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No parking signs in Cologne-Bonn


Straßenverkehrs- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten

The city’s transportation office issues permits to put up “No parking” signs, but does not rent signs. Applications can be made by fax, the necessary forms can be downloaded from the Internet.
›› Kalk, Ottmar-Pohl-Platz 1, Tel. 2 21-2 63 87 & 2 21-2 95 09,

Straßenverkehrsbehörde Verkehrslenkung und Verkehrsregelung Bonn

Special permits to put up no “parking signs’’ in Bonn can be obtained at this office and can also be applied for online.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Stadthaus, Berliner Platz 2, Etage 8 A, Tel. 0 228/77 30 80,

Sign rentals

HKL-Service e.K.

Rental and erection of traffic signs and procurement of official permission.
›› Rath/Heumar, Eilerstr. 66, Tel. 9 84 13 49,
Sign rental or complete set-up of “no parking” zones for moving, including procurement of appropriate permission in and around Cologne and Bonn.

Operates throughout Germany, installation of “no parking” signs and procurement of permission. Orders can be made quite easily online.


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