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Apartement hotels in Düsseldorf

duesseldorf_hotel-appartement-lindner-airport160Lindner Hotels & Resorts

Burns Apartments
From 2400 euros per month
›› Stadtmitte, Bahn Str. 76, Tel. 7 79 29 10

Central Apartment Düsseldorf
From 1797 euros per month
You can enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel while feeling at home in these two, centrally located apartment hotels. In the rooms in both buildings at Cantador- and Wallstraße you have your own telephone, Internet, comfortable bathrooms and even American and Japanese television, among other things. Both buildings have washing machines and dryers inside the house.
›› Pempelfort, Schinkelstr. 36a, Tel. 90 63 63-0,

City Apartment Hotel
From 1530 euros per month
Lively city hotel right in the center, so it’s especially suitable for visitors who want to explore the city on foot. All the apartments are equipped with telephones, cable TV and WiFi.
›› Stadtmitte, Klosterstr. 53, Tel. 93 60 20,

From 1050 euros per month
These apartments are distinguished by their calm atmosphere, which can be attributed partly to the building’s location in the middle of a pretty residential area and partly to the fact that only apartments are rented out here, so it doesn’t have the constant comings and goings of a hotel. All the apartments have Internet, a DVD player and a separate, fully equipped kitchen. On request, cellar storage space can also be rented.
›› Düsseltal, Graf-Recke-Str. 95, Tel. 2 90 06 16,

Komfort Hotel garni acora Hotel und Wohnen
From 1140 euros per month
With 48 single and double rooms, this hotel has one of Düsseldorf’s largest number of apartment-rooms. Its good transport connections mean that it’s worth recommending for visitors to Cologne’s trade fair grounds.
›› Hassels, In der Donk 6, Tel. 99 87-0,

Lindner Hotels & Resorts
From 1190 euros per month
This well-known hotel group has three apartment hotels in the state capital, one right next to the airport, another in the green Golzheim district and one in Meerbusch, just outside Düsseldorf’s city walls. The rooms are divided into different categories and sizes and are carefully and tastefully decorated. All have a kitchenette, telephones, Internet access and a large work space.
›› Unterrath, Unterrather Str. 108
›› Büderich, Moerser Str. 127
›› Golzheim, Felix-Klein-Str. 1
›› Tel. 95 16-566,

my home partners
From 2370 euros per month
A true oasis right next to the banking quarter. The comfortably furnished two-room apartments are in a quiet part of the old town within sight of a pretty, inner courtyard filled with greenery and plants. The apartments have pantry/kitchens, their own doorbells and telephones. Good service is a priority. The use of the sauna and fitness equipment is free and on request daily grocery deliveries can be arranged for guests. Business travellers can also make use of the reception lounge and fully equipped conference room.
›› Carlstadt, Hohe Str. 37-41, Tel. 86 22 11 00,

Villa Viktoria
From 2670 euros per month
›› Derendorf, Blumenthal Str. 12, Tel. 46 90 00,

From 1350 euros per month
Independently run apartments with two locations in Düsseldorf’s south. Modernly furnished with much attention to detail, all apartments have a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, TV and Internet access. Most apartments also have a large terrace which can be equipped with a barbecue grill on request. Free underground parking is also available.
›› Wersten, Kölner Land Str. 119
›› Bilk, Oertel Str. 18, Tel. 0 152/29 00 67 87


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