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Frankfurt hairdressers: we make the cut

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Low Budget

Cut & Walk
Women & men 15 euros and up
Hairstylist chain with two locations in Frankfurt. Whether male or female, a wash and cut costs only € 15, and no need for an appointment.

›› Bockenheim, Leipziger Str. 14, Tel. 70 79 59 24
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 85, Tel. 29 72 80 88

Women & men 12 euros and up
“Hairstylists are passé, now there’s the Hair Factory.” The Hair Factory’s slogan has been so successful that it has 15 locations in Darmstadt, Schwanheim and Neu-Isenburg among others. Just pick a number and wait a little for the next free chair, then get an inexpensive haircut and blow-dry your hair yourself, including conditioner, hair treatment and gel.
›› Nordend-Ost, Friedberger Landstr. 150, Tel. 94 59 73 74,

Medium Budget

Women 40 euro and up, men 30 euros and up
The large salon makes a roomy and friendly impression over 240 sq m. The service palette ranges from hair and hairstyle treatment to gala and fancy dos, flippant trendy cuts, colorings and highlights as well as makeup.
›› Innenstadt, Elefantengasse 2, Tel. 5 96 22 74,

Art Hair
Women 29 euros and up, men 17 euros and up
The Art Hair team works with the two leading hair extension methods worldwide (Hair Dreams and Great Length). The cuts are conservative but not ordinary.
›› Nordend-West, Eckenheimer Landstr. 20, Tel. 59 41 33
›› Innenstadt, Große Eschenheimer Str. 13, Tel. 21 02 88 90
›› Nordend-West, Oeder Weg 39, Tel. 29 72 48 48
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 11, Tel. 15 05 56 50

Chi Hair Spa
Women 50 euros and up, men 35 euros and up
As its name suggests, Chi offers indulgence and beauty from head to toe in an East Asian manner. Each haircut includes a head massage; only plant-based natural products are used.
›› Innenstadt, Meisengasse 32, Tel. 91 39 62 27

Women 48 euros and up, men 28 euros and up
Cool and stylish store which concentrates on the essentials, i.e. modern hairstyling.
›› Nordend-Ost, Rohrbachstr. 17, Tel. 94 59 83 17,

Cut Club
Women 41 euros and up, men 30 euros and up
Attention football fans! This small, fashionable salon regularly raffles tickets for Eintracht Frankfurt games. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly, competent advice.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 118, Tel. 90 43 48 72,

Women 39 euros and up, men 19 euros and up
This salon concentrates 100 percent on your hair. Everything revolves around your crown at essanelle. New trends and personalized styling, excellent streaks and shiny hair colors – all at an attractive price, either with or without an appointment. Whether you’re looking for a long or short haircut, a romantic or frisky style, a swept-up hairdo or a sporty bob – help and advice is taken seriously at essanelle, as is finding the right style that suits you.
›› Innenstadt, Galeria Kaufhof an der Hauptwache, Zeil 116-126, 6. Etage, Tel. 28 36 19
›› Innenstadt, Karstadt, Zeil 90, Tel. 28 04 49
›› Bergen-Enkheim, Galeria Kaufhof im Hessen Center, Borsigallee 26, EG, Tel. 0 61 09/3 18 13
›› Tröndle – Ihr Friseur im Flughafen (Terminal 1, Flugsteig C, Ebene 0, Tel. 69 05 33 31
›› 65843 Sulzbach, Galeria Kaufhof im Main-Taunus-Zentrum, EG, Tel. 30 10 16

Headlines Haircutting
Women 47 euros and up, men 37 euros and up
English-language salon in the heart of Westend. Friendly and professional team which caters to the client’s individual style; comprehensive consultations on all hair-related topics. Dedicated clientele for more than 25 years.
›› Westend, Eppsteiner Str. 30, Tel. 72 58 06,

Jens Rosenbecker
Women 54 euros and up, men 49 euros and up
Homemade color combinations with few chemicals are Jens Rosenbecker’s trademark. Every new cut includes an aromatherapy massage.
›› Innenstadt, Große Bockenheimer Str. 52, Tel. 21 99 88 41

Klaus Peter Ochs
Women 46 euros and up, men 30 euros and up
The right hair salon for every price range: the branch on the Zeilgalerie also offers a cheap “cut & go” service on the first floor, and other locations offer a more expensive all-round service.
›› Innenstadt, Zeil 112-114, Zeilgalerie Ebene 1, Tel. 29 00 94
›› Innenstadt, MyZeil, Zeil 105, Tel. 2 86 81
›› Innenstadt, Schillerstr. 26, Tel. 23 30 07 & Schillerstr. 26, Tel. 21 08 65 55
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 83, Tel. 61 51 05
›› Westend-Süd, Bockenheimer Landstr. 124, Tel. 74 80 08
›› Nordend-West, Eschersheimer Landstr. 7, Tel. 91 50 75 91
›› Bergen-Enk­heim, Hessen Center, Borsigallee 26, Tel. 3 48 30
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 146, Tel. 40 56 56 40

Obscura Styles
Women 44 euros and up, men 34 euros and up
If you need a new perm, Obscura is not the place for you. They offer the latest trends from London, as well as the Combbar every three months, when you can enjoy tasty cocktails and cool music while getting your hair cut. Changing art exhibits in the “Flug­galerie”.
›› Nordend-West, Glauburgstr. 16, Tel. 90 55 59 59,

Romeo & Julia Hairdreams
Women 35 euros and up, men 23 euros and up
Master hairstylists Julia Wiebe and Natalja Wagner conjure up true hair dreams in their chic Sachsenhausen salon. Starting with competent advice and progressing to perfect styling using L’Oreal Professionnel products, any desired hairstyle succeeds effortlessly, regardless of whether it is classical or trendy.
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizer Str. 12, Tel. 61 76 88,

Women 30 euros and up, men 20 euros and up
Fernando Pinto’s salon has existed for about 20 years, which speaks for its continuity and quality. Comprehensive advice and competent cuts are his highest priorities.
›› Nordend-West, Eckenheimer Landstr. 124, Tel. 59 16 55,

Women 42 euros and up, men 31 euros and up
Bring a lot of time and a desire to relax on your next visit to Theatrum Salons. For 10 years, customers have been getting the perfect cut with accompanying meditative music.
›› Ostend, Sandweg 6, Tel. 90 43 46 43,

High Budget

Claudio Licci
Women 61 euros and up, men 38 euros and up
If you want, you can get a complete beauty makeover here. From a haircut to chemical-free coloration to head massages, manicures and hair removal, all the way to make-up - they offer everything.
›› Innenstadt, Große Bockenheimer Str. 43, Tel. 13 37 92 22,

Women 50,50 euros and up (Junior Stylist), men 39 euros and up
In a three-storey heritage building, Arzu and Bert Dylus offer trendy and competent styles. Also coloring, bridal service, make-up, wellness treatments and real-hair extensions. A particular specialty is their Water Bar, allowing you to choose from over 15 kinds of water, including water collected under a full moon in Spain.
›› Innenstadt, Börsenplatz 13-15, Tel. 2 00 35,

Women & men 55 euros and up
The Liebes­dienste Salon is a concept combining hairstylists, a beauty salon, a shop and a café. Oliver Metz­ler’s team offers its service over three floors of exclusive ambience; and every once in a while, party events are also held.
›› Sachsenhausen, Textorstr. 24, Tel. 60 62 97 60,

Vidal Sassoon
Women & men 60 euros and up
Worldwide chain with its own range of hair care products. One of the five salons in Germany is here in Frankfurt. Real hair pros are at work here, always setting new accents in the area of hairstyle trends and then skillfully putting them into practice.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserhofstr. 16, Tel. 2 97 04 00,

Wachs & Wachs & Zians
Women 58 euros and up, men 50 euros and up
Wachs & Wachs & Zians, Frankfurt’s hairstyling trio, specializes in simple and perfect cuts that still look good after the first few washes. As proof of their skills, Cajus Wachs won the 2009 award as the best hairdresser in Germany.
›› Westend-Süd, Liebigstr. 23-25, Tel. 72 92 86,


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