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Hearty German cuisine in Düsseldorf


Brewery pubs

Brauereiausschank am Zoo
Known as Baz by locals who meet here for good Füchschen beer and tasty snacks. The solid brewery pub food is oriented for big appetites. People of all ages sit happily together in a friendly atmosphere. Brunch is served every third Sunday in the month.
›› Düsseltal, Graf-Recke-Str. 103, Tel. 6 41 39 89,

Brauerei Schumacher
Long-established small brewery located on Oststraße. Old fashioned food like mother used to make and speedy serving of beer is guaranteed. The staff are sometimes as cracking as the food. The large interior is noticeably noisy because of the typical Rhineland merriness of the colorfully mixed crowd. Recommended is the seasonal Latzenbier.
›› Stadtmitte, Oststr. 123, Tel. 8 28 90 20,

Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof
A light bitter beer called “Gulasch Bräu’’ is brewed in the large copper kettle. The typical local food is hearty and tasty, but there are also lighter choices. The picturesque beer garden is a green oasis in warm weather.
›› Oberkassel, Belsenplatz 2, Tel. 55 78 99 41,

Brauhaus Bad am Dreieck
If Düsseldorf natives say they are going to the BAD (baths), they are probably heading for this brewery pub. Good humored staff serve traditional beer from the barrel and easily whizz through the dining area with hearty and substantial dishes. The crowd is youngish and feels at home in this classic brewery pub, often bringing their kids with them.
›› Pempelfort, Blücherstr. 6, Tel. 22 98 78 98,

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht
The beer is brewed in the centre of this pub and freshly tapped from the copper kettle, either as a mild, malty brew or light, hoppy and bitter, and the customer is right in the middle when this happens. The seasonally brewed wheat beer is also highly regarded by beer fans. The down to earth food provides a good foundation for drinking. Open all day.
›› Niederkassel, Niederkasselerstr. 104, Tel. 57 01 29,

This brew-pub on the left side of the Rhine with a nice beer garden, snugly located under time-honored chestnut trees is always worth a visit. In winter customers stream into the modern-rustic interior and enjoy the fine food. Coffee and cakes are served in the afternoon.
›› Niederkassel, Alt Niederkassel 49, Tel. 57 07 32,

Cologne camaraderie in Düsseldorf’s first brew-pub serving Kölsch beer. The interior with its long benches is often jam-packed. Hearty brewery food and oven-fresh tartes flambee are served and Sunday there is brunch.
›› Hafen, Hammerstr. 17, Tel. 602 74 77,

Hops and malt are not lost here where the brewing tradition dates back to 1873, a tradition you can taste. Because no one can live by beer alone, rustic food such as pork knuckle, game and other tasty snacks are served. The historic beer garden in the interior courtyard is a magnet in summer. On Sundays, brunch is served.
›› Pempelfort, Wielandstr. 12, Tel. 35 14 47,

Galerie Burghof
The Burghof is set in a movie-set atmosphere right next to the ruins of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa’s Kaiserpfalz palace with the Rhine flowing behind it. The beer garden has a fantastic view of the Rhine and the large chestnut tree offers pleasant shade in the summer. If you like a more romantic setting, sit in candlelight on the terrace.
›› Kaiserswerth, Burgallee 1, Tel. 40 14 23,

Himmel & Aehd
The pub’s name means heaven and earth and the freshly brewed beer is heavenly while the food is nicely down to earth. The daily changing menu offers something light and quick for lunch and evenings as well as seasonal dishes. The pub has a thoroughly successful mix in a cozy modern ambience.
›› Pempelfort, Nordstr. 53, Tel. 4 98 13 61,

Enjoy the day! This motto is turned into reality here with diverse kinds of beers, coffees, wines and caipirinhas. The correct mix is the key to success and the menu offers international cuisine as well as local dishes, so pork schnitzel and roast potatoes is offered along with tapas and chicken wings. There are also some good Vegetarian dishes.
›› Pempelfort, Alt Pempelfort 2, Tel. 1 71 14 05,

Im Füchschen
This authentic brewery pub-restaurant with ample good food is an institution on the legendary Ratinger Straße and the bitter light beer goes down well. There’s a good but noisy atmosphere. The waiters keep the place under control with a harsh but hearty tone. A must for anyone who visits the Altstadt.
›› Altstadt, Ratinger Str. 28, Tel. 13 74 70,

Schlösser Quartier Bohéme
The first Schlösser Alt beer was brewed in the Altstadt in 1873 and with the development of a new city quarter, the brewery returns to its roots. Customers can expect a successful mix of tradition and trendiness and the glass front of the pub can be completely opened. The menu has mainly regional specialties with large portions at reasonable prices.
›› Altstadt, Ratinger Str. 25, Tel. 15 976150,

Schumacher Im Goldenen Kessel
This branch of the Schumacher small brewery in the middle of the Altstadt shows that traditionally brewed Alt beer tastes good anywhere. The Kessel is mostly quite full and seats are not always easy to find. On the menu all that glitters is in fact gold. On offer are hearty pork knuckle, Düsseldorf roast meat specialties with crispy roast potatoes and an appetizing choice of snacks.
›› Altstadt, Bolkerstr. 44, Tel. 32 60 07,

Without any argument, this place is a must on an Altstadt tour. Uerige beer has been brewed since 1862 and since then there has been no let up in visits from thirsty guests. At any time of year, inside or outside, you can enjoy life and top-fermented beer here. To satisfy hunger pangs, snacks such as bread and meat, potato salad and cold sausages are served.
›› Altstadt, Bergerstr. 1, Tel. 86 69 90,


Bistro Hebmüller
This eatery in Düsseldorf’s Meilenwerk vintage car museum has culinary delights as well as horsepower. The food is old-style Rhineland with dishes such as rissoles and Düsseldorf mustard, roast meat in mustard or Altbier soup.
›› Oberbilk, Harffstr. 110a (im Meilenwerk), Tel. 15 92 15 25,

Bootshaus Bottke
This idyllic house boat with its spectacular views of the Rhine river bank, Fleh bridge and Rhine bend nature reserve is by the dike at Volmerswerth and is sheltered from wind and rain. The Rhine boat welcomes guests aboard and spoils them with a richly varied menu, including coffee and cakes.
›› Volmerswerth, Volmerswerther Deich 163, Tel. 15 23 98,

En de Canon
Prince Elector Jan Wellem enjoyed regular visits with his citizens in this history-rich guest house. The place spoils its customers in princely fashion even today with Rhineland specialties such as Düsseldorf roast meat with mustard, beef roulade and marinated beef. Besides fine wines, there is of course freshly pulled Altbier. The cozy beer garden attracts customers in summer.
›› Altstadt, Zollstr. 7, Tel. 32 97 98

Paulaner am Kommödchen
A Bavarian guest in Düsseldorf. In a pleasant, and not too Bavarian atmosphere, wheat beer, Paulaner original and strong beer flows along with the local Schlösser Alt. Local dishes line up with Bavarian food on the menu. It’s worth trying to find out whether the Leberknödel (liver dumplings) or Kaiserschmarrn (thick pancake pieces) really taste better in Bavaria or here.
›› Altstadt, Mutter-Ey-Str. 1, Tel. 30 18 07 80,

„Le cheval blanc“ auf Gut Mydlinghoven
The chefs in this restaurant, which has a stylish manor house ambience and is in an idyllic landscape, serve an accomplished menu of new German cuisine, ranging from pink boiled veal to prawn soufflé. The dishes are accompanied by suitable wine recommendations. The restaurant is recommended by the Gault Millau, Michelin and Fein­schmecker food guides.
›› Hubbelrath, Mydlinghoven 4, Tel. 40 13 00,

Restaurant Reusch
This restaurant was opened in the Altstadt in 1851 and at the end of the 1990s it moved to its new location. Since then it has offered a mix of tradition and modernity just a few steps from the river harbor. Seasonal dishes such as asparagus or herring delight the palate and the mussels are always popular. The local dishes are also remarkable and drinks include Altbier, pils, Kölsch and wine.
›› Unterbilk, Erftstr. 20, Tel. 39 10 33,

There are three swans (Schwan = swan) in the city and all the swan’s nests exude a hearty and uncomplicated atmosphere and so are ideal meeting places for tasty food and long conversations. The menu includes classic bistro fare such as salads, soups and noodles in cheese sauce.
›› Altstadt, Mühlenstr. 2, Tel. 1 36 53 87
›› Derendorf, Frankenstr. 1, Tel. 39 31 13
›› Stadtmitte, Grünstr. 15, (im Stilwerk), Tel. 8 62 82 80

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