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New to Düsseldorf - the mini metropolis

Größte Kirmes am Rhein

People who come new to Düsseldorf will discover soon, that the small metropolis beside the Rhine has big things to offer: Düsseldorf is Germany’s highest earning advertising and fashion location as well as a carnival stronghold, a cultural center and a garden city.
From the impressive Königsallee shopping boulevard to the old town, knownas the world’s longest bar, the city on the Rhine has many faces and local people are proud of their home.

K20 reopens with more room for art

For two years, Düsseldorf, which is known as a city of culture, was without one of its most important museums, the K20 (Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts – English: Art of the 20th Century) at Grabbeplatz.
But on July 10 2010, Museum Director Marion Ackermann was able to open to the public once more the fully restored and expanded art collection.

The first nights

Düsseldorf - the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia - is an equally attractive destination for business people, fashion followers, revellers or culture fans.
The city does its best to meet the accomodation needs of these different visitors.
With over 22,800 beds of all categories in almost 230 hotels, Düsseldorf´s array of rooms is richly varied and ranges from youth hostels and cozy, centrally located bed and breakfasts to luxury suites in five-star hotels.


Housing situation in Düsseldorf

Leerer Raum Fotolia 24981779 LIt’s difficult to find a nice and at the same time affordable appartment in Düsseldorf. The state capital has the highest rents in North Rhine-Westphalia at 8 euro per sq m and rents are also among the highest among all German big cities.
In recent years Düsseldorf has become an increasingly popular place to live, which naturally is reflected in rental prices.


Good addresses & rental prices

wohnung2Düsseldorf is not only North Rhine-Westphalia’s most important city from an economic standpoint, it is also an attractive place to live and many more people arrive each year than leave.
So it’s no wonder that rents are among Germany’s highest at an average of 8 euro per sq m and that moving into a brand-new apartment in a good location will set you back 13 euro per sq m. The high level of rents affects all sizes of apartments and the trend is for further rises.

Public transportation

In Düsseldorf and its surrounding area, regional and commuter trains as well as busses, a subway and trams make up the extensive network of public transportation.
As a regional transportation provider, the Rheinbahn makes sure that you´ll quickly reach your destination anywhere and everywhere, in Düsseldorf, in Kreis Mettmann and the city of Meerbusch, be it to work, to school, to important business appointments, even to the many shopping opportunities or the locations for your most varied leisure and tourist excursions.


Please register

pass_klPut your name here, your address there, then sign on the dotted line... If you want to be able to watch TV in your new home, make a phone call, turn on the heating or the lights, you have to fill in lots of forms.
The trip to the Einwohnermeldeamt – Residents Registration Office – should be one of the first things you do.
North Rhine-Westphalian law says you must notify the authorities within a week of moving to a new district.
Anyway you won’t feel like a real Düsseldorf citizen until it says so in your resident’s permit, will you?


The world of consulates in Düsseldorf

flaggenNot only trade fair visitors and tourists come to Düsseldorf – 18 percent of the 585,000 citizens are from abroad.
The cultural influence of foreigners is visible in Little-Tokio at the central station or in the large number of international restaurants and book stores.
Their range of products goes from russian newspapers to japanese comics.


New in Düsseldorf?

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