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Educational addresses in Düsseldorf


ASG Bildungsforum
The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialpädagogik und Gesellschaftsbildung (ASG) is one of North Rhine-Westphalia’s largest, state-accredited, non-profit further education institutions. It is also the education center for the Catholic deanery of Düsseldorf. It has 3 000 events throughout the year and courses range from Catholic adult and family education to career education and general courses in subjects such as sport, languages, cookery and computers.
›› Flingern-Nord, Gerresheimer Str. 90, Tel. 1 74 00,

efa - Evangelisches Familienbildungswerk Düsseldorf

Protestant further education institution that offers a wide variety of courses for families from pre-natal preparation to parent and child groups and child-rearing issues. It also has lots of further education courses in career development, cookery, health and culture.
›› Stadtmitte, Hohenzollernstr. 24, Tel. 6 00 28 20,

Volkshochschule Düsseldorf
Public community education service and Düsseldorf’s largest provider of further education with 5,000 state-accredited courses a year. Wide program for young and old from languages to culture and health to high school leaving certificates.
›› Oberblik, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 1, Tel. 8 99 41 50,

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Counseling centers

Bildungsberatung Düsseldorf
Free support to plan an individual education path in schools, colleges, as well as general and career further education. The Internet Bildungskompass data bank offers the chance to search for suitable education offerings in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.
›› Oberbilk, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 3 (8. Etage), Tel. 8 99 34 99,

DAA Düsseldorf
The Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie (DAA) offers individual advice for further educational development, for example changing career path, gaining advanced qualifications or returning to work after a parenting break.
›› Lierenfeld, Lierenfelder Str. 51, Tel. 1 79 28 00,

Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf
The information center in the training center of the Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts) offers advice on the training paths and courses available to learn a manual trade, including the creation of a personal education synopsis.
›› Bilk, Georg-Schulhoff-Platz 1, Tel. 87 95-423,

The further education center of Düsseldorf’s Industrie- und Handelskammer (Chamber of Trade and Commerce) gears its offerings toward small and mid-sized companies and their workers. Further education advice, as well lots of training workshops in the areas of business and setting up your own company.
›› Stadtmitte, Karlstr. 88, Tel. 1 72 43 33,

Profiling Institut
Personal advisers, career advisers and psychologists offer professional advice on study courses, employment and career development.
›› Hubbelrath, Mydlinghoven 4, Tel. 92 52 94 91,

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Business & EDV

Düsseldorf Business School
People seeking further education who have a college degree can deepen their business and management skills to international standards by doing an MBA course while still working. Courses focus on general management or health care management. The one- or two-year, university-standard further education courses lead to a state-accredited Master’s degree. The courses teach work-related skills and develop the leadership qualities that are needed by managers in business, politics and administration. The courses are based on the most up-to-date teaching and learning methods.
›› Benrath, Urdenbacher Allee 6, Tel. 7 11 92 22,

Düsseldorfer Akademie für Marketing-Kommunikation e.V.
This academy offers well-grounded further education to prepare for work or for those in work in the area of marketing/communication. International and practical focus.
›› Friedrichstadt, Graf-Adolf-Str. 61, Tel. 37 39 00,

Computer workshops and training for beginners and advanced learners. Focus on Microsoft programs, also company workshops.
›› Bilk, Fleher Str. 75, Tel. 3 01 34 84,

Experienced lecturers quickly and effectively teach the whole range of work-related training from modern IT and communications to sales and managerial skills in numerous seminars, workshops and individual coaching classes.
›› Mörsenbroich, Opitzstr. 10, Tel. 0 22 63/90 23 54 0,

Comprehensive further education, offering instruction, courses, seminars and training in the areas of IT training, individual training and personal advice/coaching as well as public seminars and internal company courses.
›› Unterbilk, Friedrichstr. 7, Tel. 1 64 65 12,

Logistik Akademie Nordrhein-Westfalen (LAN)

Further education in the field of freight forwarding and logistics in day workshops and courses for those in work. Exam preparation,inhouse training, courses leading to IHK certificates and LAN certificate.
›› Flingern-Süd, Engelbertstr. 11, Tel. 7 38 58 50,

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

One of the world’s biggest and most well known IT and business studies training companies with user and customer orientated and practical training.
›› Hafen, Holzstr. 2, Tel. 3 02 67 60, Freecall 0 800/2 58 25 80,

SWT Stiftung
The SWT (Service Weiterbildung Transfer) charity offers further education specializing in the areas of office, media and IT careers, manual trades and services as well as the necessary qualifications for general workers.
›› Ludenberg, Ludenberger Str. 56, Tel. 65 80 80,

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At this music school or in decentralized centers around the city districts, children, young people and adults are taught music as their main subject on many instruments from the accordion to the violin. Also offers the possibility to play in one of the school’s many music ensembles, choirs or orchestras. ›› Pempelfort, Prinz-Georg-Str. 80, Tel. 8 92 74 33,

Evangelische Medienakademie
Practical continuing education in the areas of media, communication, journalism in workshops, individual courses or coaching.
›› Stockum, Kaiserswerther Str. 450, Tel. 43 69 01 50,

Fashion Design Institut e.V.
Expensive, 3 year training to be a fashion designer. The lecturers are from the industry or have their own labels. High amount of practical training through internships, trade fairs, fashion shows and exhibitions.
›› Friedrichstadt, Harkortstr. 15, Tel. 13 72 72 40,

Georg von Holtzbrinck-Schule für Wirtschaftsjournalisten
Trainees from this college for business journalists complete six months of vocational training in the editorial offices of the German business publications Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche, a three-month out-of-college internship in print and Web journalism, as well as a three-month in-depth period in the area chosen by the trainee. Trainees earn an allowance and don’t pay tuition fees.
›› Carlstadt, Kasernenstr. 67, Tel. 8 87 15 14,

Mal- und Kunstschule Düsseldorf
People interested in painting and drawing will gain solid instruction in basic painting techniques here even without previous knowledge and will soon be able to paint their own works on canvas.
›› Unterbilk, Elisabethstr. 80, Tel. 68 91 00,

Private Modeschule Düsseldorf
Three-year course to become a highly qualified fashion designer in a very modern technical setting with a wide range of education courses, which teach basic manual skills such as cutting and fabrication as well as general education such as the key languages of fashion, Italian and English.
›› Wersten, Werstener Dorfstr. 21, Tel. 9 38 56 46,

Schauspielschule Nepumuk

Budding actors between 6 and 17 learn improvisation, speech delivery, body awareness and how to act from screenplays. The students perform a theatrical work at the end of the year at the Theater an der Kö.
›› Unterbilk, Kronprinzenstr. 97, Tel. 5 50 88 13,

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