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Medium budget hotels in Cologne-Bonn

Koeln-Bonn-Azimut-Hotel160Azimut Hotel
Art Hotel Köln
55 euros and up
Privately run hotel with good transport connections, making the airport and Bonn quickly accessible. The 16 rooms are functional and are comfortably furnished. The room price includes a breakfast buffet.
›› Wahnheide, Heide Str. 225, Tel. 0 22 03/96 64 10,

Azimut Hotel
99 euros and up
This four-star hotel run by an expanding Russian chain, which opened at the end of 2008, is centrally located. The hotel has 5 conference rooms and a fitness area. There’s an underground and local train station right outside.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hansaring 97, Tel. 88 87 60,

Best Western Hotels
79 euros and up
The world’s largest hotel chain has five hotels in Cologne. Whether you choose a branch in the city center or west of the center or in Höhenberg on the right bank of the Rhine, all the hotels are characterized by their elegant interiors and outstanding service.
›› Best Western Hotel Köln, Höhenberg, Bennoplatz 2, Tel. 80 24 00
›› Best Western Premier Regent Hotel, Braunsfeld, Melatengürtel 15, Tel. 5 49 90
›› Best Western Ascot Hotel, Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 95-97, Tel. 9 52 96 50
›› Best Western Premier Hotel Park Consul Köln, Mülheim, Clevischer Ring 121, Tel. 9 64 70
›› Best Western Brennerscher Hof, Junkersdorf, Wilhelm-von-Capitaine-Str. 15-17, Tel. 9 48 60 00

Conti Hotel
70 euros and up
The family-run Conti Hotel is in the middle of the Belgian quarter. It was comprehensively renovated and expanded in 2002 and has 49 rooms, each with a telephone, WiFi and TV. The restaurant spoils the palates of the mainly business-orientated guests with Thai cuisine.

›› Neustadt-Süd, Brüsseler Str. 40-42, Tel. 25 87 70,

Holiday Inn
59 euros and up
Among the services offered by this hotel chain are baby-sitting, courier dispatching and shoe cleaning. In the evening tired guests can rest their heads on their own choice of pillow.
›› Holiday Inn Cologne – Am Stadtwald, Lindenthal, Dürener Str. 287, Tel. 4 67 60
›› Holiday Inn Cologne-Bonn Airport, Grengel, Wald Str. 255, Tel. 0 22 03/56 10
›› Express by Holiday Inn, Mülheim, Tiefental Str. 72, Tel. 29 77 00
›› Reservations: 08 00/ 1 81 60 68,

Hotel Cristall
69 euros and up
A new boutique hotel that opened in 2008 in the heart of Cologne. With specially made furniture, unusual lighting and accentuated dashes of color, the 97 rooms in two categories are works of art where guests can feel at home thanks also to spacious bathrooms, WiFi and – in the comfort category rooms – flat-screen TVs and king size beds.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Ursulaplatz 9-11, Tel. 1 63 00,

Hotel Friends
45 euros and up
To win friends and to keep them is the aim of this versatile hotel on the right bank of the Rhine in the northern part of the city. With this in mind, the 74 rooms are fitted out for the needs of very different kinds of guests. So there are family rooms, business suites, a wedding suite, special offers for single travellers with a child and more.
›› Flittard, Roggendorf Str. 23-25, Tel. 6 71 18 80,

Hotel Köngishof
85 euros and up
This privately run, three-star hotel is in an optimal location just a few minutes walk from the Cathedral, Opera House and Musical Dome. The rooms are bright and friendly and each has a radio, TV, and Internet (for a fee). There’s also a newspaper delivery service so you don’t necessarily have to do without your favorite reading material over breakfast.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Richartz Str. 14-16, Tel. 2 57 87 71,

Kunibert der Fiese
65 euros and up
The hotel’s name means Kunibert the Nasty but happily there’s no need to fear you’ll be met by a bad-tempered host here. Quite the opposite – the hotel glows with a cozy ambience and friendly service. All the 22 rooms boast a great view of the Rhine. Kunibert, by the way, was a 12th century local aristocrat with a love of wine and a pointed sense of humor.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Am Bollwerk 1-5, Tel. 9 25 46 80,

Leonardo Hotel
69 euros and up
This hotel, which is part of the new Leonardo hotel chain, enables Cologne visitors to reach the trade fair grounds and city center very quickly thanks to its good connections to the tram, underground and commuter train networks.
›› Buchforst, Waldecker Str. 11-15, Tel. 6 70 90,

Mercure Hotel
51 euros and up
The Mercure Hotels chain runs upscale middle-range hotels characterized by classic, elegant design and friendly service.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Friesen Str. 44-48, Tel. 1 61 40
›› Altstadt-Süd, Severin Str. 199, Tel. 2 01 30
›› Porz, Hauptstr. 369, Tel. 0 22 03/5 50 36
›› Junkersdorf, Aachener Str. 1059-1061, Tel. 4 89 80
›› Junkersdorf, Horbeller Str. 1, Tel. 0 22 34/51 40

Senats Hotel
80 euros and up
This hotel’s 59 rooms and suites have a writing table with a lamp, telephone, TV and WiFi. The Falstaff restaurant serves international cuisine.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Unter Goldschmied 9, Tel. 206 20,

The New Yorker
80 euros and up
This four-star hotel’s location in the middle of an industrial area doesn’t affect its popularity. There are 40 elegant and comfortable rooms and suites as well as five apartments with kitchenettes. There’s also a idyllic garden and a small spa area. Readings, exhibitions and live cooking events lend a cosmopolitan charm to this “Big Apple in Cologne.”
›› Mülheim, Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 204, Tel. 473 30,

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