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Public transportation

Strassenbahn_3324In Düsseldorf and its surrounding area, regional and commuter trains as well as busses, a subway and trams make up the extensive network of public transportation.

As a regional transportation provider, the Rheinbahn makes sure that you´ll quickly reach your destination anywhere and everywhere, in Düsseldorf, in Kreis Mettmann and the city of Meerbusch, be it to work, to school, to important business appointments, even to the many shopping opportunities or the locations for your most varied leisure and tourist excursions.
About 720,000 travelers take advantage of the Rheinbahn´s services on a daily basis. That makes it one of the largest transportation companies in Germany.

The Rheinbahn is a member of the VRR, the Rhine-Ruhr transportation alliance, which has a uniform price and ticket structure.
So you need just one ticket in the required rate category for your trip.
The region is divided into 58 rate districts, which translates to five separate price categories (short distance, A, B, C, and D). Trips within a city are always in price category A. So in Düsseldorf it costs 1.30 euro for a short-distance trip (up to 3 stations), and you pay 2.30 euro for a single trip.

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Individualized ticket purchases

The Rheinbahn keeps finding new alternatives for its customers to buy tickets. For expamle, there is OnlineTicket, the individualized ticket machine for your home.
You select the ticket you desire at and just pay with your credit card or Giropay, or by automatic bank debit.

You can relax and have your ticket delivered to your home or print it out yourself. The tickets are personally issued and valid with official photo identification.
The Rheinbahn also offers the HandyTicket, the ticket machine for on the move. You order your ticket with your mobile phone, easily, quickly and without a cash transaction.

Düsseldorf Airport

Flugzeug_landingAir traffic in the Rhine-Ruhr region is concentrated at the Düsseldorf International Airport.
77 separate airlines (above all Air Berlin and Lufthansa) fly to 180 destinations in 50 countries worldwide.
Not only does it offer a dense European network, but the airport is gaining in importance as a hub for international connections as well, especially to North America and Asia.

With 17.8 millionen passengers a year (2009), Düsseldorf has the third-highest passenger revenue in Germany.


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