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Childcare in Cologne-Bonn

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Even the very young children can be cared for in a multi-language environment in an international kindergarten.
Cologne council´s child, youth and family department has an overview of all day-care centers for children arranged by city district on its Web site at
You can also download an application form to register at a council-run center on the Web site.

Day care for children aged under three years is being vigorously expanded.
Cologne´s city council has set the ambitious goal of almost doubling the number of day-care places to 11,000 by 2013.

Bonn has good provision of education and day care facilities for its population of over 55,000 children and youths under 18.
The former German capital also has lots of international educational and day care establishments for newcomers from outside Germany.

You can look for a childcare place online with the new KIGAN Kindergarten informations system, which also includes waiting list times.


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