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Bon(n) appétit!- Wine and dine in Bonn


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Em Höttche
You simply must come here! Not just because Ludwig van Beethoven once danced here with his early love, but also to experience the unique historical setting and authentic Rhineland specialities.

›› Zentrum, Am Markt 4, Tel. 0 228/69 00 09,

Kinkel Stuben
Old-fashioned friendliness is the trump card here, a feeling that the traditional little building radiates even from outside. The inner yard with its brick walls and romantic fountain is an especially good setting for a romantic tête-à-tête. Count yourself lucky if you manage to find a seat here. After a few glasses of wine, you might pluck up the courage to try the “Lumpen (scoundrel)’’ soup made according to grandmother’s recipe. It’s actually clear goulash soup with sauerkraut and, despite the sinister-sounding name, is quite harmless.
›› Oberkassel, Kinkelstr. 1, Tel. 44 15 58,

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Canal Grande
A chic restaurant with a large glass facade and a great view of the Rhine. Fresh Tuscan truffles and home-made pasta promise pure dining pleasure that’s only available elsewhere in Italy. Many diners come here to order the richly filled, crispy and delicious pizzas.
›› Beuel, Rheinaustr. 269, Tel. 0 228/46 72 98,

The view across the Rhine to the Drachenfels peak and castle is impressive enough. It’s even nicer when the restaurant is bathed in warm candlelight and head chef Camilo Virtu’s delicious pasta arrives to delight the taste buds. On Sunday there’s a gourmet brunch awaiting all foodies.
›› Mehlem, Austr. 46, Tel. 0 228/34 56 47,

Stylish and innovative self-service restaurant where pizzas and pasta are freshly cooked at different counters. Customers get a card on arrival which records their orders for later payment and a portable beeper sounds when the food is ready. Hot food until shortly before midnight. Also a good place to chill out in a lounge-style setting.
›› Zentrum, Ollenhauerstr. 1, Tel. 0 228/6 29 06 06,

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Like everywhere, Bonn people love the little appetizers known as tapas. Whether they’re made with fish, meat or vegetables, it’s best to try them all. There’s also an enormous selection of salads, soups, meat and fish dishes, and tortillas.
›› Duisdorf, Rochusstr. 217, Tel. 6 19 79 50,

Sa Finca
People meet in Sa Finca for a friendly dinner with tapas and seafood specialties, or just for a glass of Rioja. On Sunday, you can really eat your fill at the Mediterranean gourmet brunch.
›› Beuel, Obere Wilhelmstr. 22, Tel. 0 228/4 33 68 52,

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Indian Palace
The unmistakable aroma of curry tempts people to Plittersdorf to sit in the Indian Palace and be treated like royalty. Tender tandoori meats, spicy soups and vegetable curries are cooked here in traditional style, and can be washed down with mango lassi or Indian beer.
›› Plittersdorf, Gotenstr. 126, Tel. 0 228/65 04 13 & 3 72 85 97,

›› Südstadt, Königstr. 76, Tel. 0 228/97 62 68 44

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Middle Eastern

Diners can experience Oriental cuisine with all its taste nuances in the Karawane in proper style. In just one evening you can try nine different tasters of the aromatic treasures of the East, also with a vegetarian option. Accompanied by French wine or a glass of Gaffel Kölsch beer, this journey through the land of the Arabian Nights will surely be unforgettable.
›› Oberkassel, Adrianstr. 104, Tel. 0 228/9 44 96 80,

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Ocean Paradise
Is it possible to feel like you’re in China despite being on the romantic Rhine? Yes, and how! If you step on to this house-boat restaurant, you’ll without fail land in the Middle Kingdom and can enjoy all the exotic delicacies of the country with food such as fried prawns, crispy duck or glass noodle salad.
›› Beuel, Hans-Steger-Ufer 10, Tel. 0 228/9 76 39 88,

Rüen Thai
If you fancy a change from ribs, fried potato cakes or marinated beef, you can draw on the abundant resources of this authentic Thai restaurant and delight your taste buds with dishes such as exotic Tom Yam Gung, a soup made from lemongrass, king prawns and mushrooms, followed by a main course of a spicy Thai curry and round it all off with a famous Mai Thai cocktail.
›› Zentrum, Berliner-Freiheit 14, Tel. 65 15 76,

This urban restaurant is furnished strictly according to Feng Shui principles. You can relax in Moroso chairs and mobile lamps give the interior a mysterious touch. To make the bliss perfect, choose an à la carte meal or let the three-course special menu melt in your mouth. The European-Asiatic inspired cuisine is seductive, whether you pick the sweet potato soup with ginger or a duet of sole and scallops with lime cream.
›› Zentrum, Mildred-Scheel-Str. 1, Tel. 0 228/3 72 82 89,

Yu Sushi Club
You can feast in luxury Japanese-style on the terrace of the Kameha Grand Hotel high above the Rhine. The specially selected sushi and Japanese cuisine that master chef Kelta Wojczechowski creates not just for hotel guests impress with their visual sophistication and above all with their exquisite taste. The coconut crème brûlée is the crowning glory that will delight even the most pampered sweet tooth.
›› Oberkassel, Am Bonner Bogen, Kameha Grand Hotel, Tel. 0 228/43 34 50 00,

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You can have a solid meal or a romantic dinner at Aennchen, but it will always be in a classy setting. For example candle light and live piano music stylishly accompany the culinary enjoyment on Tuesday evenings.
›› Bad Godesberg, Aennchenplatz 2, Tel. 0 228/31 20 51,

Da Capo
This self-styled special restaurant next to the Beethovenhall is especially suitable for diners who want to create their own menu and like a big choice of dishes. To do that, the Capo offers a richly varied midday buffet with appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts. On Sunday there’s a first-rate brunch with Sekt sparkling wine.
›› Zentrum, Theaterstr., Tel. 0 228/65 11 78,

Halbedel´s Gasthaus
This place attracts epicures from all over to wallow in luxury amid its art nouveau interior, high-class china and fine cuisine. Proving that you’ve made a good choice to come here is the recently awarded Michelin star for outstanding culinary skills.
›› Bad-Godesberg, Rheinallee 47, Tel. 0 228/35 42 53,

Im Himmelreich
The restaurant name means “in the kingdom of heaven’’ and it couldn’t be more apt because a visit to this chic and very romantic little jewel can only be heavenly. On three floors including a brick-vaulted cellar you’ll find your own blessed kingdom, naturally with the best wines and specially selected international food specialties.
›› Oberkassel, Königswintererstr. 685, Tel. 0 228/4 10 04 33,

Klein Bon(n)um
This friendly local in the old city is inviting in every respect. Young and old people meet here gladly and enjoy the easy-going, almost Mediterranean ambience. The menu is also Mediterranean with lots of Spanish and Italian dishes, but local Rhineland cuisine is not neglected.
›› Zentrum, Paulstr. 5, Tel. 0 228/69 43 65,

Beef carpacchio, mascarpone canneloni and panna cotta with woodruff jelly – the food at this friendly and stylishly furnished restaurant easily fulfills the demands of the most pampered palate.
›› 53343 Wachterberg-Adendorf, Töpferstr. 30, Tel. 0 22 25/75 78,

This modern bar-restaurant with black leather seats in a former cement factory’s building is especially known for its Sunday breakfast buffet and a great view of the Rhine and Siebengebirge hills. You can enjoy the view inside sitting by a large window or in summer from the excellent and spacious terrace.
›› Oberkassel, Rheinwerkallee 3, Tel. 0 228/4 10 07 07,

The chic style of this eatery with an eye-catching open fireplace is popular, so don’t be surprised if it’s difficult to find a free table at the weekend. The menu offers contemporary crossover cuisine, which also sweetens the early part of the day with delicious breakfasts. Tip – try the warm pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruits.
›› Zentrum, Martinsplatz 2a, Tel. 0 228/4 33 06 53,

Schaumburger Hof
If you come to this traditional restaurant and beer garden on the Rhine, which opened in 1775, you’ll follow the footsteps of Beethoven and Heinrich Heine. Both enjoyed a mug or two of beer here.
›› Plittersdorf, Am Schaumburger Hof 10, Tel. 0 228/9 56 35 29,

You almost feel like you’re in an restaurant on the island of Sylt here. The bar is made out of sandstone is embedded with mussel shells. Pictures with a sea theme emphasize the tasteful decor. Under the covered terrace you can enjoy international cuisine and fine wines and feel like you’re on a mini vacation in the middle of Bonn.
›› Zentrum, Georgstr. 28, Tel. 0 228/3 69 49 49,

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