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Hamburger DOM: Norddeutschlands größtes Volksfest

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Three times a year (spring, summer and winter) the Hamburger DOM takes place on Heiligengeistfeld near Reeperbahn for four weeks. On the 160.000 square kilometers of Germanys longest lasting folk festival 260 showmen guarantee entertainment for the millions of visitors. Over 60 takeaways, 40 candy shops and more than a dozen public house and restaurants care for hungry guests.

The DOM originates from 11th century. When the weather was bad merchants, craftsmen and juggler sought shelter in the Marien-Dom (dome) of Hamburg. 1804 the dome was pulled down and from then on the craftsmen and showmen were itinerating through all districts until 1893 a constant place on Heiligengeistfeld was assigned to them. Additional to the winter dome came the summer dome in 1947 and one year afterwards spring dome.

2004 there was an odd marriage ceremony up on the Freefall Tower (Power Tower 2). The bridal couple, two great fans of fun fairs, had known each other through the Internet. The parson traveled all the way from Munich for this racy 66 meters high marriage.

The numerous draws, a colorful mixture of established an new attractions, offer fun and entertainment for all ages. One of the classics is the almost 60 years old haunted castle, whose zombies, vampires and demons give the visitors a good scare. The ones seeking thrill and being keen on impulses of adrenalin will love Flash, a unique copy with an arm which is flashing over. Of course there is a Ferris wheel which garantuees a beautiful sight of Hamburg from 55 meters height. Moreover in the rotor you can test how it feels like to stick on the wall or you may entertain yourself in the popular Wilde Maus (wild mouse).

Relatively new is the XXL, the world´s highest swing, which swings in an 120 order angle and revolves around its own axis. In the actioncenter Remmi Demmi you have to surmount slides, turning disks, tilting bridges and moving carpets on different levels. Appropriate for kids (attended by their parents from 2 years on) is the family roller coaster Willy the Worm on two floors.

The Valley of the Kings presents a completely different world to the whole family. In the true to original reproduction of the 3000 years old rock temple of Abu Simbel you can visit the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II. Provided that you are not afraid to go through the scary 300 meters long labyrinth. Every Wednesday is the time for families and inexpensive offerings.

Whether spring, summer or winter - the DOM is waiting for you and promises exceptional amusement!

Contact: Behörde für Kultur und Sport und Medien
Referat Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen
Neustadt, Große Bleichen 30, Tel. 42 82 41 27

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