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Frankfurt’s museum landscape

KKE_StaedelmuseumStädel Museum

Frankfurt’s museum landscape is multifaceted and impressive. The task of collecting treasures from the past and raising money to found museums has mostly been up to local citizens since Frankfurt has never been the seat of royalty and was an independent city up to 1867, with the exception of a short period.
This means Frankfurt didn’t have royal or princely patrons to build up dazzling collections of art and antiquities as in other cities.
Nevertheless Frankfurt boasts some great treasures.
The merchant Johann Friedrich Städel, for example, bequeathed his art collection as well as his substantial estate to the city of Frankfurt in 1815, giving the city the now world-famous Städel Museum.
The foundation of many museums followed and helped Frankfurt towards its very interesting museum scene.

Museums undergo a metamorphosis


In a dynamic and growing city like Frankfurt, even the museums are modernized and renovated at a fast pace.

Eagerly awaited, for example, was the opening of an expansion of the renowned Städel museum of art history on the Museum river bank in February 2012.
About 3 000 sq m will be devoted to 20th century art.

The Historic Museum at Römerberg is completely reinventing itself and is being transformed from a specialized historical museum into a city museum for Frankfurt in a project due to be completed in 2014.
Also undergoing extensive renovations that will make them even more interesting in the future are the Deutsches Filmmuseum and Bibelhaus.



Museums in and around Frankfurt

KKE_Goethe-Museum-Raum-8Goethe Museum F_KKE_Museum_Moderne_Kunst_bild_03Museum für Moderne Kunst F_KKE_GutenbergmuseumGutenberg-Museum Mainz


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