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Childcare facilities in Frankfurt

Municipal preschools

Kita Frankfurt     
The council-run Kita Frankfurt has more than 140 facilities right across the city providing education, supervision and nurture for about 13,000 children in Frankfurt am Main. Its services include nurseries, kindergartens, after-school care and activities for school-age children. Kita Frankfurt offers children stimulating premises for learning, open access to a respectful community in which they feel at home, and role models to help them develop.
›› Innenstadt, Zeil 5, Tel. 069 21248481 & 069 21248793,

The city education office (Stadt­schulamt) publishes a directory listing childcare facilities and available places. Day care places for children aged up to 12 are advertised on the web site The site lists facilities and whether there are available places. Your can also reserve a desired offer for your child.
›› Sachsenhausen, Seehofstr. 41, Tel. 069 21233891
›› Day care fees: Tel. 069 21235738
›› Day care information center: Tel. 069 21236564

Private preschools

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband  Frankfurt am Main e.V.   
Runs several day care centers in Frankfurt.
›› Ostend, Henschelstr. 11, Tel. 069 2989010,

Caritasverband Frankfurt e.V.   
About 26 day care facilities with children from 30 countries. Also a drop-in center for parents seeking advice.
›› Altstadt, Alte Mainzer Gasse 10, Tel. 069 29820,

Kinder-Bande-Ffm e.V.  
Cares for 20 toddlers and 25 kindergarten children. Offers wooldand weeks and early learning in music.
›› Höchst, Josef-Fenzl-Str. 11, Tel. 069 30069605,

Sozialpädagogischer Verein zur familienergänzenden Erziehung e.V.   
Cares for more than 2,300 children in over 80 premises (crèches, childcare and student centers).
›› Bornheim, Mainkurstr. 2, Tel. 069 90430910,

Turramulli Traumland Kinderschülerladen   
Cares for 25 children aged between three and 12. Parents take turns to cook and clean.
›› Sachsenhausen, Ludwig-Rehn-Str. 14, Tel. 069 636737,

This kindergarten is part of the neext-door independent Waldorf School; 3 groups, each with 21 children from 3 to 6. Also two groups for small children, each with 10 children.
›› Dornbusch, Friedlebenstr. 52, Tel. 069 953060,

International preschools

Deutsch-Russischer Kindergarten Nezabudka   
First German-Russian children’s facility in Frankfurt; groups with max. 20 children between 1 and six.
›› Bockenheim, Voltastr. 75
›› Bockenheim, Solmsstr. 10a
›› Nordend-West, Ober Weg 24
›› Westend-Nord, Im Trutz Frankfurt 55
›› Tel. 069 95633490,

Deutsch-Spanischer Kindergarten 2SonMás   
Kindergartens for 40 to 80 (Westend) children aged between 2 and 6, places available for 1 year olds in the Westend day nursery.
›› Bockenheim, Mühlgasse 31
›› Westend, Guiolletstr. 54
›› Tel. 069 47892027,

Fintosch – International Toddler  School & Kindergarten   
Fintosch is a private English Frankfurt International Toddler School & Kindergarten for children aged three months to 6 years with two locations in Frankfurt am Main. Both locations are easily accessible via public transport and are open throughout the year from 7.45 am to 7 pm. They have individual classrooms and their own outdoor areas, sports room and a library. The curriculum is carefully selected from an international approach and age appropriate for the children.
›› Westend-Süd, Schumannstr. 4-6, Tel. 069 77076911
›› Bockenheim, Gräfstr. 47-51, Tel. 069 71912959

ibms – International Bilingual Montessori School   
Six Nido-groups, each with 10 children aged under three years. Six parallel Children’s House groups for 3- to 5-year-olds. The main language is English. See also international schools.
›› Westend-Süd, Senckenberganlage 20-22, Tel. 069 745646,

International School Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (ISF)   
English-speaking kindergarten associated with the school. See also international schools.
›› Sindlingen, Straße zur Internationalen Schule 33, Tel. 069 954319710,

Internationales Familienzentrum e.V.   
Eight day care centers in Frankfurt with children from over 30 different nations, plus advice and wide variety of education and integration programs for foreign and German families.
›› Eschersheim, Im Gee­ren 80, Tel. 069 69524962
›› Ostend, Ost­endstr. 70-72, Tel. 069 40354711
›› Niederrad, Im Mainfeld 5a, Tel. 069 47870010
›› Höchst, Windthorststr. 82, Tel. 069 30037724
›› Rödelheim, Rödelheimer Bahnweg 27, Tel. 069 7137789100
›› Bonames, Wacholderweg 3, Tel. 069 905465180
›› Sachsenhausen, Sachsenhäuser Landwehrweg 301a, Tel. 069 638095450
›› Bockenheim, Montgolfier-Allee 10, Tel. 069 24779749

Kids Camp Bilinguale Kindertagesstätte   
Full-day care for children aged between 10 months and 6 years in Frankfurt and Königstein. Bilingual: German/English. All Kids Camp Day Care Centers are open year-round. Daily opening times 7.30 am to 5.00/6.00 pm.
›› Sachsenhausen, Kennedyallee 55, Tel. 069 273158520
›› Europaviertel, Pariser Str. 21, Tel. 069 273158510
›› 61462 König­stein, Heuhohlweg 20, Tel. 06174 2556135
›› 61462 König­stein-Schneidhain, Am Erdbeerstein 10a, Tel. 06174 9357880

K.I.D.S Kindergarten e.V.   
Bilingual kindergarten for children aged three to six whose native language is English or German.
›› Westend-Nord, Sebas­tian-Rinz-Str. 22, Tel. 069 558403,

Kindergarten Pinocchio der italienisch-katholischen Gemeinde   
Six bilingual groups, German/Italian, for children from the age of one to when they are old enough to start school.
›› Nordend-West, Unterweg 16, Tel. 069 90557750,

Kita Erasmus   
Multilingual daycare centers, whose goal is to teach children trilingualism (German, English, Spanish) at a relaxed pace. The ASB teachers cooperative runs the centers.
›› Westend-Süd, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 44, Tel. 069 907436413
›› Kalbach-Riedberg, Lucy-Hillebrand-Str. 3, Tel. 069 254742330

Le Jardin   
Day care center with French, Spanish, English and German groups. Care for children aged from two months to when they are old enough to start school.
›› Jardin Palmito Bockenheim, Ginnheimer Landstr. 11
›› Jardin Rödelheim: Rödelheimer Landstr. 44
›› Jardin Eschersheim, Kurhessenstr. 92a
›› Jardin Rebgärten, Ginnheim, Rebgärten 54
›› DWS Kinderkrippe, Untermainkai 44
›› Jardin am Hof, Bockenheim, Trakehner Str. 7-9
›› Jardin Hausen: Im Vogelsang 1
›› Jardin Weisser Stein: Eschersheimer Landstr. 601-603
›› Contact: Tel. 069 669698800,

Metropolitan School Frankfurt   
English-speaking kindergarten at the Metropolitan School. It has places for children aged three to six years old. The staff are native German or English speakers and use the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). See also international schools.
›› Rödelheim, Eschborner Landstr. 134-142, Tel. 069 96864050,

Pebbles – Obermayr Krippe & Kindergarten   
Nursery, kindergarten and preschool facilities associated with the Obermayr International School. See also international schools.
›› 65824 Schwalbach am Taunus, Am weißen Stein, Tel. 06196 76859125,

PhorMinis Steinbach  
Our bilingual day care centre “PhorMinis” provides care for children from 6 months and up. Through play, children learn English and German. Knowledge of English is not a requirement for admission. The day care centre has its own outside area to run and play.
›› 61449 Steinbach/Taunus, Waldstr. 91, Tel. 06171 2060270,

Taunus International Montessori School (TIMS)  
International private (pre)school for children from 18 months to 6 years old. Montessori educational theory, maximum of 17 students per group. Classes are in English.
›› 61440 Oberursel, Zim­mers­mühlenweg 77, Tel. 06171 913310,


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