Stuttgart
In the birthplace of the famous German philosopher, visitors from all over the world can examine the impressively displayed documents, pictures and manuscripts from stations in Hegel’s life in Stuttgart and Berlin.
›› Mitte, Eberhardstr. 53, Tel. 2 16 67 33

Kindermuseum Junges Schloss
In the Württemberg state museum’s children’s museum Trixi the owl and Hugo, an age-old castle ghost, entice young, knowledge-hungry visitors and show them what a great and thrilling experience a visit to a museum can be, for example by exploring the chamber of wonders and its hidden secrets, which help visitors get to grips with Württemberg’s ancient history through lots of interactive presentations. Another example is the adventure areas where there’s even the chance to watch mammoths or ride a horse like a Medieval knight.
›› Mitte, Schillerplatz 6, Tel. 8 95 35 111,

Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg
The collection of the Stuttgart state capital archive stretches from the 8th century to the present. With more than 100,000 documents, files, pictures, photos, maps and plans, the “tracks of human desires, undertakings and suffering” are explored in a fascinating permanent exhibition.
›› Mitte, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 4, Tel. 2 12-43 35,

Landesmuseum Württemberg
This museum, which was founded in 1862 by King Wilhelm I, provides a memorable overview of the history of Baden-Württemberg from the Stone Age to the present. You can admire, among other things, the Württembergian crown jewels, the provincial Roman collection or the exhibition of glass from four millennia.
›› Mitte, Schillerplatz 6, Tel. 8 95 35 111,

In this state museum for ethnography, you can go on a voyage and discover the peoples of the world. In thematic collections, the valuable specimens are brought to life once more. The collection, spread over three floors, covers not only South and North America, Africa and Asia, but also more remote areas such as Oceania.
›› Mitte, Hegelplatz 1, Tel. 20 22-456,

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Art & culture

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
Most of the museum is not in the distinctive glass cube, but rather in an underground tunnel which once was part of a streetcar and road traffic tunnel system. In addition to three to four special exhibitions per year, the museum has an impressive collection of works by Swabian expressionists and southwest German classicists, as well as a special highlight: the most important collection of painter Otto Dix in the world.
›› Mitte, Kleiner Schlossplatz 1, Tel. 2 16 21 88,

Museum Ritter
Quadratic, practical, arty! The Ritter Museum shows the collection of Marli Hoppe-Ritter, the co-owner of the Ritter Sport chocolate company. In the modern museum building by architect Max Dudler, you can marvel at changing exhibitions of geometric/abstract art. In about 700 works, geometric forms are shown in all their artistic expression.
›› 71111 Waldenbruch, Alfred-Ritter-Str. 27, Tel. 0 71 57/53 51 10,

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
This is one of Europe’s most significant museums. It contains an imposing collection that ranges from Medieval art to the Old Masters and Picasso to Beuys. Located in different areas until now, the collection was rearranged in 2009 after extensive renovations; today it is located in the buildings of the Alte and Neue Staats­galerie (Old and New State Galleries).
›› Mitte, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 30-32, Tel. 47 04 00,

Weissenhofmuseum im Haus Le Corbusier
The duplex house in the Weissenhofsiedlung community, designed in 1927 by the architect Le Corbusier, currently houses a small architecture museum. In an easy-to-understand exhibition, the visitor goes on a tour of discovery covering the creation and history of the Weissenhofsiedlung; taken together, this community blazes the path towards the Modern.
›› Nord, Rathenau 1-3,

Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
Contemporary art within historic architecture – the playfully designed art building on Schlossplatz square provides space for changing international exhibitions, many of which have a political context.
›› Mitte, Schlossplatz 2, Tel. 22 33 70,

Musikinstrumentensammlung im Fruchtkasten
The historic Fruchtkasten on Schillerplatz square displays the music instrument collection of the Württemberg state museum. The emphasis is on keyboard instruments from the 16th century to today, but classic orchestral instruments from the 19th century also belong to the exhibition’s repertoire.
›› Mitte, Schillerplatz 1, Tel. 8 95 35 111,

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Nature & technology

Mercedes-Benz Museum
What looks like a futuristic UFO from the outside is one of the architectural icons of the 21st century. It contains the largest company museum in the world as well as the history of the automobile in a nutshell. Over nine floors, you can wander past vintage cars such as the legendary Silver Arrow or the Popemobile of Pope John Paul II.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Mercedesstr. 100, Tel. 1 73 00 00,

Porsche Museum
In addition to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart has another significant automobile museum on offer – significant not only because of what is on display. The architecturally impressive Porsche Museum provides much more than merely a functional shell for the sports car collection. Inside, you can find not only the exhibition, but also a demonstration workshop, a shop, a café and a restaurant.
›› Zuffenhausen, Porscheplatz 1, Tel. 0 18 05/35 69 11,

Is this a place where the many cute squiggly-tailed animals would have felt at home earlier? Hardly, because the world’s first pig museum has opened in a former slaughterhouse of all places. Visitors at least will be happy here and will learn a thing or two from the witty, whimsical, cuddly and even scientific exhibitions that focus on everything to do with pigs. Children love the giant pyramid made from soft toy pigs, which is in a room full of mirrors, creating squeals of piggy pleasure.
›› Ost, Schlachthofstr. 2a, Tel. 66 41 96 00,

Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde – am Löwentor
Baden-Württemberg’s “original inhabitants” await looks of amazement here: a 3,500 sq m exhibition area full of fossil finds and faithful copies, including such prominent specimens as the 200-million-year-old Gressylosaurus or the Steinheim Skull, which is one of the best-preserved prehistoric finds in Germany.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Rosenstein 1,

Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde – Schloss Rosenstein
Awesome: More than 3.5 million specimens tell the fascinating history of the evolution of life, providing information about the general biology of species. There are special exhibitions that cover some of the museum’s themes in a deeper way.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Rosenstein 1, Tel. 89 36-0,

Straßenbahnwelt Stuttgart
Stuttgart has a really great attraction for public transport enthusiasts – a historic tram museum called Straßenbahnwelt. Streetcar buffs can take a dream journey back in time in the 2,000 sq m museum, which has many original exhibits from Stuttgart’s tram network and also offers a ride through the city in a vintage tram.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Veielbrunnenweg 3, Tel. 78 85-77 70,

Weinbaumuseum Alte Kelter
Uhlbach’s wine cultivation museum is located in the Alte Kelter (old wine press). You can trace the history of wine growing in and around Stuttgart in this 850 sq m museum and see more than 2,000 years of the cultural landscape on the Neckar. And if this is too dry for you, why not try out the wines of Stuttgart growers in the museum’s own wine bar – from B as in Bad Cannstatt to Z as in Zaiss.
›› Uhlbach, Alte Kelter, Uhlbacher Platz 4, Tel. 2 22 82 24, geöffnet March-November Sat 2 pm-6 pm Sun & holidays 10 am-6 pm,

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