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Frankfurt’s furnishing houses

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DIY & garden centers Exotic furniture Home accessories
Furniture & home design Children Antique & retro
Kitchens & bathrooms Beds Lighting

DIY & garden centers

Nationwide chain of hardware and DIY markets, large selection ranging from A as in air-conditioners to Z as in zippers.
›› Fechenheim, Hanauer Landstr. 517-543, Tel. 2 19 78 80
›› 63 457 Hanau, Edisonstr. 3, Tel. 0 61 81/95 34-0

Becher Holzhandel
Becker offers a wide product lineup for individual interior furnishing. Parquet, solid wood and laminate flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, wall and ceiling panelling, doors, fittings, wood for gardens and terraces – all from all leading brands and manufacturers. Customers can also expect expert advice on interior decoration and furnishing. The city branch has all the above products in a 400 sq m store, (which also has a special line of room-high doors.)
›› Seckbach, Kruppstr. 100-110, Tel. 42 69 36-0
›› Preungesheim, August-Schanz-Str. 15-17, Tel. 54 20 11-0

Everything your garden needs, from seeds and plants to tools and furniture, plus arts and crafts department, decorative articles and pet food.
›› 63128 Dietzenbach, Albert-Einstein-Str. 1, Tel. 0 60 74/88 69 30
›› 63457 Hanau, Brüningstr. 6, Tel. 0 61 81/95 15 10
›› 65719 Hofheim, Casteller Str. 97, Tel. 0 61 92/99 39 39

Gartencenter Müller & Pfützner
Nursery with over 400,000 plants and over 2,000 types and varieties, specialized in perennials.
›› Sossenheim, Westerbachstr. 247, Tel. 34 18 97,

Moos & Söhne
Specialty market for building materials of all kinds, also garden accessories and wood products, as well as rental equipment for the passionate DIYer, such as mini diggers or cultivators, traditional family-run business since 1949.
›› 65824 Schwalbach am Taunus, Hauptstr./Burgstr. 2, Tel. 0 61 96/5 08 60,

Natur-Baumarkt Wende
Extensive assortment in the categories of ecological building, healthy houses and living in harmony with nature.
›› Nordend-Ost, Petterweilstr. 34h, Tel. 45 40 88,

Fourth largest DIY chain in the world, tools, furniture, all you need to furnish your home, including painting and decorating service and machine rental.
›› Sachsenhausen, Mörfelder Landstr. 129, Tel. 6 60 56 83
›› 63303 Dreieich, Frankfurter Str. 127, Tel. 0 61 03/9 33 10
›› 65203 Wiesbaden, Friedrich-Bergius-Str. 20, Tel. 0 611/98 86 60

Unlike in the usual garden centers, shopping at this new green oasis run by a traditional family company is a great experience for the whole family. Over 12,000 sq m there is the usual extensive selection of 40,000 items, such as room and hydro-culture plants, garden and balcony plants, garden accessories and much more, along with highlights such as the attractive bamboo garden with a waterfall and a restaurant to relax in during a shopping trip while children learn about nature in a playful way in the climbing tree house.
›› 65203 Wiesbaden, Hagenauer Str. 38, Tel. 0 611/50 40 46-0,

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Betten Nöll
Professional advice for individualized and perfect sleep comfort. Bed frames, mattresses and bed linens are optimally matched together according to your wishes.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 75, Tel. 43 72 99,

Betten Zellekens
Bedding specialist in the areas of healthy and refreshing sleep. Frames, mattresses, water beds, bed linens, pillows, furniture for sleeping and sitting.
›› Fechenheim, Wächtersbacher Str. 88-90
›› Innenstadt, Sandgasse 6
›› Tel. 4 20 00 00

Bettgeflüster’s motto is “sleeping healthily and naturally”, and that is best done on contaminant-controlled natural mattresses in solid wood beds; also cushioned furniture and solid wood children’s furniture.
›› Nordend-West, Adickesallee 43-45, Tel. 5 97 83 21

Bios Affair
Contemporary beds, mattresses, futons, as well as day beds, linens and bedroom furniture; in Frankfurt for more than 25 years.
›› Nordend-Ost, Höhenstr. 16, Tel. 4 98 01 43,

Dänisches Bettenlager
Large bed and furnishing specialist, ten locations around Frankfurt with up to 4,000 different products, mainly bedroom and dining room furniture such as bed frames, wall units, dressers and living accessories.
›› 63069 Offenbach, Odenwaldring 10, Tel. 80 90 98 90
›› 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Farmstr. 101, Tel. 0 61 05/97 77 90
›› 63486 Bruchköbel, Hammersbacher Str. 1, Tel. 0 61 81/5 07 24 00
›› 63329 Egelsbach, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 2, Tel. 0 61 03/7 06 59 80
›› 63477 Maintal-Dörnigheim, Honeywellstr. 11, Tel. 0 61 81/4 24 09 90

Dormiciel Bettenstudio
Specialty store for beds, box springs, mattresses including personal consultation on sleep position.
›› Ginnheim, Raimundstr. 27, Tel. 53 32 53,

Hästens Store
The real bed experts can be found here: Hästens wasn’t granted the noble title of “Sweden’s royal supplier”, for the first time in 1952, for no reason. This traditional company has already helped innumerable customers to get a good night’s sleep: all of Hästens’ beds are made by hand from high quality natural materials. All beds can be ordered and of course tested upon request at Frankfurt’s concept store.
›› Innenstadt, Kirchnerstr. 3-5, Tel. 21 99 73 76,

The Iron Bed Company
English and Italian iron beds that can be made to personal specifications to create an individudally designed bed. Also night tables and side furniture that matches the beds. Real craft work in varying colors and styles.
›› 61130 Nidderau-Heldenbergen, Liebigstr. 18, Tel. 0 61 87/9 94 94 36,

Wasserbett Center Jakobi
Specialty store for waterbeds, hardside and softside beds in all price ranges.
›› 63303 Dreieich-Sprendlingen, Robert-Bosch-Str. 18, Tel. 0 61 03/37 18 28
›› 55116 Mainz, Rheinstr. 101-103, Tel. 0 61 31/23 44 34

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Furniture & home design

Agnès Broise Homedesign & Staging
Have you just moved? Agnès Broise Home Design & Staging will help you furnish your new home. Room planning, advice on colors, lighting, accessories, drapes and small details – all this helps you create the ambience of your dream home. Agnès Broise Home Design & Staging is an international home interior design team based in Frankfurt. Advice in French, English or German.
›› Kontakt: Tel. 0 173/4 18 24 86,

Art to Use
Everyday furniture stylishly designed. Chairs, shelving, beds and sofas are simple yet nevertheless conspicuous through the color selection.
›› Innenstadt, Vilbeler Landstr. 36, Tel. 59 91 10,

Largest retail chain store of the Danish furniture industry with stores throughout the world, furniture and accessories in a noble design for all living areas, modular concepts with an extensive selection of various materials, styles and colors. Interestingly, BoConcept offers free software, downloadable from the Internet, which can help you to create your own dream dwelling on your monitor.
›› 65185 Wiesbaden, Friedrichstr. 14, Tel. 0 611/5 80 88 69,

Bürkle Wohnkonzept
The sympathetic interior decorating store provides furniture and accessories for every place in the home except for the kitchen and bathroom. Modern, linear design governs the entire range of individual interior decorating ideas here; of course, comfort is not ignored. Whether cozy sofas, clever cabinet systems or wonderful bedrooms – renowned manufacturers guarantee the highest degree of comfort and quality. A professional consulting and planning service, which can include visits to customers’ homes and a textile studio rounds off the satisfying amenities here.
›› 63263 Neu Isenburg, Frankfurter Str. 15, Tel. 0 61 02/80 04 77,

Cairo Designstore
400 sq m full of high quality office, patio and upholstered furniture, including a large selection of practical as well as definitely off-beat designer accessories, such as the In Attesa garbage can.
›› Innenstadt, Große Eschenheimer Str. 9, Tel. 29 99 26 46,

Flamme Möbel
Frankfurt’s biggest home furnishings store has a massive choice of furniture and accessories for the bedroom, bathroom, office or children’s room. The company’s slogan is “more for less.”
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 433, Tel. 9 41 73-0,

Form im Raum
Stylish designs for all living spaces from leading manufacturers. Classic and contemporary lines with interesting lighting concepts.
›› Altstadt, Berliner Str. 60, Tel. 28 86 24,

Frank Landau
Designer classics from the 20th century ranging from Bauhaus creations to selected contemporary branded products.
›› Gallus, Hohenstaufenstr. 13-27, Tel. 74 09 07 40,

Grüne Erde
Economical and ecological quality furniture and textiles. Mostly handmade to guarantee a high material standard.
›› Innenstadt, Kaiserstr. 5, Tel. 089/1 20 09 90,

Hans Frick
For lovers of the Bauhaus style of the 1920s and 30s. Reflects the clear esthetics of this design school in furniture for the bedroom, bathroom or workplace; properly placed in context by professional interior designers.
›› Innenstadt, Goetheplatz 5, Tel. 28 51 31,

Heide & Bechthold
This store has already furnished the chancellor’s office. Simple, clear designs in modern forms and colors, by Interlübke and other leading manufacturers.
›› Fechenheim, Schießhüttenstr. 16, Tel. 94 21 66-0,

Large furniture discounter offering a large selection of quality furnishing items from leading manufacturers for every taste. Regular sensational clearance offers.
›› 63584 Gründau/Lieblos, Rabenaustr. 3-9, Tel. 0 60 51/8 22-0,

“Wood is our mission.” The specialists at Holzconnection fulfill this mission with a lot of know-how: With locations in ten cities in Germany, customized furniture is made in the in-house workshop here. Regardless of whether it is supposed to be a small wall shelf under the stairs, a new cabinet or elegant wall-to-wall bookshelves – you can find the right solution for all living areas and furnishing ideas. Customers can fulfill their very personal dreams of living, choosing from a selection of more than 50 types of wood and 70 different colors.
›› Altstadt, Fahrgasse 87, Tel. 25 62 65 96,

Unusual everyday and living items in modern and classic designs, created by young designers. Slightly pricier, but extremely attractive and unique.
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 136, Tel. 9 43 18 20,

The Swedish furniture chain store has also conquered Frankfurt and the surrounding area. You can find everything related to furniture and living in the typical and unmistakable Ikea style: from kitchen furniture to children’s rooms and endless accessories, plants and picture frames. A playground for children, a large restaurant, a specialty shop with Swedish goodies and a bistro with hot dog stand are standard at all Ikea stores.
›› Nieder-Eschbach, Züricher Str. 7
›› 63452 Hanau, Oderstr. 21
›› 65719 Hofheim-Wallau, Am Wandersmann 2-4
›› Tel. 0 180/5 35 34 35

Interior Coach
This privately run furnishing studio offers the whole range of high quality home interior fittings – functional designer furniture, sensual fabrics and aesthetically pleasing home accessories. Also professional advice on choice of fittings, planning and realization.
›› Bornheim, Löwengasse 27, Tel. 94 59 29 00,

Modern furnishings for trendy furniture and fun accessories. Whether classically minimalistic or colonial style, they feature a broad selection of stylish furniture.
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 297, Tel. 90 43 93-0,

Leptien 3
Stylish, futuristic furniture for living and work spaces. 1,500 sq m of space to be inspired in and then advised by interior designers. 
›› Innenstadt, Große Friedberger Str. 29-31, Tel. 91 30 16-0,

Ligne Roset
Very chic sofas that are also really comfortable, tempt you here. The traditional French company, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010, sells dream sofas for every design concept, and also everything that makes a home a nice place to be in, from complete bedrooms to tables and carpets to accessories.
›› Westend-Süd, An der Welle 2, Tel. 7 07 56 80
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 135, Tel. 43 82 00

Made in Happy Germany
Label that sells only creations by German designers and artists. This concept offers individual product ideas that beautify your living and work spaces. The artist and designer network includes various Frankfurt stores whose addresses can be found on the Web homepage.

Limited edition furniture and special offers, exhibition pieces, new launches, limited series.
›› Seckbach, Borsigallee 17, Tel. 40 80 61 85
›› 63303 Dreieich-Sprendlingen, Robert-Bosch-Str. 12, Tel. 0 61 03/2 70 28 45
›› 55120 Mainz-Mombach, Hauptstr. 17-19, Tel. 0 61 31/96 82 27

Mann Mobilia
Owned by the large furniture chain XXXLutz: inexpensive furniture, accessories, lighting and living fabrics.
›› 63303 Dreieich-Sprendlingen, Voltastr. 5, Tel. 0 61 03/9 31-5 55
›› 65760 Eschborn, Elly-Beinhorn Str. 3, Tel. 0 61 96/77 43-4 00
›› 65203 Wiesbaden, Äppelallee 69, Tel. 0 611/2 69-0

Möbel Grimm
Furnishing center for interior design. With large kitchen studio, diverse living styles such as country or Mediterranean; planning and installation.
›› 65451 Kelsterbach, Mörfelder Str. 32, Tel. 0 61 07/23 47,

Möbel Meiss
High quality furniture from leading manufacturers and designers. Everything for the sleeping area, living room, bath and kitchen. The right place for customers looking to invest a little more money for first-class furniture.
›› 61348 Bad Homburg, Louisenstr. 98, Tel. 0 61 72/6 79 00,

Affordable natural wood furniture including beech, pine and spruce.
›› Fechenheim, Hanauer Landstr. 360, Tel. 44 70 44,

Beyond fashion trends: timeless and at the same time contemporary designer furniture for work and home.
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 186, Tel. 96 21 94-0,

rooming interior+design
See home accessories.
›› Sachsenhausen, Walter-Kolb-Str. 18, Tel. 66 56 67 81,

Schindowski Heller Home Interiors
Living in the style of the Hamptons or New York city apartments: solid, metropolitan and international. Schindowski Heller offers everything for lovers of the modern city look. The furniture and accessories in the showroom, which come from the Belgian manufacturer Flamant Home Interior among others, are arranged according to this idea. Also available are wallpaper and textiles from The Royal Collection and Ralph Lauren, as well as noble wall colors by Farrow & Bell.
›› Westend Süd, Bockenheimer Landstr. 5, Tel. 97 99 59 55,

Schmidt Ambiente
This family-run enterprise will add flair to any home with its solid wood tables and chairs and fancy garden furniture from the best manufacturers as well as home accessories and gift ideas. There’s a special barbecue section for grill fans with all the latest equipment so you can get ready to cook up outdoor summer feasts. Coffee lovers will find suitable espresso and other coffee machines from Saeco and Gaggia. Expert advice from the staff makes a visit well worth while.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Frankfurter Str. 42-44, Tel. 0 61 02/7 78 20,

Large city-center showroom with smaller city center branches. Upholstered furniture and beds, tailor-made corner seats, classical style, not exactly inexpensive.
›› Innenstadt, Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 32, Tel. 2 01 56
›› 64331 Weiterstadt, Im Rödling 2, Tel. 0 61 50/1 36-0

Trendy furniture in a wide range of different designs ranging from cool designer lamps to opulent, gold-painted wardrobes. Relatively cheap.
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 208, Tel. 40 56 26 50,

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Exotic furniture

Indien Haus
Colorful and traditional furniture from the Asian realm. Whether from India, Bali, Indonesia or China, furniture from the Far East gives the home a very particular flair.
›› 55120 Mainz, Rheinallee 205, Tel. 0 61 31/9 68 96 10,

Lothar Heubel
Antiques, lifestyle, patio furniture and art from China, Indonesia, France or Latin America, brought back from travels. 
›› Innenstadt, Stiftstr. 32, Tel. 90 02 85 50,

Functional, simple and high quality handmade furniture from the American arts & crafts movement from the 1880s. Such furniture makes an impression via its simple and timeless yet stylish design.
›› 65199 Wiesbaden, Langendellschlag 68,

Classic Italian, French and English furniture not to be found in typical furniture stores. Noble and luxurious yet still comfortable.
›› Sossenheim, Westerbachstr. 124-134, Tel. 3 75 64-2 01,

Wonderful Asian furniture such as cabinets, tables, chairs and beds, but also corresponding accessories to go with these, which round out the Asian look.
›› Sachsenhausen, Diesterwegstr. 7, Tel. 66 16 97 90
›› Lagerverkauf (Sa): Sachsenhausen, Ziegelhüttenweg 34

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Furniture for children

Lelefant Kinderwelt Hanne Kley
“Good things for kids,” from furniture and fabrics to toys, music and games. After the store reopened in August 2009, it showcases on 600 sq m all kinds of furnishing items for rooms for babies, children and teenagers.
›› Innenstadt, Große Friedberger Str. 33-35, Tel. 28 48 11,

Märchenwelt Kinderzimmer
Everything for the kid’s room: beds, cushioned furniture, clothing and sleepwear, designed by architects and artists. The rooms can be individually designed.
›› Altstadt, Kaiserhofstr. 15, Tel. 92 88 28 88,

Schwab´s Baby Center
Warm family company, in its fifth generation, offering a broad selection of baby accessories over three floors.
›› Fechenheim, Hanauer Landstr. 417, Tel. 42 20 06,

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Kitchens & bathrooms

Absolut Bad
Situated in a former 19th century ballroom, showroom for beautiful bathrooms, kitchens and tiles. Worth a visit just for the location, and the right address when planning a new bathroom.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Frankfurter Str. 74-76, Tel. 61 02/71 56-0,

Modern Italian designer kitchens, tailored to individual wishes. Cooking events on the premises are offered regularly.
›› Altstadt, Berliner Str. 27, Tel. 29 72 47 29,

Bartelt Imperial
Noble kitchens from leading manufacturers, top quality, great service and advice.
›› Ginnheim, Ginnheimer Landstr. 187-189, Tel. 52 01 99,

Kitchen and bathroom brand that combines high quality materials, noble design and the most modern technology, creating a particularly special living concept.
›› Innenstadt, Neue Mainzer Str. 28, Tel. 79 53 49-21, -22,

bulthaup berliner straße
Germany’s leading kitchen designer, plain, well equipped kitchens with matching chairs, accessories, air conditioning and lamps.
›› Altstadt, Berliner Str. 29, Tel. 28 26 85,

Cosmopolitan Flagship Store Rhein Main
Germany’s first flagship store of the Cosmopolitan design label offers extravagant solutions and room concepts for kitchens. High-quality design kitchens with a consummate ambience combine the highest degree of quality and aesthetics with the most modern technology. Special characteristics are the unusual materials (e.g. sliding doors ennobled with gold leaf).
›› 63456 Hanau, An der Wiesenhecke 12-14, Tel. 0 61 81/66 52 33,

Das Badezimmer
Competent planners take over the design and implementation of your new bathroom, according to individual specifications and with high quality materials, to realize your dream of the perfect bathroom.
›› Dornbusch, Eschersheimer Land Str. 264b, Tel. 95 63 37 00,

Ebk-Höchst – Küchen Design
Advice, planning, sale and installation of kitchens from famous brand-name manufacturers for over 35 years. Also kitchen renovations, for example new counters or a new dishwasher.
›› Höchst, Adelonstr. 27, Tel. 30 32 30,

Rhein-Main’s largest kitchen specialty store, with a tradition of over 30 years. The store showcases kitchen decorating ideas and designs by leading manufacturers on over 5,000 sq m. The sample kitchens are shown in a space-based ambience; each customer receives professional advice and support, from planning to installation. Since the display is always maintained at the state of the art in regard to design and technology, there are always interesting items on sale. Also see Cosmopolitan Flagship Store.
›› 63456 Hanau, An der Wiesenhecke 12-14, Tel. 0 61 81/6 65 20,

Heyne & Lehmhaus Küchenräume
Their goal is to create kitchens that aren’t simply used to cook in, but also to eat, linger in – in short: a kitchen that can be used as a living space. Such kitchens naturally don’t come cheap.
›› Ostend, Würzburger Str. 4, Tel. 4 98 06 28,

Küche & Co
Large selection of kitchens, free kitchen planning, friendly advice and first-class service. Many kitchens can already be delivered within 10 working days.
›› Nordend-Ost, Friedberger Landstr. 92, Tel. 43 05 67 72,

Küchenhaus Krömmelbein
Dream kitchens tailored to specification. Practically every possible idea can be realized here by professional architects and cabinet makers.
›› Bockenheim, Ginnheimer Str. 45, Tel. 7 07 55 66,

Küchenstudio Vesta
Here, the kitchen becomes the center of the house. Professional advice and individual design included. Also houses a cooking school.
›› 63452 Hanau, Oderstr. 16, Tel. 0 61 81/1 80 02-0,

High quality and unique kitchens, competently managed from inception to delivery and installation. Once a month the studio becomes a cookery school after closing time.
›› Innenstadt, Große Gallusstr. 1-7, Tel. 21 02 89 73,

Miele Schmidt
This known and trusted brand stands for functional furnishings and classic design in high quality, at a reasonable price performance ratio.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Herzogstr. 53-55, Tel. 0 61 02/3 30 14,

Kitchens and bathrooms are made into a reality in a high quality way here, especially according to customers’ individual wishes. From concept to finding the right materials and fitting, you’re in good hands at Ortigas.
››  61184 Karben, Gronauer Weg 9 & 24a, Tel. 0 60 39/4 28 76,

Kitchen speciality store, offering modern and unusual kitchen designs with a best-price guarantee and other inexpensive sale offers.
›› Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 291-293, Tel. 2 38 07 70
›› 65760 Eschborn, Ginnheimer Str. 6, Tel. 0 61 96/90 94 90
›› 61350 Bad Homburg, Dietigheimer Str. 3, Tel. 0 61 72/98 43 50
›› 65203 Wiesbaden, Hagenauer Str. 36, Tel. 0 611/23 86 53-0

Luxurious and extravagant bathroom arrangements from French and Italian designers, which one surely won’t find in every store.
›› Bahnhofsviertel, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 7, Tel. 4 99 01 01,

Hobby cooks who lay worth on fashionable design as well as practicality and environmentally friendliness will find just what they need for their dream kitchen in the elegant Valcucine kitchen studio. The various kitchen layouts will win you over with their clear lines and classy Italian flair. They have many refinements that will help make meals at home into sensual experiences. Expert advice is on hand for all planning questions from the highly motivated Valcucine teams.
›› Sachsenhausen, Zum Apothekerhof 2, Tel. 60 32 95 05,

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Das Licht
Individual and intelligent lighting concepts for living and work spaces. Different designs and competent advice and implementation.
›› 61348 Bad Homburg, Höhestr. 13-33, Tel. 0 61 72/92 87 00,

Die Lichtfabrik
Lighting concepts, planning and designer lamps from famous names as well as young up-and-coming manufacturers are on display in a beautiful factory warehouse.
›› Seckbach, Gwinnerstr. 34-36, Tel. 94 19 71-0,

Lampenschirmstudio Barth
Repairs of lampshades and conversion of your favorite vase, for example, into a lamp. Biedermeier furniture and other antiques are also on sale.
›› Sachsenhausen, Scheckenhofstr. 15, Tel. 61 25 54,

The store’s lighting concept is characterized by clear forms and minimalist style, in order not to appear invasive. The design is based on Mies van der Rohe’s “international style” of the 1920s, and makes it possible to take home high quality design products at a reasonable price. A modular system helps customers to create their own lighting systems taking into account size, materials and design.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 109, Tel. 49 08 65 90,

Lichtcenter Frankfurt
Specialty lighting store for interior and exterior lighting. Designer lamps, nursery lamps, industrial lighting including lighting concepts and advice.
›› Innenstadt, Große Friedberger Str. 44-46, Tel. 2 10 28 80,

People need light to live, that much is certain. Here one can find lamps and lighting concepts in every style and variation in a huge showroom, including competent advice.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Taunusstr. 89, Tel. 0 61 02/2 00 30,

Starlight Leuchten Center
Lighting systems from name brand manufacturers in modern, classic styles and noble design. After professional advice, also delivery and installation upon request.
›› 64331 Weiterstadt, Friedrich-Schäfer-Str. 12, Tel. 0 61 51/87 14 30,

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Home accessories

Colorful, flippant living decor for living room, kitchen or bathroom. Whether it be for bright green salad mixers, huge pasta plates, mini Zen gardens or breakfast boards with unusual motifs, this place is worth a visit.
›› Innenstadt, Roßmarkt 10, Tel. 21 99 09-10
›› Altstadt, Neue Kräme 26, Tel. 13 38 82-87
›› 61348 Bad Homburg, Louisenstr. 65, Tel. 0 61 72/18 98-68
›› 64283 Darmstadt, Elisabethenstr. 8, Tel. 0 61 51/2 78 74-41

Das Depot
Decor items, accessories, gifts from trendy to romantic to classics, which won’t cost a fortune.
›› Innenstadt, Große Bockenheimer Str. 50, Tel. 13 38 92 14
›› Innenstadt, Zeil/Neue Kräme 121, Tel. 21 99 75 85
›› Bergen-Enkheim, Borsigallee 26, Tel. 61 09/37 51 40
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Hermesstr. 4, Tel. 0 61 02/30 85 95
›› 61348 Bad Homburg, Louisen Str. 91-95, Tel. 0 61 72/6 82 67 75
›› 65183 Wiesbaden, Kirchgasse 35-43, Tel. 0 611/3 60 23 66
›› 65183 Wiesbaden, Langgasse 17, Tel. 0 611/3 08 30 44
›› 63303 Dreieich, Voltastr. 5
›› 63450 Hanau, Nürnberger Str. 14, Tel. 0 61 81/25 79 71

Das Landhaus
Romantically wrought plates, tissues, candles and furniture for the garden, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.
›› Innenstadt, Sandgasse 2, Tel. 21 99 79 90
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 54, Tel. 48 00 62 99

Colorful kitsch and flippant living accessories brighten up every living space. From the baroque plastic chandelier to the pistol-shaped hair dryer, you’ll find both funny and practical items.
›› Altstadt, Neue Kräme 29, Tel. 28 14 27,

If you can’t find the suitable accessory for your home here, then you are the only one to blame. The selection of beautiful and useful things is as immense as the range of things on offer. From chic espresso cups to cool fashion for him and her, pretty much everything can be found here.
›› Nordend-West, Oeder Weg 43, Tel. 80 90 68 78,

Large collection of Japanese accessories such as chopsticks, figurines, tissues, paintings and also authentic furniture.
›› Altstadt, Töngesgasse 42, Tel. 28 19 50,

Historic family business since 1796, chic household items and living accessories, fabric and electric appliances in classic designs in the upper price range.
›› Innenstadt, Schillerstr. 16, Tel. 2 99 95-0,

Finnish designer label with accessories and furniture for every living area. Stylish fabric patterns and colors help to create a trendy living flair and have made this textile company famous.
›› Nordend-West, Oeder Weg 29, Tel. 13 02 38 11,

Mouse House
You won’t find mice in this bright store. Instead waiting to be discovered are high-quality home accessories and creative gift ideas. The assortment ranges from glass and porcelain to candles and pillows and even selected items of furniture.
›› Westend-Süd, Reuterweg 57, Tel. 17 31 18,

Practical and functional accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, garden and workplace which not only make life easier but are also pleasing and elegant to the eye.
›› Innenstadt, Bleidenstr. 3, Tel. 29 72 48 28,

rooming interior & design
If individual accessories and furniture make you happy, Axel Kelm’s stylish showroom is the place for you! In addition to wonderfully designed lamps, glass objets d’art and textiles, you can also find scented candles, fine porcelain and many other things that beautify the ambience in your home. Professional customer service available for planning and designing your living space.
›› Sachsenhausen, Walter-Kolb Str. 18, Tel. 66 56 67 81,

Sai Kung
High quality Asian living accessories from Vietnam and Thailand. From candles and jewelry to textiles and furniture; furnishing consultation from the owner by arrangement.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 48, Tel. 43 05 20 40,

Schmidt Ambiente
See furniture.
›› 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Frankfurter Str. 42-44, Tel. 0 61 02/7 78 50,

Furniture and textiles from Asia, self-designed accessories, art and fashions.
›› Nordend-Ost, Berger Str. 17, Tel. 94 94 56 65,

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Antique & retro

Art and furnishings in art nouveau, art deco and other design styles. The store sells only authentic originals and will help in the search for classics on request.
›› 65183 Wiesbaden, Saalgasse 24-26, Tel. 0 611/52 33 25,

Noble second hand furnishing classics from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Small store with hand-picked selection of the most sought-after and stylish retro furniture.
›› Sachsenhausen, Brückenstr. 54, Tel. 95 92 80 22,

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