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Berlin’s swimming pools and bathing spots

wellenbad-am-SpreewaldplatzWellenbad am Spreewaldplatz

Dive in at the deep end or float on top – Berlin has plenty of pools where you can do either. With more than 60 public indoor, outdoor and summer pools, the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe (BBB) is Europe’s largest swimming pool operator with a wide selection of swimming areas from lakeside beaches to typical urban open-air and indoor pools. The BBB offers many more services. Most pools have a sauna and offer swimming les­­s­ons or aqua aerobics classes. At many outdoor pools, you can also have lots of fun playing beach soccer, volleyball, handball or basketball.

The Bad am Spreewaldplatz, the Stadtbad Lankwitz and the Stadtbad Schöneberg are among the most popu­lar baths in the city, which is why tickets for these pools are more expensive. The Stadtbad Mitte, opened in 1929 with an all-glass front, is a genuine architectural gem, as is the Stadtbad Neukölln, which opened in 1914. Another swimmers’ highlight is the Badeschiff. This floating pool on the Spree with a sandy beach, cocktail bar and lots of music is popular trendy spot in summer. You can also swim there in winter when a transparent roof transforms it into a futuristic indoor pool with a panoramic view, a lounge and sauna.

Another place to wander around in your bathing costume at any time of the year is Tropical Islands, just outside Berlin. Under a giant dome is a tropical landscape with a rainforest, a tropical village and a water platform. It’s also open 24 hours. You can even camp on the beach – perhaps the perfect place for your next vacation.

Sport_wellenbad-am-SpreewaldplatzWellenbad am Spreewaldplatz Sport_Stadtbad-SchönebergStadtbad Schöneberg Sport_Stadtbad-Neukölln-Halle-9_800x600Stadtbad Neukölln


Outdoor pools in Berlin

Kombibad Mariendorf
Adding to the swimming enjoyment here are a sunbathing area, a 50-m pool, 1-m and 3-m diving boards, water slides and areas for soccer, volleyball and basketball.
›› Mariendorf, Ankogelweg 95, Tel. 74 06 78 30

Kombibad Spandau Süd
Pool for non-swimmers, diving and 50-m pools, diving boards, children’s slide, massages, sauna, tanning booths. Closed until spring 2012 for renovation.
›› Spandau, Gatower Str. 19, Tel. 3 62 10 21

Sommerbad am Insulaner
Sunbath­ing area, diving boards and slide. Large pool for non­-swimmers, baby pool.
›› Steglitz, Munsterdamm 80, Tel. 79 41 04 13

Sommerbad Humboldthain
This summer outdoor pool is in the middle of a green park and has a 50-m pool with a big slide, on the playground or the large sunbathing area.
›› Wedding, Wiesen Str. 1, Tel. 4 64 49 86

Sommerbad Kreuzberg
Two 50-m pools, a non-swimmers’ pool and a wading pool, sunbathing area and a playground are waiting to be tried out.
›› Kreuzberg, Prinzen Str. 113-119, Tel. 6 16 10 80

Sommerbad Lichterfelde
Small, pretty open-air facility with 20-m pool, non-swimmers´area and large sauna area.
›› Lichterfelde, Hindenburgdamm 9-10, Tel. 84 37 09 60

Sommerbad Mariendorf
This pool, idyllically located in the Volkspark Mariendorf park, has a sunbathing area, 50-m beginners’ and wading pools, table tennis, soccer and volleyball courts.
›› Tempelhof, Rixdorfer Str. 130, Tel. 70 13 27 66

Sommerbad Neukölln
5-m and 10-m diving board, 85-m slide, baby slide, 50-m pool, sunbathing area, playground.
›› Neukölln, Columbiadamm 160, Tel. 6 27 88 30

Sommerbad Olympia-Stadion
Ideal for sporting aces and families, equipped with a 50-m pool and a large diving tower (5-m to 10 m), 2 pools for non-swimmers, wading area and children’s slide.
›› Westend, Olympischer Platz 1, Tel. 66 63 11 52

Sommerbad Pankow
Modern pool for the whole family. You can choose from a 50-m pool, high speed slide, adventure pool with a strong current canal or the beach sports area.
›› Pankow, Wolfshagener Str. 91-93, Tel. 47 49 72 0

Sommerbad Wilmersdorf
50-m pool, sunbathing area, children’s slide, 5-m diving board, baby pool, trampoline, playground and chess field.
›› Schmargendorf, Forckenbeck Str. 14, Tel. 8 97 74 10

Indoor pools in Berlin
Bad am Spreewaldplatz
Aqua park, 25-m pool, swimming pool with arti­ficial waves, kids’ pool, diving board area, slide, jacuzzi, dry sauna, hydro-jet massage and much more.
›› Kreuzberg, Wiener Str. 59h, Tel. 69 53 52 10

Paracelsusbad Reinickendorf
Swimming fans get their money’s worth in the 25-m pool while people looking for relaxation can dive into the spa area with a steam bath, whirlpool and lots more.
›› Reinickendorf, Roedernallee 200-204, Tel. 49 87 76 0

SSE Europa-Sportpark
50-m pool for sporty swimmers, children’s area and therapy pool (33° C).
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Paul-Heyse-Str. 26, Tel. 42 18 60

Stadtbad Charlottenburg
25-m pool, 2 Finnish saunas, biosauna and Russian-Roman steam bath in the Alte Halle (old hall). The Neue Halle (New Hall) next door has a 50-m pool and a diving pool.
›› Charlottenburg, Krumme Str. 9 & 10, Tel. 34 38 38 65

Stadtbad Lankwitz
Even the little ones can make a splash here in the separate baby pool. For bigger folks, there are 25-m and beginner’s pools, a 60-m slide, jacuzzis and a tanning studio.
›› Lankwitz, Leonoren Str. 39, Tel. 77 13 04 0

Stadtbad Mitte
50-m training pool, two fitness rooms, aqua-fitness.
›› Mitte, Garten Str. 5, Tel. 30 88 09 0

Stadtbad Neukölln
This bathing complex in a listed Art Nouveau building dating from 1914 is one of Berlin’s most beautiful baths. It has two pools with non-swimmer areas and an impressive sauna area.
›› Neukölln, Ganghofer Str. 3, Tel. 68 24 98 12

Stadtbad Schöneberg
25-m indoor pool, non­-swimmers’, children’s and outdoor pools, 3-m diving board, large slide, jacuzzi, brine pool, sauna. Closed for renovation until autumn 2011.
›› Schöneberg, Haupt Str. 39, Tel. 7 80 99 30

A 325 sq m floating pool on the Spree with a panoramic view. The Badeschiff has a roof in the winter, making it an indoor swimming pool with sauna and lounge.
›› Alt-Treptow, Eichen Str. 4, Tel. 5 33 20 30,

Tropical Islands
This leisure oasis brings tropical dreams a little closer to home with a big indoor rainforest, Bali lagoon, Mangrove swamp with live turtles and even a 200-m beach of fine sand, plus a large spa and sauna area.
›› 15910 Krausnick, Tropical-Islands-Allee 1, Tel. 03 54 77/60 50 50,

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