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Educational addresses in Cologne and Bonn

Education in general

Qualitätsgemeinschaft Berufliche Weiterbildung Region Köln
Information on vocational education in and around Cologne. Current courses can be found on the Web site.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Unter Sachsenhausen 10-26, Tel. 1 64 06 20,

Volkshochschule Bonn
Bonn’s adult education service has an interesting and varied course program covering politics, international affairs, foreign languages, German vocational training and qualifications, culture, art, health and nutrition.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Wilhelmstr. 34, Tel. 0 228/77 33 55,

Volkshochschule Köln
Cologne’s adult education service has a wide-ranging array of courses and further education possibilities covering IT, health, languages, creative arts, politics and the media. After its city center premises in Neumarkt were affected by the collapse of the city’s archives, courses have been relocated to Lotharstraße and the Nippes civic center until at least 2013.
›› Sülz, Lotharstr. 14-18, Tel. 22 12 59 90,



Business & EDV

Abeq Akademie für Beratung und Qualifizierung
Privately run education service for technical and commercial subjects with practical, extra-occupational seminars and courses in small groups, Also awards Chamber of Trade and Commerce certificates.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Am Malzbüchel 6-8, Tel. 67 11 68 11,

BAW-Schule Akademie für berufliche Aus- und Weiterbildung
Focuses on further education in economic sciences, IT and English for employment.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 55, Tel. 25 19 19,

Special computer courses for programs such as Powerpoint, InDesign and Photoshop, as well as workshops on search engine optimization, project management and sales tasks.
›› Humboldt-Gremberg, Gottfried-Hagen-Str. 40, Tel. 80 25 40,

Com training and services
Extensive further education courses in the IT field and special training for common professional tasks such as project management and sales training.
›› Zollstock, Höninger Weg 115, Tel. 9 54 47 80,

DAA Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie
Vocational further education and retraining, mainly in the field of commerce.
›› Ehrenfeld, Innere Kanalstr. 69, Tel. 5 79 97 40,

Frauen Computer Schule
Various computer courses run by women for women aimed at beginners and experts. Focuses on personalized training.
›› Weidenpesch, Merheimer Str. 463, Tel. 7 60 76 71,

ggb Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung
Language courses focused on employment, IT workshops and office training.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hülchrather Str. 2-4, Tel. 13 99 69 70,

GFN Trainingscenter Köln
IT workshops on subjects such as basic computing skills, office applications and data bases.
›› Ehrenfeld, Subbelrather Str. 247-249, Tel. 95 47 20,

Experienced lecturers teach quickly and effectively here the whole range of vocational subjects including modern IT, communication, sales and leadership skills in many seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions.
›› Müngersdorf, Stolberger Str. 374b, Tel. 0 22 63/90 23 54-0,

IT-Akademie Nordrhein-Westfalen
IT further education for specialists and managers from the IT sector, also for newcomers to the field.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Im Mediapark 6b, Tel. 5 46 55 55,

Kolping-Akademie NRW
Vocational further education in the education sector, as well as business studies and management training for social and health workers.
›› Mülheim, Präses-Richter-Platz 1a, Tel. 28 39 50,

lernen bohlscheid
This academy for specialist training offers full- and part-time vocational qualification courses, including retraining as an office worker, commercial worker, specialist in wholesale and foreign trade, office communications specialist (all accredited by the Chamber of Trade and Commerce), as well as extra-occupational further education, seminars and workshops. In the modern college which has a quality management award, you can also study for the ECDL (European Computer Drivers Licence), the EBC*L business certificate, as well as the LCCI certificate for Business English. lernen bohlscheid offers individualized and professional advice, a free trial lesson, as well as open days every Wednesday from 10 am.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hansaring 63-67, Tel. 16 05 00,

Vocation workshops and further education in the fields of media, economics, law and medicine.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Sachsenring 37-39, Tel. 33 60 46 10,

Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss
Germany’s biggest college specializing in training workers in the tax and accounting sector. Launched an MA course in taxation in 2009.
›› Ehrenfeld, Lichtstr. 45-49, Tel. 9 36 44 20,

Wirtschaftsakademie Am Ring
Commercial retraining, advanced training and certificate seminars as well as individual job application coaching since 1999.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 79-81, Tel. 35 50 50 30,



Media & creative

bm - gesellschaft für bildung in medienberufen
Extensive training courses and study programs with work experience and full-time courses in the media branch. Training and further education as well as advancement qualifications with IHK (Chamber of Trade and Commerce) certificates, arranging qualifications from professional media colleges and dual courses in media, journalism, PR and communication.
›› Raderberg, Bischofsweg 48-50, Tel. 78 97 00,

Deutsche Medienakademie Köln
Specializes in providing managers in the fields of (new) media and communications with qualified information, expertise and competence.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Im MediaPark 8, Tel. 57 43 72 00,

Deutsche Pop Köln
Practical training for professions in the music, management, sound, film, design and communication fields. Courses include song writing, editing, music management, tone technology, media design and reporting.
›› Mülheim, Medienzentrum Ost, Carlswerkstr. 11E, Tel. 6 16 01 16,

Freie Kunstschule Köln
Art studies with work experience, portfolio preparation courses, intensive courses and workshops.
›› Ehrenfeld, Helmholtzstr. 6-8, Tel. 2 59 34 01,

ifs - internationale filmschule
This state-subsidized film college offers Bachelor’s degrees in the areas of film, editing and camera work. There is also a wide range of further education courses from full-time study over a number of months to work and study programs and multi-day workshops.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Werderstr. 1, Tel. 92 01 88-0,

Kölner Design Akademie
International and intercultural exchanges are a basic part of this three-year program leading to a qualified communications designed with the emphasis on graphic design, photography and illustrations.
›› Mülheim, Schanzenstr. 35, Tel. 716 07 60,

Kölner Filmhaus
Besides having a cinema showing mostly movies in their original language, Cologne’s Filmhaus also offers lots of training courses and seminars in the fields of camera work, lighting, sound, editing, directing, screenplay, production and much more.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Maybachstr. 111, Tel. 22 27 10-0,

Kölner Journalistenschule für Politik und Wirtschaft
Independent journalists’ college with a good reputation offering a four-year course for budding print, radio and Web political and business journalists. The course includes macroeconomics and political economics studies in association with Cologne University.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Im MediaPark 6, Tel. 99 55 87-0,

RTL Journalistenschule
Broadcaster RTL’s journalism school offers two-year training for budding TV directors with theory training as well as practical work in different editorial departments.
›› Deutz, Picassoplatz 1, Tel. 45 67 64 00,

Theaterakademie Köln
Theater enthusiasts aged 25 and under with at least the German Fachoberschulreife education certificate have the opportunity to take part in a four-year course here to become an actor.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Sachsenring 73a, Tel. 5 50 99 02,




Kölner Weiterbildungsmesse
If you’re interested in further education for career or personal reasons, this fair, which takes place every September, has lots of information and advice. There is also a varied program of side events including training, interactive workshops and presentations.
›› Veranstaltungsort: Sartory Säle, Altstadt-Nord, Friesenstr. 44-48, Tel. 13 48 13,


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