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K20 reopens with more room for art

For two years, Düsseldorf, which is known as a city of culture, was without one of its most important museums, the K20 (Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts – English: Art of the 20th Century) at Grabbeplatz.
But on July 10 2010, Museum Director Marion Ackermann was able to open to the public once more the fully restored and expanded art collection.

Thanks to a new threefloor, cube-shaped annex, the internationally significant changing exhibitions can be staged in suitable surroundings.
The new extension also means that parts of the high-class collection, including works by Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee to Joseph Beuys, no longer have to be kept in storerooms for years out of public view.

The annex has a generous amount of exhibition space to arrange perfectly the different genres from traditional art such as canvas paintings and sculptures to phototgraphs, video projections and multi-media installations.
The neighbouring Paul-Klee-Platz was also affected by the redevelopment.

Instead of looking at a monotone wall at the end of the square, passers-by can now see brightly colored patterns from the origami works of artist Sarah Morris.
The first highlight in the new K20 exhibition space is a large display of Beuys works, a core part of the Quadriennale 2010 culture event.


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