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No parking signs & service in Berlin

No parking signs

A + S Technigro Arbeitsschutz und Sicherheit GmbH
No-park­ing signs, including permit and deployment.
›› 15370 Berlin-Petershagen, Ilsen Str. 44, Tel. 03 34 39/ 85 20,

Verkehrszeichenservice Berlin
pecialized in no-park­ing signs and road blocks. Deploy­ment and authorization for.
›› Reinickendorf, Breitenbach Str. 24-29, Tel. 34 70 27 07, 

VZA Bialas
Road sign deployment, including authorization for, construction site security.
›› Rudow, Kanal Str. 43-45, Tel. 21 47 56 50,


Forwarding instructions
Don’t forget to leave forwarding instructions with the postal service so mail is forwarded to your new address. This can be done either at your local post office or on the Internet. To have your mail forwarded costs € 15.20 for six months and € 25.20 for 12 months.

The Deutsche Telekom also offers help on the Internet. Among other things, you can provide for your new telephone number to be announced to anyone calling your former number for 12 weeks.

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