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Electricity, gas and water: important providers in Berlin



Electricity, gas and water are mainly supplied to Berlin homes by three different utility companies – Vattenfall, Berliner Gaswerke AG (GASAG) and Berliner Wasserbetriebe. In most Berlin homes desk lamps or toasters are powered by electricity from Vattenfall but more and more Berliners are now opting for green electricity providers.

Companies that supply 100 percent environmentally friendly power include Green Planet Energy, LichtBlick, Germany’s largest independent power supplier, and Naturstrom. If your apartment is heated by natural gas instead of community heating, you probably are a customer of the GASAG. Their first gas lanterns began illuminating Berlin city center in 1847. Today, GASAG and its subsidiaries in the Berlin-Brandenburg region supply more than 800,000 customers with natural gas, biomethane and green electricity.

The Berliner Wasser­be­triebe supplies 3.8 million people in and around Berlin with potable water and also takes care of waste water. Currently, one liter of drinking water costs about 0.5 cents, an unbeatable price compared to water from the supermarket..

Consumer portal Berlin

This independent consumer portal offers comprehensive price information up to date and without charge. You can conveniently and easily check out the best regional offers for electricity and gas as well as telephone and broadband services and save money.

Free customer service:
›› Electricity & gas, Tel. 0800 8080890
›› Telecommunication, Tel. 0800 2892892
››  Hotline: 0800 289289608,

Energy provider for Berlin

E Wie Einfach Strom & Gas 
Germany’s first nationwide electricity and gas supplier.
›› 50677 Köln, Salierring 47-53, Tel. 0800 4411800,

Nationwide discount energy provider.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Flughafenstr. 20, Tel. 0800 ­6060110,

This long-established company supplies Berlin with natural gas and electricity; sustainable and reasonably priced.
›› Schöneberg, Euref-Campus 23-24, Tel. 030 70 72 00 00-0,

Green Planet Energy    
Environmentally friendly electricity and gas.
›› 20457 Hamburg, Hongkongstr. 10, Hotline: 040/808 11 06 00,

Germany’s largest independent supplier of environmentally friendly gas and electricity.
›› 20359 Hamburg, Zirkusweg 6, Tel. 040 80803030,

Green electricity and biomethane.
›› Mitte, Kronenstr. 1, Tel. 030 683281930,

Biggest power company.
›› Vattenfall, Mitte, Chausseestr. 23, Tel. 030 657988000
›› 24h-Störungsmanagement Strom: Tel. 0800 2112525  
›› Customer center: Reinickendorf, Markstr. 36, Mo-Fr 9.00-18.00

Yello Strom  
›› 50679 Köln, Siegburger Str. 229, Tel. 0221 27117777,


Berliner Wasserbetriebe
›› Mitte, Neue Jüden Str. 1, Tel. 0800 2927587,


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