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African, Indian & Middel Eastern delicacies in Berlin



Quality-conscious, traditional restaurant, serving Eritrean finger-food on large platters. Occasional cultural events.
›› Schöneberg, Grunewald Str. 82, Tel. 7 82 72 82

Moroccan and Egyptian specialties at moder­ate prices are served fresh at this impressively decorated restaurant. You must absolutely try the authentic Tajine dishes. Insider tip!
›› Kreuzberg, Lausitzer Platz 6, Tel. 6 12 63 30

Bejte Ethiopia
raditional Ethiopian food, made with a lot of care and served in an authentic atmosphere, accompanied by African music. Try the delicious mild chick pea mash or tomato salad with green peppers.
›› Schöneberg, Zieten Str. 8, Tel. 2 62 59 33

Blue Nile
Ethiopian specialties are served on a colorful Mesob woven table and eaten with your fingers instead of knives and forks. Coffee ceremonies on the weekends.
›› Kreuzberg, Tempelhofer Ufer 6, Tel. 25 29 46 55

Couscous with lamb, a Moroccan cake for dessert followed by mint tea or coffee with cardamon – these fine delicacies fit perfectly into the authentic Moroccan ambience in this wonderful restaurant, which has a cozy inner courtyard where you can quickly forget that you are in the middle of trendy Berlin.
›› Mitte, Gips Str. 2, Tel. 27 59 43 61

Traditional Eritrean and other African specialties. On Fridays and Saturdays a genuine coffee ceremony takes place.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Lychener Str. 12, Tel. 48 62 55 95
›› Schöneberg, Goltz Str. 35, Tel. 21 91 21 90

The name says it all – Mesa means nibble and in this tasteful Lebanese café-restaurant you can munch to your heart’s delight on food such as chickpea/sesame purées, spicy falafel or oven-roasted aubergines.
›› Wilmersdorf, Paretzer Str. 3, Tel. 8 22 53 64


Inexpensive, high-quality food and cozy ambience.
›› Kreuzberg, Schlesische Str. 9, Tel. 69 56 66 73

Three well-visited family restaurants. Always packed, probably due to the good deals offered there. The menu has traditional food and drinks.
›› Kreuzberg, Oranien Str. 202-203, Tel. 6 12 55 50
›› Mitte, Oranienburger Str. 45, Tel. 28 88 48 40
›› Schöneberg, Winterfeldt­ Str. 40, Tel. 21 01 46 40

Berlin’s first Indian restaurant, opened in 1967. Authentic Tandoori oven food.
›› Charlottenburg, Bleibtreu Str. 17, Tel. 8 83 62 93

Chandra Kumari
Specialties from Sri Lanka and South India with mostly organic ingredients can be enjoyed here under a painted starry sky.
›› Kreuzberg, Gneisenau Str. 4, Tel. 6 94 12 03

Tender food from the clay oven. Careful: hot and spicy!
›› Schöneberg, Luitpold Str. 26, Tel. 21 91 86 86

Plain restaurant, offering authentic food from various Indian regions.
›› Charlottenburg, Carmer Str. 17, Tel. 3 12 81 57

Original Indian food, ranging from spicy dishes to mild curries.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Kollwitz Str. 37, Tel. 48 49 37-90, -91

For many years, authentic Indian specialties have been served here at moderate prices. Great selection of lamb, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes.
›› Schöneberg, Fugger Str. 21, Tel. 21 00 21 51

A bit hard to find, serving a selection of specialties and common Indian classics of Indian cooking.
›› Charlottenburg, Friedberg Str. 38/Ecke Suarez Str. 39, Tel. 48 48 17 87
›› Oberschöneweide, Slaby Str. 25/Rathenau Str. 26, Tel. 66 63 68 06

Hot and spicy food is served here. Plenty of vegetarian, lamb, fish and poultry dishes. The barbecue specialties, prepared in a traditional Tandoori oven, are particularly recommended.
›› Schöneberg, Feurig Str. 38-39, Tel. 7 81 25 46

Believed to be one of Berlin’s best Indian restaurant.
›› Wilmersdorf, Pariser Str. 56/57, Tel. 88 68 06 48

For everyone who values or would like to get to know southern Indian cooking. Delicious dishes from Sri Lanka and southern Indian specialties are prepared in the Sigiriya. Authentic Indian decor ensures a nice atmosphere.
›› Friedrichshain, Grünberger Str. 66, Tel. 29 04 42 08

Suriya Kanthi
At this restaurant, only organic ingredients are used to make spicy and fruity traditional Sri Lankan dishes. The meat also comes from organic farms.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Knaack Str. 4, Tel. 4 42 53 01

Middle Eastern

Persian and Caucasian specialties served in a stylishly decorated restaurant. The “rollos,” various kinds of samosas, are an interesting special, e.g. rollo with chicken, cheese and pomegranate syrup, tomato sauce or artichokes and the marinated meat dishes from the lava stone grill.
›› Wilmersdorf, Uhland Str. 67, Tel. 8 61 45 57

Fresh and dried fruit, nuts, aromatic herbs and fine spices are the basic ingredients of Persian cooking. Especially popular are the traditional Khoresht stews, and lamb or beef kebabs. To transport guests to Persia not only in terms of food, readings, concerts and slide shows are offered regularly.
›› Moabit, Alt-Moabit 47-49, Tel. 39 74 99 37

This restaurant serves Persian lamb and chicken skewers fresh from the grill. On Fridays and Saturdays, the meals are even nicer when belly dancing is laid on.
›› Wilmersdorf, Damaschke Str. 17, Tel. 2 16 47 47

In the middle of the City-West district you’ll find this glamorous, Oriental oasis with restaurant, shisha lounge, Cocktail bar and club area. Start the evening off right with the Royal culinary journey along the Nile and be seduced laster by the mysterious world of the Orient while enjoying a cocktail. Dinner & Dance with oriental belly dance every Friday and Saturday.
›› Charlottenburg, Knesebeck Str. 48, Tel. 8 87 11 83 35

Anatolian food, served in Oriental atmosphere. You can enjoy the ample servings the authentic way – sitting on the floor.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Raumer Str. 28-29, Tel. 44 73 30 13

Persian res­taurant with oriental lounge. You can smoke a hookah water pipe after your meal.
›› Wilmersdorf, Uhland Str. 142, Tel. 86 39 66 64

The classy and straight-lined design at this restaurant combines with an Oriental atmosphere. The food has Ottoman roots and Turkish specialties such as lamb kebab or veal skewers are served fresh from the grill.
›› Wilmersdrof, Kurfürstendamm 96, Tel. 3 23 40 27


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