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The best cuisine from German-speaking countries in Cologne

Gaffel am Dom


Cologne brewery pubs

Bierhaus en d´r Salzgass
Who doesn’t like to drink the famous Päffgen Kölsch? You can enjoy the beer here in convivial company and satisfy hunger pangs with everything that Rhineland cuisine can offer.

›› Altstadt-Nord,Salzgasse 5-7, Tel. 8 00 19 00,

Brauerei zur Malzmühle
Hearty brew-pub fare and a freshly-pulled Mühlen Kölsch beer – both are equally good at the Malzmühle and are served with traditional Cologne conviviality. A second home for many regulars. The Malzmühle has room for 80 more guests in its cozy atmosphere since it was remodelled in summer 2010.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Heumarkt 6, Tel. 21 01 17,

Brauhaus der Schreckenskammer
Schreckenskammer (chamber of horrors) serves horribly nice Kölsch beer in Cologne’s oldest and smallest brewery pub-restaurant. Cologne residents have enjoyed the beer and food here for more than 555 years. The hearty home-made fare tastes just like mother made it and is just as delicious as the beer.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Ursulagartenstr. 11, Tel. 13 25 81,

Brauhaus Gaffel am Dom
The Gaffel brewery is close to Cologne Cathedral and is often nicknamed the “cathedral of conviviality.’’ But don’t worry, it’s not especially pious, more boozy and relaxed. It’s also popular with locals as well as tourists.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Bahnhofsvorplatz 1, Tel. 9 13 92 60,

Brauhaus Goldener Pflug
Classic Cologne dishes such as bacon pancakes, cheese sandwiches or black pudding with mashed potatoes are served here, always fresh and delicious. Freshly pulled Gaffel Kölsch beer flows freely. Both the food and drink delight body and soul in equal measure.
›› Merheim, Olpener Str. 421, Tel. 310 56 31

Brauhaus ohne Namen
This brewery restaurant has made a name for itself not just by calling itself the brewery without a name, but mostly because the fresh Kölsch beer and the imaginative food served in generous portions taste delicious.
›› Deutz, Mathildenstr. 42, Tel. 81 26 80,

Brauhaus Päffgen
Always full, loud and lively. In the Päffgen brewery restaurant the Cologne lifestyle is enjoyed true to the saying “live and let live’’ just as local residents like it. Päffgen beer flows freely and tasty regional food is served. Traditionally it’s especially full on Fridays when fried potato pancakes that are among the best in the city are served, starting at 5 pm.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Friesenstr. 64-66, Tel. 13 54 61,

Brauhaus Pütz
There´s always something going on at Pütz whether people are relaxing with one (or two) Mühlen Kölsch beers after work or tucking into a sumptuous Sunday afternoon meal of pork knuckle and potato dumplings. Young people enjoy the lively atmosphere. Great location within easy reach of the Belgian quarter.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Engelbertstr. 67, Tel. 21 11 66

Brauhaus Quetsch
Holding a fresh Kölsch beer and casting a glance over the Rhine – a summer evening in Rodenkirchen doesn’t end any better. But even if the weather isn’t so good, the spacious Quetsch is a good place to enjoy a refreshing Kölsch and regional food specialties.
›› Rodenkirchen, Hauptstr. 7, Tel. 39 23 76,

Brauhaus Reissdorf
Yet another variety of Kölsch. Fresh Reissdorf beer flows down the throats of thirsty drinkers here, refreshing the soul. Also refreshing after a change in landlord is the menu, which now offers seasonal and international dishes as well as the traditional brew-pub classics.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Kleiner Griechenmarkt 40, Tel. 21 92 54,

Brauhaus Sion
If you take a walk around the old town, you’ll end up in this authentic Cologne brewery restaurant sooner or later, either sitting on the terrace or inside the comfortable bar area. When a fresh Sion Kölsch beer moistens your throat and a crispy potato pancake is brought by an agile waiter, there isn’t much else to wish for.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Unter Taschenmacher 5-7, Tel. 2 57 85 40,

Brauhaus Stüsser
The new Stüsser is not quite as charming as the old one, but it is thoroughly recommendable as a place to meet friends and drink a draft Scion in convivial company. A popular place with residents of the Agnes quarter.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Neusser Str. 47, Tel. 47 44 69 99

Brauhaus Sünner im Walfisch
This friendly traditional brewery restaurant is right in the heart of the labyrinthine old town. You’ll feel at home from the first to the last Kölsch beer. Good solid food, mainly typical Rhineland dishes, boosts the enjoyment of the Kölsch.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Salzgasse 13, Tel. 2 57 78 79,

Brauhaus Töller
This authentic brewery restaurant is housed in one of Cologne’s oldest buildings. Instead of being modernized, the original furnishings are constantly restored with great attention to detail, which accounts for the very special charm of this tavern. Just like in grandmother’s time, people come here to drink a Päffgen beer from the barrel and enjoy the house specialty, a tender pork knuckle.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Weyerstr. 96, Tel. 258 93 16,

Colonia Brauhaus
This picturesque traditional brewery restaurant is by the Rhine and serves Scion Kölsch beer in its stylish interior. You can eat on the terrace in the summer and more active customers can try the restaurant’s skittle alley.
›› Riehl, An der Schanz 2, Tel. 7 15 63 55,

Ehrenfelder Brauhaus
Here you’ll find the typical furnishings of a Cologne brewery restaurant in the shape of lots of dark wood, tables scrubbed bare and a wide bar counter. Dishes such as beef goulash and marinated beef naturally taste better than ever in such traditional surroundings but you should also dare to try the house specialty, “Cologne Tapas.’’ It’s served every day from 5 pm.
›› Ehrenfeld, Venloerstr. 403, Tel. 5 00 61 11,

Em golde Kappes
This popular pub-restaurant received a bright new look at the end of 2009. Authentic Cologne conviviality reigns inside the cozy rooms, which are also the perfect venue for stag parties. The regulars are a mixed crowd of old and young.
›› Nippes, Neusser Str. 295, Tel. 92 29 26 40,

Früh am Dom
Well-known among young and old, and by Cologne residents and tourists alike, the Früh am Dom brewery restaurant has always been a magnet for the masses, so it’s always hard to get a place straight away – even though Früh is one of Cologne’s biggest brewery pubs with 900 seats. Despite that, this place is a must, especially to hear the especially quick-witted Cologne waiters.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Am Hof 12-18, Tel. 2 61 32 11,

Früh em Veddel
A picture-book, cozy brewery restaurant. Here you can bask in the Cologne-style “Veddel’s atmosphere’’ and discuss the meaning of life over Kölsch beer and marinated beef from early until late at night.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Chlodwigplatz 28, Tel. 31 44 70,

Haus am Unkelbach
The name in German sounds like swaying to and fro with happiness and people gladly come to Klettenberg for that feeling. The fresh Reissdorf Kölsch will get you off your chair and there is hearty, home-style cooking too. Always busy with a mixed crowd.
›› Klettenberg, Luxemburger Str. 260, Tel. 41 41 84,

Heller´s Brauhaus
A lively, modern brewery restaurant, which also serves Bavarian meatloaf and smoked pork chop as well as local food. You can soon forget the time in the luxurious green winter garden because the highly quaffable Hellers Kölsch (the only organic Kölsch) tastes so good. Popular student hang out.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Roonstr. 33, Tel. 24 25 45,

Peters Brauhaus
This particularly friendly brewery pub-restaurant was formerly a gourmet restaurant. Here Peters Kölsch is served and proudly proclaimed to be the best beer in the world. There’s refreshment for hungry stomachs too. The “Fooderkaat’’ menu has authentic Cologne dishes and there’s also a specialties menu with tarte flambee, fried potato pancakes and seasonal specials such as asparagus.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Mühlengasse 1, Tel. 2 57 39 50,

The Weissbräu is back after a long absence and is once more brewing and partying a storm. Especially recommended is the house-brewed malt black beer. The menu offers traditional hearty brew-pub fare.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Am Weidenbach 24, Tel. 58 04 95 49,


Bei Oma Kleinmann
This is a must for Cologne newcomers. Not just because it serves the most gigantic schnitzels in the city and freshly-tapped Kölsch beer at reasonable prices, but much more because you’ll experience original Cologne down-to-earth friendliness. Students, professors and senior citizens all meet here in companionable groups, in summer also on the 30-seat terrace.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Zülpicher Str. 9, Tel. 23 23 46,

Em Krützche
A traditional restaurant located in the shadow of Cologne Cathedral with a terrace overlooking the Rhine. The interior delivers what’s promised from the outside – hospitality in every respect, which makes customers feel really welcome. The many celebrities who have visited the Krützsche must have felt the same. A few drops from the wine cellar or a fresh Bitburger beer perfectly round off any meal here.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Am Frankenturm 1, Tel. 2 58 08 39,

Guten Abend
A popular meeting place on the beautiful Brüsseler Platz for people who care about quality and good food. In this accredited organic restaurant only top-quality ingredients end up in the kitchen and on the plates of diners who enjoy good solid food such as trout fillet and bread dumplings.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Brüsseler Str. 55, Tel. 51 16 00,

In the Haxenhaus you can fill yourself up in an informal pub atmosphere with authentic Rhineland dishes such as marinated beef, potato soup and home-made sausages that are a full meter long. Popular place with many tourists visiting Cologne who come here to fortify themselves here for a sightseeing tour through the old city.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Frankenwerft 19, Tel. 9 47 24 00,

Jan von Werth
Wood, wood and more wood! In this traditional pub-restaurant authentic friendliness is the rule. Kölsch beer flows freely and the kitchen comes up trumps with Rhineland specialties. On Thursdays and Fridays lots and lots of very popular fried potato pancakes are served with delicious side dishes.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Christopherstr. 44, Tel. 13 35 13,

Koelsch un Laecker
The name says it all. This place serves fresh Mühlen Kölsch beer from the barrel and the food is delicious – what more do you want? It’s also very cozy with candles on the table. The portions are generous and it’s sensationally cheap.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Karl-Korn-Str. 16-18, Tel. 8 01 42 98

Ox & Klee
Although this culinary gem in the Belgian quarter opened just recently, it’s no longer an insider tip. The young head chef Daniel Gottschlich describes his creations as “new German cuisine’’ and that’s what they seem to be, with dishes such as fried sausage in shallot sauce with green beans and diced bacon and mashed potatoes or maybe braised ox cheek with potatoes and salsify. If you want to try these out for yourself, make sure you book a table in advance.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Richard-Wagner-Str. 20, Tel. 257 64 49,

It’s worth visiting this trendy new place to get a sense of its stylish decor. Naturally you’ll want to please your sense of taste too. To do that you’re sure to find the right thing on the menu, which contains traditional German food and a few highlights of international cuisine such as heavenly Mascarpone triple-cream cheese with lemon and Triangoli pasta and Parmesan butter.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Hohe Pforte 9-11, Tel. 60 60 85 82,

The Spitz is much more than just a restaurant. It’s also a classic tavern, café and bar. The interior is wonderfully varied with a classic, modern and cosmopolitan feel. A mixed crowd feels at home in this atmosphere from breakfast until the last Kölsch beer is served. In between you can enjoy home-style cooking from a menu that changes daily. Like its name suggests (Spitze = summit), this place is tops.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Pfeilstr. 31-37, Tel. 16 90 98 48,


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