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Allure has elegant and trendy fashions from Patrizia Pepe, Costume National, Juicy Couturé, Moschino as well as matching shoes and belts.
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 25, Tel. 96 12 13 82

Designer labels such as Ralph Lauren and Yoshi Yamamoto in Feng Shui surroundings. Jeans by the Superfine cult label, as worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, are especially popular.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserhofstr. 10, Tel. 21 99 90 85,

Christiane Wegner
Christiane Wegner has been designing for her clients for more than 15 years. Besides her own label Orange, with classic cuts, she also offers tailor-made styles.
›› Sachsenhausen, Schifferstr. 33, Tel. 96 20 17 79,

Mainstream is a foreign word to Frankfurt fashion designer Natascha Spendic. She sells only true, hand made originals from her lovingly outfitted boutique in Sachsenhausen. Fun in fashion is the emphasis here and all fashion followers will find their own favorite item of clothing that will look good and also be affordable.
›› Sachsenhausen, Wallstr. 4, Tel. 60 60 71 17,

With trademarks such as American Vintage, Girbaud, bloom and Fornarina, the discerning woman will find everything here that fits the current trends.
›› Nordend-West, Oeder Weg 56, Tel. 55 08 37
›› Altstadt, Töngesgasse 38, Tel. 97 76 14 28

The store name (Favorite things) was chosen because Myriam Beltz only sells clothes that she herself likes. And her taste is distinctly Scandinavian, mainly from Day and Marlene Birger.
›› Sachsenhausen, Brückenstr. 50, Tel. 66 05 44 96

Mama & Co
This store, which has been awarded the Frankfurter Gründerpreis (founders’ prize), has experienced a successful start – and for good reason. It sells specially selected maternity outfits for home and office. Further specialties are fashionable children’s wear (up to 12 years) and exclusive baby clothes.
›› Nordend-West, Oeder Weg 31, Tel. 91 50 63 65,

Noa Boa
Mothers and fathers can browse and try out their favorite items in a relaxed atmosphere in a 550 sq m store. In addition to a wide range of maternity and children’s wear up to size 152, you’ll find toys and kids’ furniture. There’s also a play paradise for the little ones and a self-service cafe.
›› Sachsenhausen, Hedderichstr. 47, Tel. 66 96 49 23,

Sündige Mode
Can fashion be a sin? Party and evening wear with emphasis on real string corsets in sizes 32 to 54, with matching leather and latex, as well as lingerie and high heels for any outfit.
›› Altstadt, Töngesgasse 7, Tel. 29 99 27 90,

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Women & Men

58´s buy Heidt
“Clothes that aren’t for everybody” is Jutta Heidt’s idiosyncratic motto, so she offers fashions from designers such as Watanabe or Ann Demeulemeester. For the not quite so extreme taste, she also stocks suits by Helmut Lang or jeans by acne.
›› Westend-Süd, Kronberger Str. 19, Tel. 72 55 35,

Artividuum - Mode nach Maß
“The art of individuality” owner Verica Hauch says, was the origin of the idea for naming her store Artividuum, which provides clothing for business, galas or weddings. The store’s contact-free 3D body scanner measuring system is certainly unique. Personal advice combined with materials from the best weaving mills in the world lead to the desired result. Customer measurements and desires are stored to make subsequent orders especially easy.
›› Bockenheim, Kurfürstenstr. 3, Tel. 97 76 50 00,

A multi-label store to fulfill your every desire. On offer are the latest trends by Moncler, Hugo and See by Chloé. Pleasant ambience and the best advice for each customer guarantee a relaxing shopping experience here.
›› Innenstadt, Große Eschenheimer Str. 43, Tel. 29 72 85 92
›› Innenstadt, Börsen Str. 1, Tel. 13 38 94 53

After an extensive renovation of its old premises, Esprit’s flagship store can now boast that it not only looks good, but it’s the world’s biggest branch in the company’s chain at 3,600 sq m. The fashion selection is still enormous and high quality.
›› Innenstadt, Zeil 121, Tel. 92 88 73-0,

Styling from head to toe, all under one roof: in the 230 sq m complex men and women will find different shops with fashions and accessories from international designers, a beautician and a sushi restaurant. The stylish complex also has a lounge and a kid’s corner with entertainment.
›› Innenstadt, Schillerstr. 27-29, Tel. 92 88 26 21,

Lacoste Store
For many years, the little Lacoste crocodile has been decorating not only classic polo shirts in all colors imaginable – it also looks right on dresses, jackets, blouses, shoes and accessories. You can convince yourself of this in the store in downtown Frankfurt.
›› Innenstadt, Rathenauplatz 1, Tel. 13 38 66 84,

Unlike its home country of Ireland, this fashion store from the green island is not in danger of going broke, even though its slogan is “Look good for little money.’’ The store stocks clothes for the whole family in 4,500 sq m premises.
›› Heddernheim, Limescorso 8, Im Nordwestzentrum, Tel. 57 00 37 38,

The purist design of this store provides precisely the correct background for all the beautiful and trendy fashions by Melvin, Ana Alcazar and Traffic People, jewelry by Pilgrim and belts by Hüftgold. 
›› Sachsenhausen, Schulstr. 3, Tel. 96 23 04 50,

Uli Knecht
Eclectic offering of classic Ralph Lauren fashions, youthful sportswear and a few smaller U.S. labels as well as shoes and accessories.
›› Innenstadt, Goethestr. 35, Tel. 28 49 18,

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Men´s tailors for free spirits with a discerning taste. Abaci also custom tailors suits and shirts upon request.
›› Innenstadt, Junghofstr. 14, Tel. 21 93 55 88,

Pantagon - The Manstore
Besides designer night clothes and underwear, the fashion-conscious man will also find trendy business and evening fashion here.
›› Innenstadt, Schäfergasse 20-22, Tel. 92 88 19 82,

You don’t merely shop here, you cultivate a lifestyle. Bankers, marketers and freelancers comprise the upscale clientele. The best tailors, shoemakers and the finest shirtmakers offer their wares.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserstr. 3, Tel. 9 21 88 30
›› Flughafen Terminal 1, Abflugebene 2, Halle B, Tel. 69 71 59 13
›› 65183 Wiesbaden, Burgstr. 6-8, Tel. 0 611/37 48 03

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Young fashion

American Apparel
Fashion with a clear conscience. These cotton products are all manufactured in the USA where workers earn double the usual minimum wage. Single tone shirts, skirts and bikinis, with no visible logos.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserstr. 23, Tel. 24 40 49 95,

Chicago Jeans Shop
There’s a pair of jeans for everyone here. All the famous labels such as Diesel, Sixty or G-Star are spread over 340 sq m and two floors.
›› Altstadt, Hasengasse 12, Tel. 28 88 11,

Drauf & Dran
Only unusual styles are offered here. The emphasis is on young designers from Frankfurt and the surrounding region. There’s a piercing and tattoo studio at the back of the store.
›› Sachsenhausen, Brückenstr. 54, Tel. 66 37 47 90,

Ich war ein Dirndl
The name is the concept: Jutta Haag creates new fashions from old clothes and vintage fabrics resulting in fun dresses andskirts. Her store’s hook, however, are the wares exclusively printed with Frankfurt motifs, for example Polo shirts featuring a cider glass or the Henninger Tower on the breast.
›› Sachsenhausen, Brückenstr. 52, Tel. 66 12 77 44,

Small boutique in the heart of Sachsenhausen with fashions from many smaller Italian labels. New selections from Italy every week. The main store is in Darmstadt.
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 27, Tel. 60 60 98 45
›› 64283 Darmstadt, Adelungstr. 5-9, Tel. 0 61 51/2 78 74 34
›› 65183 Wiesbaden, Webergasse 24, Tel. 0 611/1 66 78 60

Number Seven
Good place for street and club wear by labels like Fornarina, Meltin Pot, LTC and Diesel. Also large selection of jeans.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 110, Tel. 43 66 64,

Cool clothes, shoes and accessories for young and young-at-heart men, for example by Alexander McQueen, Paul Schmith and Woolrich.
›› 64283 Darmstadt, Schulstr. 1, Tel. 0 61 51/9 51 81 71,

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Cosmetics & beauty

Crabtree & Evelyn
This English company has dedicated itself to the manufacture of natural body care products for over 30 years. Over 160 botanical ingredients, carefully selected and mixed using the latest technology, form the basis for these fragrant natural cosmetics.
›› Innenstadt, Große Bockenheimer Str. 52, Tel. 29 80 29 97,

The high-quality and visually appealing cosmetics and fragrant air at this store run by the French L’Occitane brand are like a short trip to Provence. Send your senses on a trip in the Frankfurt stores by allowing yourself to be seduced by wonderful bath essences, lavender-scented candles or classy perfumes.
›› Innenstadt, Kalbächer Gasse 12, Tel. 21 99 87 40
›› Innenstadt, Kaiser Str. 14, Tel. 21 93 96 81

Wonderful sweet-scented store full of cosmetics not tested on animals and made from fresh fruit and vegetables, precious essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients.
›› Innenstadt, Zeilgalerie, Shop 29, Ebene 2, Zeil 112-114, Tel. 20 97 88 04,

Parfümerie Kobberger
Traditional family run store since 1919. Besides classy fragrances, skin care and decorative cosmetics, the store also has three cosmetic booths for personal consultations.
›› Innenstadt, Zeil 123, Tel. 28 10 35

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Jewelry & accessories

The purses manufactured from recycled materials in the creative workshop here are not only originals, they also support a good cause: unemployed women get a second career chance in the sewing factory.
›› Altstadt, Fahrgasse 23, Tel. 29 80 19 75,

High-caliber address for famous international jewelry and watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Wellendorff, Schoeffel or the artistic creations from the in-house workshop, for over 50 years.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserstr. 1, Tel. 13 88 20,

See fashion/women.
›› Sachsenhausen, Wallstr. 4, Tel. 60 60 71 17,

Gate 05
Owner Jan Unnewehr is a flight attendant and he brings the latest trends from all over the world back from his trips. From bags and purses to diaper bags and ear plugs, you’ll find everything you need to make your trip easier.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 46, Tel. 25 53 94 41,

Small but nice – this is how the Goldhouse has been presenting itself to its customers in the Zeilgalerie. With a clear design and a manageable range of affordable jewelry, including labels such as Ed Hardy, Breuninger and Pandorra, proprietor Kristopher Keller sparkles not only because of his jewelry.
›› Innenstadt, Zeil 112-114, Ebene 2, Nr. 26, Tel. 29 72 45 06

Goldschmiede Eden
The hearts of demanding jewelry lovers glow in Heike Eden’s goldsmith’s store: the jewels, styled both by the owner herself and by other designers, win you over with their individuality and their attractive shapes. Wonderful precious stones are used primarily in combination with gold, silver or platinum. Of course, designs by customer themselves are also made, as are jewelry repairs.
›› Rödelheim, Kalkentalstr. 8, Tel. 75 06 74 44,

Creative people will enjoy being able to make their own necklaces from the thousands of available pearls, beads and glass decorations. Or buy one of the already prepared jewelry creations.
›› Innenstadt, Alte Gasse 14-16, Tel. 29 33 91

Running Bear
Authentic Indian jewelry from sterling silver, turquoise, coral, onyx, shells and other precious stones. Also music, clothing, moccasins and of course lots of information about North American Indians. Also jewelry repairs.
›› Altstadt, Neue Kräme 32, Tel. 29 28 27,

Schmuckraum is more than just a jewelry store. Besides creations by Eva and Lucas Küpper, the store also offers works by foreign crafts people. Also specially-tailored creations upon request.
›› Nordend-Ost, Bornheimer Landstr. 6, Tel. 26 01 33 58,

Sinn Spezialuhren
High quality mechanical watches in classic designs and top functionality for divers, pilots and skiers. 
›› Rödelheim, Im Füldchen 5-7, Tel. 9 78 41 42 00,

Colorful store with an extensive range of fashions, jewelry, textiles, lamps, tableware, toys and various gift ideas for young and old.
›› Westend-Süd, Kronberger Str. 42, Tel. 71 58 88 84,

If you want to spice up your dreary university days, you absolutely must take a look around the Studentenliebe, preferably stocking up with all sorts of chic accessories such as trendy laptop bags, Frankfurt shirts by Bembel or Bornheim originals.
›› Westend, Eschersheimer Landstr. 117-119, Tel. 90 50 19 55,

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Brillen Weiss
Optician steeped in tradition, offering, besides the usual selection, sports and diving glasses.
›› Altstadt, Römerberg 36, Tel. 28 21 33,

Eye Catcher
Trendy sun and corrective glasses from international brand-name designers, up to 3,000 styles always in stock, including functional sunglasses for jogging or biking.
›› Innenstadt, An der Hauptwache 4, Tel. 28 27 24
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 50, Tel. 62 46 44
›› 64283 Darmstadt, Luisencenter, Luisenplatz 5, Tel. 0 61 51/3 96 34 30

Optik Gneist
Family-run store with a long tradition, specializing in bifocals, sports and diving glasses.
›› Ostend, Alfred-Brehm-Platz 14, Tel. 44 86 46,

Paris Miki
International chain of opticians from Japan, featuring their own house brand as well as frames from Prada, Gucci, Ray Ban and others.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserhofstr. 13, Tel. 21 99 09 20,

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Auftritt - Die Schuhbühne
The Schuhbühne (shoe stage) raises the curtain on a large selection of shoes by Camper, Clarks, Paul Green or Palladium.
›› Sachsenhausen, Diesterwegstr. 26, Tel. 61 17 34,

Biohaus Piraten
Specialist for sneakers and hip-hop style from Adidas to Reebok.
›› Altstadt, Holzgraben 11a, Tel. 15 34 93 43

Handgemachte Schuhe - Jörg Koch
Master shoemaker Jörg Koch produces shoes to fit according to design templates or his clients’ individual specifications. The price for the first pair is € 550, but for that price they last practically your whole life.
›› Nordend-Ost, Friedberger Landstr. 128, Tel. 4 94 09 74,

Insomnia Shoes
Established trend labels such as Bench, Diesel, Fila and Gola comprise part of the selection, as do those from up-and-coming young designers.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 102, Tel. 48 98 79 69,

Tasteful styles from Italian and Spanish designers are waiting here for Frankfurt’s shoe lovers. For the perfect look, you can also find suitable bags, belts and scarves.
›› Nordend, Oeder Weg 56, Tel. 59 79 50 49,

This stylish Swiss lifestyle brand has brought a breath of fresh air into Frankfurt’s fashion scene with this new clearly laid out and austere store. Items such as high-class high-heeled shoes or trendy boots and matching bags and accessories are waiting to be admired, tried on and, of course, purchased in the 210 sq m sales area.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserstr. 15, Tel. 13 38 79

Red Wing Shoes
Frankfurt boasts the only European branch of this American traditional firm, which has been producing hand-made work boots for over 100 years.
›› Altstadt, Kornmarkt 6, Tel. 28 77 73,

This Italian company stands for maximum comfort while wearing the shoes, without losing sight of current fashion trends.
›› Innenstadt, Goethestr. 37, Tel. 28 47 63,

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High quality designer shoes and no-name goods from the last two collections, in good condition and at a low price.
›› Altstadt, An der Kleinmarkthalle 11, Tel. 28 52 09,

Dr. Jackett & Mrs. Kleid
Women as well as men can stock their wardrobe inexpensively at this store with the original name. Jeans, suits, shoes and shirts.
›› Nordend-Ost, Arnsburger Str. 29, Tel. 4 95 07 95

You can find first- & second-hand haute couture by brands such as Gucci and Prada here, including extravagant evening dresses, chic accessories and a good selection of shoes by nice-sounding labels such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 98, Tel. 62 77 76

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Sport clothes

Globetrotter Ausrüstung
Adventurers will find everything they need to survive and get around in the wild, for example clothing, backpacks or the right canoe, in over 1,300 sq m.
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 11-13, Tel. 43 40 43,

Nike Store
Great selection of Nike sports and casual wear.
›› Innenstadt, Zeil 71-77, Tel. 1 33 89 10,

Outfitter Five
Huge selection of sporting goods over 300 sq m. Everything from tennis to soccer, skiing and sportswear to golf clubs, with testing area.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Gravenbruchring 77-81, Tel. 0 61 02/7 77 55,

For people who want to be at the cutting-edge of fashion, even in the mountains.
›› Innenstadt, Schillerstr. 20, Tel. 42 08 87 80,

One of the first outdoor gear specialists in Germany. Complete selection from A as in Active Carbon Filter to Z as in Zip-off pants.
›› Innenstadt, Große Eschenheimer Str. 39, Tel. 55 22 33 & 59 56 75,

Two of 13 locations in Germany. Clothing, equipment and fitness machines.
›› Innenstadt, An der Hauptwache 1, Tel. 2 19 14 89
›› 65183 Wiesbaden, Langgasse 5-9, Tel. 0 611/15 76 68-0

Sells outdoor clothing and accessories.
›› Bockenheim, Jordanstr. 30, Tel. 77 77 23,

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