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Universities in Hamburg

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The university city has an astounding 17 colleges – the largest and most famous being the Universität Hamburg with the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, founded in 1919.
On January, 2006, the HafenCity University Hamburg opened, a university for architecture and the development of cities of the future that is unique in Europe.
In total, about 70,000 students study at Hamburg´s universities and colleges.

Education in Hamburg

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After you´ve moved to Hamburg and adapted to your new geographical environment, the next step is to broaden your mind.
There are abundant further education possibilities open to the newcomers.
Libraries, high schools, academies and further education centers offer every conceivable opportunity to expand your knowledge. Lifelong learning for every age group is provided by the Volkshochschule Hamburg, with 7,000 courses a year in every area, philosophy and photography to self-defense in numerous locations in every district.

Job hunting in Hamburg

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There are numerous opportunities to find the right job, since Hamburg can without doubt be called a boom town. Hamburg has had to accept a few setbacks during the latest economic crisis. Hamburg´s port, for example – the city´s main employment engine – is going through a slack time and its annual revenue in 2009 is again declining after consecutive record years. But Hamburg will live up to its Europe-wide reputation as an important business location in the future.


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