Stuttgart is a well-known wine-growing area, which may be hard to believe unless you see it with your own eyes. 

To prove it, the regional capital has more than its fair share of wine taverns that are typical for wine-growing areas in the state of Württemberg.
In Cannstatt, the Boskoop welcomes wine lovers while in Mühlhausen, Fritz Raith often greets guests in traditional fashion with his straw broom at the Stallbesen.
Swabians are famous for complaining, but over a glass of Trollinger or Riesling, they soon stop grumbling and enjoy the day.

There’s also nothing to whine about in the many restaurants between the Filder and the Neckar.
They offer good, wholesome Swabian cuisine including popular local dishes such as roast meats, egg noodles known as spaetzle and Maultaschen (filled pasta cases served in soup) as well as modern international dishes.

The fact that top-rated chefs – such as those in the Zirbelstube, the Olivo and the Wielandshöhe – are at home in this city is impressive proof that Swabians know how to enjoy good food and that, when it comes to filling their stomachs, Swabians are not as stingy as the rest of Germany claims.
If that were true, why do so many people here drive Mercedes cars, or Daimlers, as the Swabians call them?

Stuttgart has yet more to offer in the culinary sector.
With its high proportion of foreign residents, the city is not just a good example of how well integration can work, it’s also a good place to become familiar with international cuisine.

You can sample dishes from around the world in the Swabian metropolis.
Choose from among the many Italian restaurants, cozy Greek places on the corner, Turkish eateries in Stuttgart’s west or an African restaurant. In the Due Stanze e Cucina, diners learn that Italian cuisine has more to offer than pasta and pizza.
In the Ambiente Africa restaurant, grilled python and crocodile steak can be found on the menu.

All that remains to say is: Enjoy your meal!

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