Berlin’s restaurants: a question of good taste

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Whether you crave Japanese Yakitori, pasta al tartufo or just the famous Berliner Currywurst (sausage with curry sauce) – Berlin has as many restaurants as it has ethnic groups. Gourmets looking for lots of delicious dishes to delight their palates will find their favorite places among the 6,000 or so restaurants in the city. The cost of eating out is just as impressive as the number and diversity of the city’s food establishments. In Berlin, prices are in fact lower than in any other German city.

German & Austrian restaurants in Berlin

B_Szene_A_alteszollhaus_108_0853Altes Zollhaus

Theme dinners in Berlin



European cuisine in Berlin



All in one: Berlin´s international restaurants

B_Szene_A_Sage_9771Sage Restaurant

Asian restaurants in Berlin


I_Ke_Su_9737_600x400I Ke Su

African, Indian & Middel Eastern delicacies in Berlin


Vegetarian, kosher & seafood restaurants in Berlin

Lucky_Leek_Interieur_window_600x400Lucky Leek

The best steaks & biggest burgers of Berlin


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