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Academic and professional further education at the Institute for International Communication

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The Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V. (Institute for International Communication) is a non-profit-making institute that was founded in 1989 as a spin-off from the University of Düsseldorf. The IIK has locations in Düsseldorf and Berlin, and cooperates with numerous companies and universities in Germany and internationally. It is one of Germany's most successful university-connected further education institutes for foreign language training.


Educational addresses Düsseldorf

bildung_biliothek_dt_1362266After you´ve moved to Düsseldorf and adapted to your new geographical environment, the next step is to broaden your mind.
Düsseldorf´s biggest provider of further education is the Volkshochschule, the state-run community education service.
It was founded in 1919 and with 5,000 courses or events every year, it fills every education gap.
The ASG Bildungsforum also offers a wide program of courses at 150 teaching centers in the city.
If you would like to get an exact overview of the educational offerings in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, check out the city education departments "Bildungskompass" data bank.


Universities in Düsseldorf

studenten_gruppeDüsseldorf offers state-run universities as well as private colleges.
The Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, for example is one of the region´s biggest universities of applied sciences with about 7,000 students and a range of 22 interdisciplinary courses in architecture, design, media studies, electrical engineering, mechanical and process engineering, social and cultural studies as well as economics.
The private FOM - Fachhochschule für Oekonomie und Management belongs to Germany´s leading economics academy with about  15,000 students on 19 campuses, evening and weekend lectures for employed people and apprentices.
Bachelor and Master´s courses of study in international management, business administration, economy, IS and economic law.

Temping Düsseldorf

jobsuche2Working for a temp agency can be a useful alternative if you need to find a job quickly or if you don´t want to settle down in a permanent position.
Temporary job agencies link companies who need workers with companies that have a short-term labour shortage.
You can earn enough money to live for a while working for a temp agency and also gain experience and learn new skills - thus boost-ing your chances on the job market. Temp agencies are required by law to offer the same working conditions as other employers.


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