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Chinese/Asian Fusion

Homemade dim sum, noodle soups, satay kebab or grilled breast of duck – the chefs in this restaurant know what they’re doing. This makes it easy to follow the request implied in the restaurant’s name Chi Chi Kan (which means “give it a try”) and sample different dishes from the menu.
›› Schöneberg, Goltz Str. 52, Tel. 54 71 66 51

A popular restaurant chain serving fusion cuisine. It has already caught on in Frankfurt is now set to conquer Berlin. All kinds of Asian delicacies with influences from Vietnam, Thailand or India provide exciting new tastes for the palate.
›› Mitte, Potsdamer Platz 5, Tel. 23 00 54 62

Kang Feng
Popular Chinese restaurant that forgoes kitsch decoration for light, simple decorations. Ideal for enjoying fresh Chinese cuisine.
›› Tempelhof, Manfred-von-Richthofen Str. 6, Tel. 77 00 85 18

Trendy Asian fast food. Simple atmosphere with large Manga comics on the walls. The menu includes typical dishes from Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. The name “Nu” is derived from the word “noodle.” All kinds of Asian noodles are served here from Hu Fun (ribbon noodles) and Wun Sen (clear vermicelli) to Ramen and Soba noodles (wheat noodles).
›› Charlottenburg, Schlüter Str. 55, Tel. 88 70 98 11

Pan Asia
Popular trendy restaurant in a puristic design, with an open kitchen, a lounge area and a nice outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the first-rate pan-Asian food, including different sushi creations, far away from the hustle and bustle of Mitte on a divan in a reclining position.
›› Mitte, Rosenthaler Str. 38, Tel. 27 90 88 11

Tian Fu
Tian Fu has been an insiders’ tip for years and now ranks among Berlin’s top Chinese restaurants.
›› Wilmersdorf, Uhland Str. 142, Tel. 8 61 30 15
›› Wilmersdorf, Berliner Str. 15

New pan-Asian cuisine, in part influenced by European cooking, is served here in a bewitching feel-good ambience. Late at night, you can ring out the evening with a cocktail on one of the comfortable opium beds.
›› Charlottenburg, Grolman Str. 21, Tel. 37 59 13 39





mall, cozy, neighborhood restaurant with authentic Indonesian food.
›› Schöneberg, Großgörschen Str. 2, Tel. 7 81 15 88





Classy Japanese restaurant, way above the average sushi bar.
›› Charlotten­burg, Tauentzien Str. 9-12 (im Europe Center)
Tel. 2 61 80 90, www.daitokai.de

Whether you choose the “mystery menu” or the sushi roll traditionally formed in a small wooden box, here you can enjoy perfectly prepared sushi in many different ways. You can also learn how to make sushi rolls during courses that take place every two months.
›› Mitte, Neue Schönhauser Str. 12, Tel. 27 58 25 49

I Ke Su
Germany’s first Kai-Sushi bar with a sea water aquarium. Delicious sushi creations served on little bamboo boats.
›› Wilmersdorf, Uhland Str. 157, Tel. 88 91 09 39

Mr. Hai Kabuki
Extraordinary specials of the house and sushi classics.
›› Charlottenburg, Olivaer Platz 10, Tel. 88 62 81 36

The minimalist interior impresses as you walk in. There’s also a courtyard lounge and exquisite classic Japanese cuisine.
›› Charlottenburg, Kant Str. 30, Tel. 31 50 78 15
›› Mitte, Gips Str. 3, Tel. 28 38 66 22
›› www.kuchi.de

Wonderful, rare Kushiage dishes in many variations, highly recommended.
›› Charlottenburg, Bleibtreu Str. 6, Tel. 31 80 98 97

Northern German food meets Japanese food, creating an excellent symbiosis at this little restaurant.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Oderberger Str. 23, Tel. 49 85 31 30

Puristic, authentic, traditional Japanese cooking, leaving room for original flavors and subtle nuances. Plus an enormous selection of Sake.
›› Prenz­lauer Berg, Lychener Str. 50, Tel. 44 71 77 21

Sushi Berlin
Right next to the Deutsche Oper, excellent Japanese dishes pass by on a conveyor belt. Grab your favorite quickly!
›› Charlottenburg, Bismarck Str. 100, Tel. 31 50 95 61

Expensive Japanese restaurant that pays great respect to traditional cuisine from Japan. Also highly recommended for quick sushi lunch at midday.
›› Charlottenburg, Marburger Str. 2, Tel. 21 91 54 15

Traditional Japanese restaurant, particularly known for its fish specialities from the Mediterranean, excellent quality, and fine service.
›› Steglitz, Feuerbach Str. 24, Tel. 7 92 23 73





Kimchi Princess
Customers embark on a culinary journey to Korea at this restaurant. The journey begins with an Anju (starter) and continues with one of the many delicious Korean main courses, which are grilled at your table. The culinary trip is concluded with Korean honey tea or melon ice cream popsicle.
›› Kreuzberg, Skalitzer Str. 36, Tel. 0163/ 4 58 02 03





Cha Chà
Health and enjoyment are here tied together inseparably, since cha chà means “all will be well.” Soups, curries, salads as well as vegetarian and meat dishes are always freshly prepared, and, in combination with authentic spices, a festival for body and spirit. Asian and Western influences are also visible in its décor.
›› Mitte, Friedrich Str. 63, Tel. 20 62 59 60

Chai Yo
Inconspicuous location at Lausitzer Platz, but this restaurant serves sophisticated as well as down-to-earth food, Mom’s the chef and she always adds lots of love and care. Italian coffee, wine from Spain and Austria, various beers.
›› Kreuzberg, Skalitzer Str. 95a, Tel. 69 51 52 60

Good Time
Here you can enjoy first-class imaginative Thai food, sitting in comfortable bast fiber armchairs. The shrimp and chicken dishes are particularly tasty.
›› Mitte, Chaussee Str. 1, Tel. 28 04 60 15
›› Mitte, Hausvogteiplatz 11, Tel. 20 07 48 70
›› Zehlendorf, Teltower Damm 46, Tel. 84 59 18 52
›› www.goodtime-berlin.de

Long-established Thai restaurant, rightly packed most of the time. The menu is dominated by classics, such as red or green curry.
›› Mitte, Oranienburger Str. 69, Tel. 2 83 27 97

Kien Du
Specialties from Thailand’s north made with loving care and Thai beer. A special offering are the lovingly filled picnic baskets that can be ordered for vegetarians or meat-eaters.
›› Charlottenburg, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 89, Tel. 3 41 14 47
Picknickkorb-Hotline: 0163/3 82 75 14, www.kien-du.de

Mao Thai
Sophisticated, classy Thai restaurant on two floors, inviting you to try exotic delicacies such as red and green curry or one of the many fish dishes. A place for connoisseurs.
›› Prenz­lauer Berg, Wörther Str. 30, Tel. 4 41 92 61

Moon Thai
Probably one of Berlin’s best Thai restaurants. Comfortable wooden interior, soft electronic music, serving classic dishes and house specialties.
›› Charlottenburg, Kant Str. 32, Tel. 31 80 97 43
›› Charlottenburg, Knesebeck Str. 15, Tel. 3 12 90 42
›› www.moonthai-restaurant.com

Tastefully decorated, modern restaurant, always packed. Classic Thai food served fresh, quickly and beautifully adorned at small bistro-style tables.
›› Friedrichshain, Krossener Str. 11, Tel. 29 77 12 31

Van Long
Unfussy atmosphere, first-class kitchen, serving Thai food, as well as some Vietnam­ese dishes. Extremely good selection of wines for a Thai restaurant. Always worth a visit.
›› Mitte, Reinhardt Str. 8, Tel. 2 82 35 70





Buddha Haus
This restaurant was furnished according to feng shui rules. Great selection of vegetarian dishes, cozy courtyard.
›› Schöneberg, Akazien Str. 27, Tel. 70 50 99 59

Tibet Haus
Dignified ambience, great selection of Tibetan and Nepalese food, not only for vegetarians.
›› Kreuzberg, Zossener Str. 19, Tel. 6 94 89 48





Chén Chè
This eatery was opened in the heart of Berlin after the example of an authentic Vietnamese tea house. Now diners have the opportunity to allow exotic dishes such as coconut sticky rice, rice noodle salad and the enchanting aromas of coriander, lemon grass and ginger to melt in the mouth. And after enjoying a ginger tea combined with a delicious dessert, you’ll find that you’ve discovered your favorite restaurant.
›› Mitte, Rosenthaler Str. 13, Tel. 28 88 42 82

An insiders’ tip for fans of original Vietnamese cooking. Small, cozy and, importantly, off the beaten track of central Berlin.
›› Mitte, Mulack Str. 29, Tel. 28 04 05 58

Monsieur Vuong
Vietnamese fine food is served quickly and in large portions, the dishes are sumptuous and beautifully adorned. Cozy, elegant interior. A choice of daily special dishes and soups.
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 46, Tel. 99 29 69 24

Mr. Hai & Friends / Mr. Hai Life
Modern Vietnamese food, prepared in view of customers, completely free of flavor enhancers, exclusive ambience. Reservations recommended.
›› Charlottenburg, Savignyplatz 1, Tel. 37 59 12 00
›› Steglitz, Albrecht Str. 131, Tel. 34 62 62 26
›› www.mrhai.de

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