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Rental prices in Frankfurt

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According to the German Realtors’ Federation (Immobilienverband Deutschland - IVD), Frankfurt is one of the ten most expensive cities in Germany for property rental. But it’s only in third place in the Rhein-Main region. Rents are higher in Wiesbaden and Bad Homburg, where tenants must dig more deeply into their pockets than anywhere else in the country.

The IVD classifies its property offerings by age, by old, average and new accommodations, and into basic, average and good standards of housing. The standard depends upon the location, architectural design, fittings and level of modernization of the property. New buildings are always given at least an average standard; therefore, no prices are given for basic standard properties in this category.

Good places to live in Frankfurt include areas in Eschersheim, Bockenheim, Praun­heim, Dornbusch, Ginnheim, Nordend-West, Westend-Süd and Sachsenhausen-Süd. Another good overview of rented accommodation in the Frankfurt urban area appears in the Mietspiegel (Property Rental Mirror), which has been published for over 40 years. The guide is compiled in collaboration with landlord and tenants federations and is published by the city's housing office.


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