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Letting agencies in Frankfurt

ABG Frankfurt Holding  
Housing society managing about 52,500 properties throughout Frankfurt, with companies such as FAAG, Wohnheim, Mibau, Hellerhof and Saalbau, thus providing a place to live for nearly a quarter of the population of Frankfurt.
›› Main office: Bahnhofsviertel, Niddastr. 107, Tel. 069 26080,

Deutsche Wohnen    
About 167,000 residential units in the metropolitan areas of Berlin, Rhine-Main, Rhineland, central Germany, Hannover, Brunswick and Magdeburg. The range stretches from affordable single-room apartments to luxury villas to rent or buy.
›› Unterliederbach, Pfaffenwiese 300, Tel. 030/897860,

Gemeinnütziges Siedlungswerk Frankfurt (GSW)   
About 4,000 properties in Frankfurt and surrounding area, including over 1,300 residences for elderly people, plus 2,500 properties in the Mainz and Wiesbaden area, to rent or buy.
›› Nord­end-West, Blumenstr. 14-16, Tel. 069 15440,

Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt   
Housing company with around 60,000 rented properties in 140 cities and communities throughout Hesse. Offers lots of tenant services such as support for tenants festivals and sports and play.
›› Innenstadt, Hofstr. 5, Tel. 069 26957780
›› Darmstadt, Berliner Str. 36, Tel. 06151 81030 
›› Offen­bach, Herrnstr. 55, Tel. 069 8008400
›› Wiesbaden, Bahnhofstr. 27-33, Tel. 0611/ 990400

Select Immobilien    
Select Immobilien offers a full service in the areas of buying, selling, property leasing or renting, buying your own home, investment properties and finance. In addition, the company specializes in selling and renting properties in new-build developments and residential estates in the most sought-after areas of Frankfurt and the Rhine-Maine region, for example in the popular Frankfurt districts of Riedberg, the Europa quarter and Frankfurt Westhafen. Select Immobilien won Bellevue magazine’s Best Property Agent award for 2019 and is a member of Germany’s IVD association of real estate service providers.
›› Gutleutviertel, Bachforellenweg 10, Tel. 069 9002090,

Home page of the Frankfurter Rundschau; large property portal; over 900,000 properties online every month.
Leading German-language real estate platform, all kinds of residences.

Large german real estate platform. Offers a large selection of apartments and houses.

One of Germany’s leading real estate portals for all kinds of properties. Offers lots of additional content as well.

WG gesucht    
When your flat mate never cleans the bathroom, it’s time to find a new cohabitant or a new apartment. You ca do both with the help of this Internet portal. Also offers flats and houses to rent or short-stay lets without a fee.


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