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Literally great – language schools in Frankfurt

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Language schools in Frankfurt have helped foreigners from various different nations including Brazilians, Croatians, Swedes and Chinese to express themselves in German.
There are over seventy schools specialising in teaching German as a foreign language.

Their teaching methods vary. Some schools offer tuition based on multimedia and role play while others offer a combination of traditional language lessons coupled with sports.
Germans who want to brush up their language skills for their next holiday or to improve their Business English can chose from a wide selection of language schools. You’ll find plenty of other schools teaching Spanish, Italian and many other languages.

A short lesson in Hessian

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There are about 6,000 different languages worldwide and each one has countless local dialects.
Television, the Internet and increasing globalization threaten to make many of these dialects extinct.

Language school check list

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With a huge selection of language schools in Frankfurt it's not always easy to choose the right one. We give you an essential check list of criteria to make that decision easier.



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