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Vegetarian, kosher & seafood restaurants in Berlin

Lucky_Leek_Interieur_window_600x400Lucky Leek


Café V
Café and restaurant with beautiful terrace and international vegetarian and fish dishes. Great pizza.
›› Kreuzberg, Lausitzer Platz 12, Tel. 6 12 45 05

Daily meat- and fish-free buffet, fresh nutritious food, alternating specials of the day.
›› Kreuzberg, Möckern Str. 10-25, Tel. 50 34 40 24
›› Charlottenburg, Mommsen Str. 2, Tel. 8 81 42 41
›› Charlottenburg, Wittenbergplatz 5-6, Tel. 2 18 63 47

Macrobiotic whole foods are the trademark of Natural’Mente. International cuisine, which is only open during the day.
›› Charlottenburg, Schustehrus Str. 26, Tel. 3 41 41 66

egetarians and vegans will find Asian dishes designed to satisfy their hunger.
›› Mitte, Wilhelm Str. 77, Tel. 22 48 88 50

You can put together your own dish, choosing from all kinds of vegetarian delicacies. Enjoyable oasis on Mehringdamm.
›› Kreuzberg, Mehringdamm 47, Tel. 69 81 59 27

Yellow Sunshine
Colorful vegetarian burger bar, serving wholemeal bread with all kinds of soy products, e.g. saitan, temphe, soy meat and plain tofu. Even the french fries are made from organic potatoes.
›› Kreuzberg, Wiener Str. 19, Tel. 69 59 87 20


Friendly restaurant on a quiet corner of the Gräfekiez. Serves vegetarian dishes and fish only. Children’s play area.
›› Kreuzberg, Graefe Str. 83, Tel. 62 73 53 98

La Caleta
Romantic restaurant, serving Spanish fish dishes made with loving care.
›› Charlottenburg, Wieland Str. 26a, Tel. 88 62 74 75

Fischers Fritz
This gourmet restaurant, awarded two Michelin stars, is located in The Regent Berlin at the Gendarmenmarkt. Fish and seafood specialties of the highest quality are served in upscale surroundings.
›› Mitte, Charlotten Str. 49, Tel. 20 33 63 63

Small, pleasant restaurant, known for its excellent fish specialties. Customers can also sample modern or traditional Sicilian dishes or vegetarian cuisine, all of which are prepared with a great deal of love.
›› Kreuzberg, Willibald-Alexis-Str. 27, Tel. 61 62 12 52
›› Charlottenburg, Fasanen Str. 42, Tel. 39 37 15 23

Guy-Restaurant am Gendarmenmarkt
Classy gourmet restaurant with balconies and galleries on four levels, banquet room, cozy wine cellar and impressive courtyard. Mediterranean food such as fillet of beef with scallops and terrine of artichoke and vanilla crème brûlée with peach jelly as a dessert. Vegetarians can also enjoy a multi-course menu.
›› Mitte, Jäger Str. 59-60, Tel. 20 94 26 00

This restaurant is on an anchored sailing ship and has a terrace built on pylons in the water. Two eating rooms and some open-air tables. Many seafood specials that come straight from the oven.
›› Treptow, Bulgarische Str. (am Plänterwald), Tel. 53 21 64 90

This cozy, romantic restaurant is a great place for vegetarians and fish lovers.
›› Mitte, Zionskirch Str. 6, Tel. 4 48 37 19


Le chaim
This unostentatious restaurant is part of the Jewish Cultural Center. Besides simple kosher cuisine from France, Italy, eastern Europe and the East, there is also a huge choice of kosher sushi, which particularly meets the contemporary tastes of younger diners. Also popular are dishes such as sweet and sour chicken with rice and salad and the much-loved Blinis (Russian pancakes) with a meat filling. Wine from Israel is the perfect accompaniment to all the dishes.
›› Wilmersdorf, Münstersche Str. 6, Tel. 21 28 08 42

Take note – if you want to eat in the Jewish Museum’s restaurant, you’ll have to go through a security check at the entrance, just like at an airport. After overcoming that hurdle, diners will find an especially pretty and roomy eating salon serving a notably creative kosher cuisine. The Oriental buffet is especially popular. It’s served every Monday from 6 pm, accompanied by Klezmer music.
›› Kreuzberg, Linden Str. 9-14, Tel. 25 93 97 85


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