Language schools in Berlin

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About 14% of Berlin’s 3.4 million residents are non German and the city has a wide choice of language schools to help newcomers learn German – and many other languages. They can also help non native English speakers improve their Business English.

German as a foreign language

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There are two ways to learn German as a foreign language according to scientific studies: the unsupervised method – picking it up on the street – or the structured approach in classes. A mixture of both is probably best.

A quick lesson in Berlinish

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Berlinish isn´t officially a dialect, but rather more a mix of different dialects. It´s inseperable from the Berlin-Brandenburg region but also shows that the metropolis has been a city of immigrants for centuries.

Language school check list

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With a huge selection of language schools in Berlin it's not always easy to choose the right one. We give you an essential check list of criteria to make that decision easier.


Overview of language schools in Berlin

This language school in Schöneberg offers high quality German courses for different levels and needs, either in small groups or as individual lessons. There are also learning vacations and summer camps in Switzerland, France and England. The school is accredited through various national and international quality certificates.
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