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Fine Asian delicacies in Cologne


A German restaurant-bar chain with a unique concept based on the Mongolian barbecue technique: you put your own menu together from 50 raw ingredients and let it gently cook in front of you. Modern furnishings, ethnic interior design and extensive decorations make your day. Tip – Asia brunch on Sunday (12-3 pm).
›› Deutz, Ottoplatz 1, Tel. 9 89 38 10,

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Nice restaurant and the only eatery in Cologne specializing in Burmese cuisine. All the dishes stand out through their pleasant spiciness and authentic preparation. The food delights the palates of the many Asian customers and European diners.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Brüsseler Str. 53, Tel. 5 10 12 96,

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High-class temple of Chinese cuisine with an upscale ambience. Peking duck has been the house specialty for ever and is loved by everyone who comes here. If you want to enjoy this unusual delicacy, you should reserve in advance.
›› Lindenthal, Lindenthalgürtel 62, Tel. 4 06 14 11,

It’s not as lively as New York’s China Town here but nobody seems to mind. The satisfied customers choose their favorite dishes from the delicious exotic food on the menu in a peaceful setting and smile with pleasure – that’s the best advertisement for any restaurant. Diners are served food made with the best quality ingredients without the use of pre-cooked products and you can taste it.
›› Bayenthal, Koblenzer Str. 1-9, Tel. 34 25 66,

Quality Chinese cuisine has been served here for over 10 years. Making diners feel good here are classic house specialties such as top-class dim sum and crispy vegetables, as well as fresh flowers on the tables and the unobtrusive but attentive service. An all round good recommendation.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Thürmchenswall 3, Tel. 1 39 29 47,

Diners can enjoy fine Oriental cuisine such as home-made Chinese rolls and the extremely tasty noodle soups here without having to look at the usual kitsch found in Chinese restaurants such as dragons and other gaudy adornments. Ginger, garlic and a special Chinese pepper give the dishes the required amount of exoticness.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hansaring 22, Tel. 13 17 72,

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Warung Bayu
Diners eat their fill under subdued lighting with specialties from the “Island of the gods’’ that all taste wonderful. Examples include salads with peanut and tamarind dressing, sate skewers and many tasty vegetarian dishes with tofu. Special highlights are the sauces with delicate aromas of coconut, ginger coriander and lemon grass. Tip – the small, idyllic inner court yard has a real summer vacation ambience.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Brabanter Str. 5, Tel. 5 89 43 66,

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A classic Japanese restaurant that serves much more than just sushi and sashimi. For example, how about experiencing Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine? The food is cooked on a large table with diners seated around it so they can closely observe the cooking process. It’s not just fun to watch, but also makes you eager to try the sizzling delicacies.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Kattenburg 2, Tel. 12 00 48,

Japanese cuisine meets Cologne’s relaxed lifestyle. In the Golden Boy, which is what Kintaro means, there’s an easy going atmosphere and the food will leave you satisfied. Sushi lovers can also try the sushi cookery courses that will quickly help you master the art of making the delicious little rolls.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Friesenstr. 16, Tel. 13 52 55,

Moschi-moschi is a Japanese greeting of welcome, and you certainly feel welcome in this noodle bar. You won’t wait long for service after you have taken a seat at one of the light-colored purist tables. And then you have a difficult choice, each of the freshly prepared noodle soups is a delicacy. It goes without saying that the typical ramen noodles are homemade. Delicious for lunch, but also after work in the evening.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Pfeilstr. 25-27, Tel. 9 65 77 67,

This is one of those restaurants where you don’t notice how good it is at first sight. But in regards to quality and freshness of the food, this neighborhood eatery is unbeatable. Sushi, sashimi, noodle soups and especially the fish dishes offer a fine Oriental dining experience. A secret tip for lovers of top-class Japanese cuisine – and not just locals from Lindenthal appreciate it.
›› Lindenthal, Dürener Str. 89, Tel. 4 00 00 94,

In this restaurant named after the capital of sushi, the cooks juggle with all kinds of delicious ingredients and conjure up well-known specialties such as Tempura brochettes and other delicacies onto diners’ tables. Great selection of sushi, Japanese noodles and tasty chirashi (rice salad). Good drinks to wash it down are fruity plum wine and traditional sake.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Roonstr. 8, Tel. 24 62 39,

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Blue Marlin
If you like top quality at reasonable prices in a cool setting, you definitely won’t be disappointed at Blue Marlin. This restaurant is well known and popular and all the exotic rice rolls are made with the freshest ingredients. They not only taste good but are very healthy to eat too.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Wolfstr. 4, Tel. 2 57 06 51, ,

There are now three SushiOU restaurants in Cologne. At their heart is a semicircular counter in the middle of the room with a conveyor belt on which the delicious sushi passes by. To enter this land of plenty – in this case Japan – you need only to take a seat and snap up whatever you desire.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Christophstr. 4, Tel. 12 06 23 10
›› Neustadt-Nord, Im Mediapark 7, Tel. 57 92 96 90
›› Altstadt-Nord, Friesenstr. 57-59, Tel. 94 99 99 90

Sweet Sushi
Sweet, sweet sushi is served here for all tastes and appetites. The chic atmosphere and reasonable value for money are added attractions. It’s best to reserve a table in advance, especially at weekends, so you won’t miss the chance to enjoy the delicate little rolls.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Auf dem Berlich 11, Tel. 29 02 69 85,

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You can argue about the simple atmosphere with lots of wooden tables, but only positive things can be said about the Thai food with its wonderful aromas and taste nuances. The red and green Thai curries and house specials are particularly popular.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Heumarkt 71, Tel. 25 63 14,

Thai Haus
If you can’t get enough of the exotic taste sensations of Thai cuisine, then Thai Haus is a good place to enjoy country-typical specialties. On a gray November day the Buddha statue, tasty Thai soups, curries and exotic fruits offer a vacation feeling, at least from a culinary standpoint.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Händelstr. 28, Tel. 24 55 04,

Attentive service and exquisite Thai food cooked with lots of loving care are the hallmarks of Cologne’s Thongsi restaurant. Fresh ingredients and spices, and cooks that know their art make the fish, meat and vegetarian dishes a great culinary experience.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Eichendorffstr. 27, Tel. 3 10 64 16,

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Just reading the menu will take you into a world of exotic taste sensations, such as fish with lemongrass and vegetables from the pan served with fragrant rice or sticky rice cakes covered in cream of coconut in banana leaves. Everything in Cyclo tastes good and is prepared without additives and preservatives.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Martinstr. 6-8, Tel. 2 71 20 88,

The unconventional decor with lots of kitsch that doesn’t pander much to Western sensitivities makes this restaurant appealing and authentic. Add to that great, healthy Vietnamese food and lots of finesse and it’s no wonder that the place is often crowded.
›› Sülz, Sülzburgstr. 91, Tel. 2 97 84 10

Nha Trang
Fresh herbs and spices, fish and all kinds of seafood, chillis and delicious curry and coconut sauces stand out here. It’s also fun to roll up the tasty snacks in rice paper yourself – and it makes you hungry.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Lindenstr. 81, Tel. 6 06 00 04,

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