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Berlinish isn´t officially a dialect, but rather more a mix of different dialects. It´s inseperable from the Berlin-Brandenburg region but also shows that the metropolis has been a city of immigrants for centuries.

There are about 6,000 different languages worldwide and each one has countless local dialects. Television, the Internet and increasing globalization threaten to make many of these dialects extinct.

In North Germany, the regional dialect is also increasingly being squeezed out. Here´s our contribution to saving that pearl among dialects – Plattdeutsch, or Low German. If you want to learn more about the dialect of the North, we can warmly recommend the booklet Lilliput Plattdeutsch, which is published by Langenscheidt. It has about 4,500 entries listing key idioms and phrases.


English Plattdeutsch
Good morning, good evening Moin Moin!
Don´t talk, drink Nich lang snacken, Kopp in Nacken!
Shut up Hol dien Röter
No pain no gain Von nix kümmt nix
Let me tell you something Ik will di mol wat vertelln
What a mess Das´n Malheur
When I was a little boy As eck noch en lüttjen Bengel was
Better go straight to Hamburg Am besten, du geihst na Hamborg
Coward, chicken, scaredycat Bangbüx
Ditch, trench Fleet, Priel
Girl Deern
Bachelor Eenspänner
Bad weather Schietweder
Idiot Dösbaddel
Nonsense Dumm Tüüch, Dummtüüch
Dyke Diek, Dieck
Crab Dwarslooper
Conversation Klönsnack, Klönschnack
Sparkling wine Knallkööm
Harbor bar Hobenkneipe
Take it easy Suutje un sinnig
Get confused Durch´n Tüdel koomm
To scarper Utbüxen
Pitch black Zappenduster
To kiss Een updrücken, snuteln
Bye Adjüs, Tschüß