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Sports, games and fun

bladenight3Wether it´s football, ice hockey or athletics – Düsseldorf has a lot to offer its sports fans. Every summer, for example, the Tennis Team Championship is held at the Rochusclub in Düsseldorf, where the world´s eight best nations compete against each other in singles and doubles.

And in winter, the state capital offers a special scene on the banks of the Rhine to top cross-country-skiers, who fight for World Cup points every year here, watched by more than 200,000 spectators.

But not only professionals are encouraged in the Rhine metropolis. All the other inhabitants of Düsseldorf are always on the go as well. The city´s excellent recreational facilities leave them hardly any choice.

Düsseldorf´s gym & spa addresses


It started with body building and aerobics in the 70s and 80s. In the meantime fitness has developed into a successful segment of the sports and leisure industry.
According to the German Gym Association (“Deutscher Sportstudioverband”) some 4.2 million people in Germany visit 5,500 gyms on a regular basis. Düsseldorf also has a wide variety of gyms.

Nature & excursion in and around Düsseldorf

IMG_3803Sonnendeck People relocating to Düsseldorf quickly note that they don´t have to leave the city to go on an excursion into nature – it´s no accident that Düsseldorf is known as the city of gardens.
The attractions include the botanical garden with its glass dome that´s visible from a long way away, and Südpark, with its eclectic garden architecture, a park that is among the inhabitants´most popular green spaces.
With three parks in Heerdt, Holthausen and Flehe, there are charming evening or weekend destinations in the middle of the Rhine metropolis, where people seeking relaxation or active pursuits get their money´s worth. While Düsseldorf doesn´t have its own zoo, anyone visiting the Löbbecke Aquazoo won´t miss it at all.

Meeting people

leuteAll new Düsseldorf citizens must register with the authorities, fill in forms and arrange telephone, Internet and electricity connections.
When you’ve mastered these bureaucratic hurdles and things are slowly getting a little calmer, it’s time to get to know your new surroundings and make some new social connections.
To help you do this, Düsseldorf has lots of leisure clubs, language groups and cultural organizations.


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